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Wow! This incredible image of the Milky Way took 12 years to create

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Finnish astrophotographer J-P Metsavainio spent 1,250 hours over the course of about 12 years making a single picture that reveals the magnificent fantastic thing about your complete Milky Way galaxy.

Again in 2009, Metsavainio started this venture, which is a 100,00Zero-pixel mosaic of the Milky Means composed of 234 particular person photographs all stitched collectively. The ensuing picture (which you’ll be able to see beneath) captures the entire galaxy, speckled with about 20 million of the Milky Means’s roughly 200 billion stars.

Your complete Milky Means, as imaged by J-P Metsavainio. (Picture credit score: J-P Metsavainio)

So, how might a single picture take 12 years? 

In his blog, Metsavainio factors to “the dimensions of the mosaic and the truth that the picture could be very deep. Another excuse is that I’ve shot many of the mosaic frames as particular person compositions and printed them as impartial artworks.” Within the weblog, Metsavainio additionally consists of details about the totally different cameras and a number of the extra particular strategies he used to create this picture.

Your complete Milky Means mosaic with identified highlights, created by J-P Metsavainio.  (Picture credit score: J-P Metsavainio)

A few of the celestial objects within the Milky Means required extra publicity than others, as some appeared dimmer and had been more durable to see. For instance, a single supernova remnant took over 60 publicity hours, he explains in his weblog. 

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