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The Outer Worlds' Newest Trailer Shows Off the Fun (and Feral) Sides of Multiple Planets – IGN

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It’s a must to determine, area is a extremely massive, actually lethal place, so it solely is sensible that when companies take over and begin constructing new societies, they’re going to make it appear as nice as doable. That’s the gist of the brand new trailer from The Outer Worlds, which exhibits off all of the enjoyable little diversions you because the participant can stand up to, and many loss of life and dismemberment you’ll must keep away from.

The Outer Worlds PAX West Welcome to Halcyon Trailer Screenshots

Although we’ve seen plenty of these areas earlier than, the most recent trailer gives up a brand new perspective on issues, all from the eyes of the company overlords that run most of the Outer Worlds

’ planets. We can see the various ways corporations have influenced society, pushing people into work, and making it so every aspect of their life revolves around company-approved lifestyle choices.

We also get a glimpse at Monarch, a seemingly alien-infested site with plenty of creatures big and small to tear the flesh from our soft, soft bodies.

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Of course, this is corporate outer space, and that means you need to work. So we also get a look at some of the “career choices” available in The Outer Worlds. You can be a scientist distorting gravity around pigs covered in tumors. There’s also more hands-on work available, but unfortunately it seems to come at the end of a sharp, pointy stick…that shoots electricity.

Halcyon’s workers aren’t totally left to fend for themselves, however. The trailer shows off a modest assortment of weapons, including basic blades, a rocket-propelled hammer that looks like something Overwatch’s Reinhardt had in his crib, and a ray gun that shrinks dudes down a peg.

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Check out the full trailer at the top of the page if you want a complete look at the locations you’ll inevitably be role-playing and adventuring through. Also check out the rest of our Outer Worlds coverage for more previews and interviews with the builders. We’ve realized loads about The Outer Worlds’ hardest difficulty mode, plus obtained a tour of the city of Fallbrook.

The Outer Worlds is out on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on October 25, with a Nintendo Change model deliberate for later.

Joseph Knoop is a author/producer for IGN, and he wonders what a tumor pig tastes like.

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