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Will Cyberpunk 2077 Be As Wacky As The Original? – IGN

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The ‘Darkish Future’ is definitely fairly humorous.

The world of Cyberpunk 2077 appears to be about as hardcore sci-fi as one can get – however ought to we expect one thing much less conventional from it? Lately, we acquired the possibility to take a seat down with Cyberpunk 2020 creator Mike Pondsmith and play through a session of the classic tabletop RPG. Whereas Pondsmith claims that 2077 is “Pretty damn close to what [he] would have made,” there was one explicit facet of our pen-and-paper journey that appeared decidedly absent from what we have seen of CD Projekt Pink’s dystopian future: Cyberpunk can get downright foolish.

By way of the course of our two-hour play session, not solely did we defuse bombs and incite riots in opposition to the world’s megacorporations (you possibly can watch or hearken to the entire thing right here) – we additionally encountered a clean speaking dangerous man who was extra paying homage to a J-pop star than a company murderer, and a roving gangs of manic Gilligan’s Island cosplayers. And these weren’t concepts that simply occurred to pop up in our session, both – the Gilligans are one in every of many canon Posergangs in Evening Metropolis, basically gangs of cosplayers with psychotic tendencies. Absurdity is a key a part of Cyberpunk’s tabletop expertise – wither it is gangs just like the Kennedys and the Bozos (if the entire “crazed gang of cyborgs” wasn’t dangerous sufficient, how do you’re feeling about crazed cyborg clowns?), or the truth that there are participant lessons who’s particular potential is to throw a kick-ass rock present.

As a lot as I might like to see a band of cannibalistic Bob Denver lookalikes terrorizing the Company Sector of 2077, it is smart that we’ve not – and doubtless will not – see parts like that in CD Projekt Pink’s model of the sci-fi dystopia. Popular culture references – even ones that will appear dated – and madcap characters/factions/and many others have all the time been a part of the tabletop expertise, however issues like murderous clowns or cosplayers aren’t essentially becoming for the tone of the story the developer is perhaps attempting to domesticate. The excellent news, although, is that in the event you do need to struggle a bunch of cyber-clowns or robo-Gilligans, you solely have to get a few of your mates round a desk.

JR is an editor at IGN, who spends most of his free time nowadays taking part in pen-and-paper RPGs or futzing round on Twitter.

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