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Waves of Hydrogen-alpha and the Crescent Nebula – Sky & Telescope

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Jarrett Trezzo



Location of photograph

Tampa Bay, FL

Date/Time of photograph

June 2, 9, & 18, 2018


Edge HD 925 + Hyperstar three, QHY 247C, Baader UV/IR Lower, Astronomik 12nm Ha, Baader eight.5nm OIII


7.5 hours whole integration (three hr Ha, three hr OIII, 1.5 hr RGB. The Crescent Nebula is positioned in Cygnus close to the star Sadr, about 5000 light-years away from Earth. On the coronary heart of the Crescent is the Wolf-Rayet star WR 136. A Wolf-Rayet star, one of the crucial luminous and hottest sorts of stars, is the subsequent stage within the quick lifetime of a large star. After the crimson big stage and the expulsion of its hydrogen layer, the Wolf-Rayet stage is the “final hurrah” earlier than it goes supernova. The waves seen right here within the Crescent are the results of a quick stellar wind brought on by the speedy ejection of sizzling mass from WR 136 colliding with the slower transferring, cooler gasoline beforehand ejected by the star when it was within the crimson big stage. The pressure of the collision between the 2 creates shock waves transferring in reverse instructions from one another and the excitation causes the gases to glow.

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