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Why we think that Death Star wreckage is on Endor

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death star rise of skywalker

Within the teaser trailer of The Rise of Skywalker, Poe, Rey and Finn and their buddies arrive at an ocean the place they see what seems to be the ‘firing’ a part of a Dying Star that has crashed into an ocean.

The query rapidly turns into, is that this the Dying Star from A New Hope or Dying Star II from Return of the Jedi?

So we’re speaking Yavin or Endor right here?

When individuals speak of Endor, they speak of the Forest Moon of Endor. This all the time confused me – was Endor the planet and the occasions of ROTJ occurred on it is moon?

Who cares, within the movie all we noticed was the forest moon of Endor:

Have an excellent take a look at the Battle of Endor.

What do you see? 

In fact you see Lando flying the Falcon as he leads the cost towards the Dying Star II. 

What else? 

Oh, you see Endor beneath. 

And it is clear, it has inexperienced and blue areas. 

Blue that means water. Which means oceans. 

And what was that Dying Star in?

An ocean. 

Yep, we’re fairly certain our heroes are standing on the forest moon of Endor in entrance of the Dying Star from Return of the Jedi. 

This additionally means we’re getting Ewoks!

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