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What was Return of the Jedi originally going to be called?

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Revenge of the Jedi movie poster

What was Return of the Jedi initially going to be referred to as? 

When George Lucas was making his third Star Wars characteristic movie, he wasn’t making Return of the Jedi.

He was making a movie referred to as Revenge of the Jedi.

It was revenge within the sense that Luke was going to win the battle towards the Evil Empire, taking his revenge for all of the wrongs performed to himself and his household.

Issues obtained thus far into manufacturing that promotional posters of the movie with the title Revenge of the Jedi have been produced and despatched out into the wild.

However then George had an thought.

An awesome thought which modified the entire tone of the film.

He named it Return of the Jedi to sign what the film was actually about. That being the return of Anakin Skywalker from the darkish aspect of the Power and his rightful place as a Jedi. It is also a reference to how Luke turns into a Jedi (“So be it, Jedi” declares the Emperor) and when that occurs, the Jedi within the plural sense have returned.

Lucas additionally thought that true Jedi wouldn’t truly search revenge.

Which might have made this alternate Jedi ending a bit more interesting….

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