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The Coppola Connection to Star Wars

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The story of how George Lucas got here up on the planet of filmmaking is the stuff of legend.

It isn’t merely a tail of writing what would turn out to be an Oscar-nominated script and it getting picked up by a studio.

It is a story of onerous work and a cheerful co-existence with supportive and like-minded associates who banded collectively to make motion pictures.

A key one that helped lay the land for George Lucas to make motion pictures was the decided Francis Ford Coppola. By the point Lucas met Francis within the late 1960’s, Coppola was nicely established as busy movie maker.

Lucas first labored for Coppola on the 1969 movie, The Rain People and this led to a lifelong friendship between the 2.

Decided filmmakers on the rise, the Coppola Connection to Star Wars started in earnest when Coppola produced Lucas’ first movie THX 1138. It proved to be a cult hit over time (particularly when reconsidered after Star Wars blew up) laid the muse for Luca’s path to Star Wars.

Earlier than that occurred, Lucas directed American Graffiti which was once more produced by Coppola.

After which there’s Apocalypse Now.

The making of Apocalypse Now could be maybe virtually as legendary because the film itself however that is a story informed elsewhere. The important thing factor right here is that Lucas was concerned in serving to John Milius develop his concept for the movie with the intention of directing it. Historical past exhibits issues went the opposite approach the place Copolla directed it himself, leaving Lucas to concentrate on Star Wars.

It is essential to know the affect Apocalypse Now had on George Lucas. This movie was concerning the Vietnam Warfare, of which Lucas didn’t assist. What George did was carry over the idea and in some ways. Star Wars is an allegory for the Vietnam War, with the Rebels being represented by the Viet Cong and the Evil Empire, America.

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This is another Coppola Connections to Star Wars

  • By the point Hayden Christensen was solid in Assault of the Clones, it’s debatable that he was most likely most well-known for his half in director Sofia Coppola’s The Virgin Suicides. Sofia, in fact, being Francis’ daughter.
  • Apocalypse Now could be notable for Harrison Ford having a brief position at the start of the movie as Colonel Lucas, so named for George.
  • Lucas has stated that he put a few of Franci’s ‘swagger’ into the character of Han Solo
  • Coppola’s son Gian-Carlo was name-checked in The Phantom Menace for the Naboo automobile referred to as the Gian Speeder.
  • George Lucas did second unit directing on The Godfather
  • Sofia did a cameo position as Padme’s handmaiden Saché in The Phantom Menace:

sofia coppola phantom menace

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