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Unique supernova explosion

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One-hundred million gentle years away from Earth, an uncommon supernova is exploding.

That exploding star — which is called “supernova LSQ14fmg” — was the faraway object found by a 37-member worldwide analysis staff led by Florida State College Assistant Professor of Physics Eric Hsiao. Their analysis, which was printed within the Astrophysical Journal, helped uncover the origins of the group of supernovae this star belongs to.

This supernova’s traits — it will get brighter extraordinarily slowly, and additionally it is one of many brightest explosions in its class — are in contrast to another.

“This was a very distinctive and unusual occasion, and our clarification for it’s equally attention-grabbing,” mentioned Hsiao, the paper’s lead creator.

The exploding star is what is called a Sort Ia supernova, and extra particularly, a member of the “super-Chandrasekhar” group.

Stars undergo a type of life cycle, and these supernovae are the exploding finale of some stars with low mass. They’re so highly effective that they form the evolution of galaxies, and so shiny that we are able to observe them from Earth even midway throughout the observable universe.

A picture of the “Blue Snowball” planetary nebula taken with the Florida State College Observatory. The supernova LSQ14fmg exploded in a system much like this, with a central star dropping a copious quantity of mass by means of a stellar wind. When the mass loss abruptly stopped, it created a hoop of fabric surrounding the star. Courtesy of Eric Hsiao

Sort Ia supernovae had been essential instruments for locating what’s referred to as darkish vitality, which is the identify given to the unknown vitality that causes the present accelerated enlargement of the universe. Regardless of their significance, astronomers knew little in regards to the origins of those supernova explosions, apart from that they’re the thermonuclear explosions of white dwarf stars.

However the analysis staff knew that the sunshine from a Sort Ia supernova rises and falls over the course of weeks, powered by the radioactive decay of nickel produced within the explosion. A supernova of that kind would get brighter because the nickel turns into extra uncovered, then fainter because the supernova cools and the nickel decays to cobalt and to iron.

After gathering information with telescopes in Chile and Spain, the analysis staff noticed that the supernova was hitting some materials surrounding it, which prompted extra gentle to be launched together with the sunshine from the decaying nickel. In addition they noticed proof that carbon monoxide was being produced. These observations led to their conclusion — the supernova was exploding inside what had been an asymptotic large department (AGB) star on the way in which to turning into a planetary nebula.

“Seeing how the remark of this attention-grabbing occasion agrees with the idea may be very thrilling,” mentioned Jing Lu, an FSU doctoral candidate and a co-author of the paper.

They theorized that the explosion was triggered by the merger of the core of the AGB star and one other white dwarf star orbiting inside it. The central star was dropping a copious quantity of mass by means of a stellar wind earlier than the mass loss was turned off abruptly and created a hoop of fabric surrounding the star. Quickly after the supernova exploded, it impacted a hoop of fabric usually seen in planetary nebulae and produced the additional gentle and the gradual brightening noticed.

“That is the primary robust observational proof that a Sort Ia supernova can explode in a post-AGB or proto-planetary-nebula system and is a vital step in understanding the origins of Sort Ia supernovae,” Hsiao mentioned. “These supernovae will be notably troublesome as a result of they’ll combine into the pattern of regular supernovae used to review darkish vitality. This analysis offers us a greater understanding of the potential origins of Sort Ia supernovae and can assist to enhance future darkish vitality analysis.”

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