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Which House Should You Choose – Fire Emblem: Three Houses Wiki Guide – IGN

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Hearth Emblem: Three Homes gives you a vital selection in Chapter 1 – it’s essential to select certainly one of three homes to guide on the Garreg Mach Monastery. Your selection right here will decide how the story progresses via Half One and into Half Two when conflict ravages the land of Fodlan.

Since you are locked into your path the second you select which home you will be instructing, it is essential to think about the varied elements. This web page accommodates non-spoiler info what you will get out of every path, from attainable characters, perks, and romantic pairings.

Characters Overview – Home Comparisons

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Every of the three homes features a roster of eight college students (together with the younger lord that acts as Home Chief who will sometime lead their respective nation). Whereas many characters might be recruited to affix your own home over the course of Half One, some can’t be satisfied to affix.

The Black Eagles home consists of scholars of the Adrestian Empire, and their home chief is Edelgard von Hresvelg. They boast the very best quantity of magically-inclined models within the sport, and Hubert is the one of many solely default mage characters that is aware of darkish magic in the beginning. Nevertheless, together with the least quantity of Crests of any home, they endure from an absence of devoted bodily defensive and mounted models. With the suitable coaching, Ferdinand can swap between a cavalry unit with being an armored knight, and Petra can simply study to turn out to be a wyvern rider.

Of their private skills, Dorothea‘s Songstress capacity needs to be famous as it could heal as much as four adjoining models per flip, together with Lindhart’s Catnap that permits him to heal on his personal by ready.

Take into account recruiting more durable models from different homes like Sylvain, Raphael, Leonie, or Ingrid to make up for the Black Eagles shortcomings.

Character Edelgard Hubert Bernadetta Caspar Dorothea Ferdinand Linhardt Petra
Recruitment Necessities Not Recuitable Not Recruitable Power, Bow Power, Brawl Attraction, Authority Dexterity, Heavy Armor Magic, Purpose Dexterity, Using
Crest Minor Crest of Seiros None Minor Crest of Indech None None None Minor Crest of Cethleann None
Ability Strengths Sword, Axe, Authority, Heavy Armor Bows, Purpose, Authority Lance, Bow Axe, Brawl Sword, Purpose Sword, Lance, Axe, Using Purpose, Religion Sword, Bow, Flying, Axe
Budding Skills Purpose Lance Using None Religion Heavy Armor None None
Default Class Targets Armored Lord Darkish Bishop / Warlock Sniper Warrior, Grappler Warlock Paladin Bishop Murderer / Wyvern Rider

The Blue Lions home consists of scholars from the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus, and their home chief is Prince Dimitri Blaiddyd. As this nation values chivalry and honor, they’ve among the finest mounted models and bodily powerful characters of all the homes. Nevertheless, they solely have room for 2 magic customers inside their ranks, and a single pure bow consumer. Due to this they could wrestle to cope with ranged threats, and the abundance of mounted models can depart your susceptible to bows or horseslayers. With sufficient coaching, you possibly can unlock the budding abilities of Felix and Sylvain to extend their magic prowess.

Of their private skills, Dedue‘s Staunch Defend makes him the proper defensive unit by gaining +four Protection if ready, and Ashe‘s Lockpick means that you can skip out on certifying anybody to turn out to be a Thief or shopping for keys.

Take into account recruiting magically inclined models from different homes like Dorothea, Lysithea, or Linhardt to fill within the gaps.

Character Dimitri Dedue Annette Ashe Felix Ingrid Mercedes Sylvain
Recruitment Necessities Not Recuitable Not Recruitable Magic, Religion Attraction, Lance Pace, Sword Dexterity, Flying Magic, Bow Attraction, Purpose (Until Feminine)
Crest Minor Crest of Blaiddyd None Minor Crest of Dominic None Crest of Fraldarius Minor Crest of Daphnel Minor Crest of Lamine Minor Crest of Gautier
Ability Strengths Sword, Lance, Authority Lance, Axe, Brawl, Heavy Armor Axe, Magic, Authority Axe, Bow Sword, Bow, Brawl Sword, Lance, Using, Flying Purpose, Religion Lance, Axe, Using
Budding Skills Using None None Lance Purpose None Bow Purpose
Default Class Targets Excessive Lord Fortress Knight Warlock Sniper Swordmaster Paladin / Pegasus Knight Bishop Paladin

The Golden Deer home consists of scholars from the Leicster Alliance, and their home chief is Claude von Reigan. As the home with probably the most commoners amongst them, they excel with bows and have among the finest lengthy vary characters of all of the teams. Lysithea is one thing of an anomaly as she possesses not one however two completely different Crests. They’re a extra well-rounded forged of characters which are most evenly unfold of their skills to cowl a variety of roles, however do not excel as a bunch in a single class. Each Hilda and Raphael can adapt as Armored Knights, and Lorenz and Ignatz can excel as magic customers if wanted.

Of their private skills, each Hilda‘s Advocate and Leonie‘s Rivalry work exceptionally nicely when attacking alongside male models, as they will deal three additional harm and grant Leonie 2 additional harm whereas taking 2 much less.

Relying on the way you adapt your college students, any centered college students from different homes will make nice recruits.

Character Claude Hilda Ignatz Leonie Lorenz Marianne Lysithea Raphael
Recruitment Necessities Not Recuitable Not Recruitable Dex, Authority Power, Lance Attraction, Purpose Magic, Using Magic, Religion Power, Heavy Armor
Crest Minor Crest of Riegan Minor Crest of Goneril None None Minor Crest of Gloucester Thriller Crest Minor Crest of Charon, Crest of Gloucester None
Ability Strengths Sword, Bow, Authority, Using, Flying Lance, Axe Sword, Bow, Authority Lance, Bow, Using Lance, Purpose, Using Sword, Religion, Using, Flying Purpose, Religion, Authority Axe, Brawl, Heavy Armor
Budding Skills Axe Heavy Armor Purpose None None Lance Sword None
Default Class Targets Wyvern Grasp Warrior Sniper Paladin Paladin Religion Warlock Grappler

Lord Comparisons – Hero’s Relics and Bonuses[edit]

Every of the Lords of the completely different homes every have their very own strengths and weaknesses, and whereas they could begin off pretty comparable, they’ll simply develop into fairly completely different characters.

Edelgard is exclusive among the many different Lords for a really particular cause – She is going to shortly reveal that she has the facility of two Crests – the Minor Crest of Seiros and the Crest of Flames – permitting her to each increase harm utilizing Fight Arts, and likewise restore well being when attacking and even cease counterattacks at occasions. As her default class targets go, she is going to turn out to be an Armored Lord by Act 2 that boasts a tricky protection in addition to a powerful offense, although she can be educated in using magic as nicely – which can require her to be reclassed as wanted. By Act 2, her Private Skill will change to Imperial Lineage+, which grants her +four Res if she waits, permitting her to resist magic assaults in her armored type.

Dimitri‘s Minor Crest of Blaiddyd permits him to generally double his assault and weapon makes use of throughout Fight Arts, which may make him a particularly damaging drive if protected nicely. He’ll turn out to be a Excessive Lord by Act 2, l, and may additional his excessive energy and dexterity, however his decrease protection and resistance means he’ll want safety. His Private Skill will even develop to Royal Lineage+, granting him an additional +20 Keep away from when at full HP. He may also make use of his budding expertise to turn out to be a fast-moving Paladin to maneuver at a faster tempo with the remainder of the cavalry within the Blue Lions.

Claude‘s Minor Crest of Riegan may also help heal him in battle when utilizing fight arts, making him an ideal unit for hit and run assaults when mixed along with his bow proficiency. In Act 2, he’ll turn out to be a Wyvern Grasp to additional his vary and sniping expertise, and can most definitely acquire extra Dexterity and Pace consequently, however he could be the bodily weakest of the Lords on his personal. His private capacity will broaden to Leicester Lineage+, and permit him to maneuver via enemy models to assault behind enemy traces, additional cementing his position to snipe dangerous targets and flee. In contrast to the opposite Lords, his budding expertise for Axes will not straight conflict along with his default class upgrades.

Every of the Lords will even ultimately receive one of many sacred Hero’s Relics, very similar to Byleth‘s Sword of the Creator, and every are versatile in their very own proper. Although all of them possess solely 20 sturdiness and are dearer than different objects to restore, they’re peerless in battle, particularly with their unique Fight Arts:

Hero’s Relic Wielded By Mt Hit Crit Unique Fight Artwork
Aymr (Axe) Edelgard 24 60 20 Raging Storm – Provides +14 Mt and +10 Hit, permits unit to maneuver once more if assault hits.
Areadbhar (Lance) Dimitri 19 75 10 Atrocity – Provides +15 Mit and +20 Hit, and is efficient in opposition to all enemy sorts.
Failnaught (Bow) Claude 18 75 20 Fallen Star – Provides +10 Mt, +10 Crit, +30 Hit and grants avoidance of enemy assaults within the subsequent fight.

Romance Comparisons and Exclusives[edit]

Of the Three Homes, Byleth is ready to pursue an S-Rank romance help relationship with any character, however some characters can solely be romanced in their very own home as they can’t be recruited, and others could also be simpler in case your character doesn’t have to fulfill sure standards to recruit from one other home.

Characters in Daring are unique to the Black Eagles Home and can’t be recruited. Characters in purple help a bisexual feminine romance, and characters in blue help a bixsexual male romance.

Warning – the next part accommodates very temporary information on the place every of the paths will lead, as every home can have a unique story in Half Two, and will take care of completely different enemies or have completely different aims within the conflict. Particulars can be obscure, however warning needs to be used.

The Black Eagles Path will see the Adrestian Empire declare conflict on the Church of Seiros, and by extension – any who stand in the way in which of Edelgard‘s targets. Due to this, any allies you recruit who’re members of the Church or the Knights of Seiros will disband out of your celebration. A principal goal will embody waging conflict on the Kingdom of Faerghus in opposition to Dimitri to reunify the land via drive.

The Blue Lions Path will give attention to stopping Edelgard and the Adrestian Empire from taking on the continent of Fodlan. Dimitri himself can have his personal cause for desirous to defeat Edelgard, making it a major goal of the conflict.

The Golden Deer path can be caught up within the conflict between the Adrestian Empire and its adversaries, however will as an alternative give attention to unveiling sure mysteries and combating those who Slither within the Darkish, a bunch that operates behind the scenes, pulling the strings to additional an agenda in opposition to the Church of Seiros.

The Fourth Path[edit]

There’s really one other considerably hidden path that doesn’t observe any of the Three Homes. This path can solely be undertaken by becoming a member of the Black Eagles. Nevertheless, close to the top of Half One, you might be given a warning of an essential selection to assist Edelgard. For those who refuse when requested, you’ll as an alternative defend the Church of Seiros from the Adrestian Empire, and lose entry to each Edelgard and Hubert within the course of. Throughout the conflict, your true goal can be to uncover the forces behind the scenes, those that Slither in Darkish, and uncover their schemes in opposition to the Church of Seiros.

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