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The sweet spot of flagellar assembly

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To construct the equipment that permits micro organism to swim, over 50 proteins need to be assembled in response to a logic and well-defined order to kind the flagellum, the mobile equal of an offshore engine of a ship. To be useful, the flagellum is assembled piece by piece, ending with the helix known as flagellar filament, composed of six totally different subunits known as flagellins. Microbiologists from the College of Geneva (UNIGE) have demonstrated that including sugar to the flagellins is essential for the flagellum’s meeting and performance. This glycosylation is carried out by a newly found enzyme FlmG, whose function was hitherto unknown. Based mostly on this commentary — which you’ll be able to learn all about within the journal eLife — the researchers adopted up with a second discovery revealed in Developmental Cell. Among the many six flagellins of Caulobacter crescentus, the mannequin bacterium within the two research, one is the particular one serving a signalling function to set off the ultimate meeting of the flagellum.

The flagellum is the locomotive engine of micro organism. Because of the flagellum, micro organism can swim in the direction of meals whether or not within the lake Geneva (Léman) or contained in the host throughout an an infection. The flagellum — which, on account of its complexity, is just like an offshore engine — is made up of a fundamental construction, a rotary motor and a helical propeller. It’s synthesized contained in the micro organism of their cytosol. “The 50 proteins should be produced sequentially and assembled in the correct order,” begins Patrick Viollier, a researcher in UNIGE’s Division of Microbiology and Molecular Medication. On the identical time the flagellum should be embedded inside the bacterial envelope that incorporates as much as three cell layers earlier than ending up on the skin. Whereas the flagellar subunits are recognized lots of the subtleties in flagellar meeting management and focusing on mechanisms are nonetheless poorly understood.

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The UNIGE microbiologists studied the bacterium Caulobacter crescentus. “These micro organism are very fascinating for learning flagella since they produce two totally different daughter cells: one has a flagellum and the opposite would not. They’re supreme for understanding what is required for constructing a flagellum ,” explains Nicolas Kint, co-author of the research. One other peculiarity is that the flagellar filament of this bacterium is an meeting consisting of six flagellin sub-units, that means it is not the results of the polymerisation of a single protein, as is the case for a lot of different micro organism. “When analysing these six flagellins, we found they have been adorned with sugars, indicating glycosylation step — an enzymatic response including sugars to proteins — was happening and was wanted for meeting. It was a stunning discovery, since this response is just not quite common and never nicely understood in micro organism,” continues Professor Viollier.

Viollier’s analysis staff succeeded in demonstrating that the glycosylation of the six flagellins that make up the filament is important for the formation and performance of the flagellum. “To display this, we first recognized the gene that produces the glycosylation enzyme, FlmG. When it is absent, it ends in micro organism with out flagellum. Secondly, we genetically modified one other kind of bacterium, Escherichia coli, to precise one of many six flagellins, the glycosylation enzyme and sugar producing enzymes from Caulobacter crescentus. All these parts are required to acquire a modified flagellin,” provides Nicolas Kint.

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“The totally different parts of the flagellum are produced one after the opposite: the molecules of the bottom first, then these of the rotor and at last the propeller. The scientific literature signifies that this sequential course of is essential. Nevertheless, we do not know the way the order of producing the sub-units is managed .” The researcher and his staff centered on the synthesis of the six flagellins, discovering a black sheep amongst them: a sub-unit that has solely 50% sequence homology with the opposite 5. “This sub-unit serves as turn into a checkpoint protein, a repressive molecular visitors cop restraining the synthesis of the opposite flagellin proteins,” says Professor Viollier. It’s current earlier than the synthesis of the opposite 5 sub-units, and it acts as a detrimental regulator. So long as it’s current within the cytosol, the synthesis of the opposite sub-units is prevented. As soon as the weather of the flagellum are assembled, aside from the filament, the cop is exported to the membrane and thus eliminated. Then the synthesis of the final 5 sub-units can then start. “It’s a sensor for the protein synthesis and a element of the flagellar filament on the identical time: a twin operate that’s distinctive of its variety,” says the microbiologist with nice enthusiasm.

This discovery is prime for understanding the motility of micro organism and the meeting of proteins. “It additionally gives clues for understanding the synthesis and meeting of tubulin, a vital a part of the cytoskeleton,” concludes Professor Viollier.

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