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Rose’s Room – It Takes Two Wiki Guide

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Pillow Fort

That is the primary chapter of Rose’s Room and because the title suggests, it’s a pillow fort. The pillows are fairly bouncy and fluffy. Be at liberty to discover the realm round right here and once you’re prepared, proceed ahead.

Fairly shortly, you need to hear the faucet of a tambourine close by. The primary of SEVEN minigames in Rose’s Room is up forward.

Stroll ahead and once you first see some pillows you could climb up by leaping, accomplish that and also you’ll discover the tambourine floating above. It’s a minigame referred to as Tank Brothers.

Minigame: Tank Brothers


To play Tank Brothers, each Cody and Could should work together with the gameboy-like handhelds laying on the bottom by the tambourine. When the sport begins, you’ll each be in command of a tank. The target is to hit the opposite participant 3 times. Transfer the tank with the precise stick, management its goal (the small white circle on the bottom forward of you determines the place the tank projectile will land) and RT/R2 is what’s pressed to shoot.

The primary to hit the opposite participant dead-on with three projectiles wins.

Pillow Fort Continued

If you’re prepared, be at liberty to discover the realm. There’s a lava lamp you’ll be able to work together with — this isn’t needed by any means, however everybody loves lava lamp — and a globe of constellations that may be spun. The best way ahead is past this globe. Head across the nook by the globe and also you’ll see what we see under on the precise:

Up forward is a pathway that leads up and one which leads ahead. The one main up results in a small room with two motion figures from a recreation referred to as A Approach Out, which occurs to be the sport made by Hazelight earlier than It Takes Two. Floor pound the circle in entrance of them to listen to their, erm, catch phrases…if you’ll.

After that, proceed via the pathway ahead and also you’ll enter a big room. There’s a lava lamp and a constellation globe to work together with, when you’d like. If you’re prepared, work together with the joysticks in entrance of the TV. Could and Cody might want to efficiently full numerous minigames on display to proceed.

Right here’s the answer to every within the order they seem:

  • Make the 2 phrases spell Override.

  • Join the 2 bars in such a means that a full line from left to proper is accomplished.

  • Transfer the smaller individual to the open slot on the left and the taller individual on the open slot on the precise.

  • Transfer the 2 traces to create a smile on the face on the precise.

On the finish, you’ll have to press Y/Triangle repeatedly. It’d really feel like you’ll be able to win…however you’ll be able to’t. The counterhack can be profitable and it’s then that a cutscene will start. You’ll meet an astronaut baboon right here. His title is Moon Baboon. This brings us to the House Room, in any other case referred to as the following chapter titled Spaced Out.

Spaced Out

That is the following major space of Rose’s Room and Could and Cody find yourself there after operating into Moon Baboon. As you’d count on, the schtick of this struggle is house themed.

Could has boots that enable her to stroll the other way up on particular yellow pathways (pictured under) and Cody can shrink himself by urgent LT/L2 or develop himself by urgent RT/R2 on command. This is almost all of what Could and Cody can be doing in the course of the Spaced Out chapter.

Forward of you is a door made of fireplace. Neither Could nor Cody can go via it for apparent causes. To proceed, Could should stroll up the yellow pathway to succeed in the ceiling. She will be able to then stroll to the flame door and pull it up — Cody can then shrink down and stroll underneath the small opening.

Proceed ahead to the massive purple button — Cody must embiggen himself and floor pound this button. This reveals a path ahead. Up forward is a robotic.

Cody should now shrink himself right down to the smallest facet and crawl contained in the robotic by going up its proper arm. Inside is a battery he can push into place. After this, Could ought to pull the lever on the entrance of the robotic. This powers up an vitality discipline that may take you up the cylindrical pathway behind the robotic.

In case you stroll across the perimeter of this cylinder, there are three rockets to launch. Nothing actually occurs, but it surely’s enjoyable to shoot them off. There’s additionally a safety digital camera that an embiggened Cody can destroy must you need.

If you’re prepared, soar into the cylinder and press A/X to rise.

Maintain an eye fixed out — there’s a center layer with what seems to be a bunch of portals across the perimeter. In case you see that, you’ve gone too excessive. As an alternative, return down a bit and search for the opening pictured under:

There’s a minigame via the portal in there.

Minigame: Spacewalk

To play Spacewalk, undergo the portal. Within the room this takes you to, Cody and Could should press Y/Triangle on the small squares by the tambourine. This begins the sport.

Mainly, simply soar onto the numerous floating squares round you. Doing so claims the sq. for you and provides you one level. You possibly can declare one your opponent has claimed to take that time from them.

Whoever has essentially the most factors after 60 seconds wins.

Spaced Out Continued

If you’re finished with the minigame, head again out to the floating tube and float up till you see some extra portals. There are yellow stars scattered about — work together with them to blow them up.

You don’t get something for this, but it surely appears and sounds cool. If you’re prepared, head into the portal with the cups and plates floating above it.

House Portals

Under are walkthroughs for the three portals Cody and Max should undergo to proceed ahead.

Please click on or faucet the hyperlinks under to leap to totally different portal puzzle walkthroughs:

Inexperienced Portal

On this portal, the sport turns into 2D. Each Cody and Could ought to stroll ahead and soar from wall to wall to succeed in the highest. Up right here, Could must stroll alongside the yellow path on the left to start strolling on the ceiling. Each of you need to proceed as soon as Could is on the ceiling. On the lasers, each Could and Cody ought to pull their levers. This causes the platform they’re on to maneuver — soar over the lasers.

After that, you’ll attain three purple and yellow accordions, Cody should floor pound the primary one after which stand on high of the second (farthest proper). Could should soar from the primary to the second after which floor pound it. This makes it rise excessive sufficient that Cody can soar to the third. He should floor pound it in order that Could can proceed ahead. She’ll have to crouch to maintain transferring proper and Cody might want to shrink.

After this, you’ll see a picket seesaw. Cody and Could have to floor pound the left and proper facet of it on the similar time. This flips them — Could can be up high and Cody can be down low.

Proceed ahead and experience the rails to the following part of this 2D puzzle.

If you see a big wheel, Cody should embiggen and rotate the wheel. Could wants to face on the purple platform within the high proper nook (with a yellow spring) as a result of Cody’s wheel rotating will “cost” up the spring.

Cost it as much as the place it’s at within the screenshot under:

Press B/Circle to launch it — Could wants to maneuver to the precise to catch onto the ceiling with out hitting the fireplace. Now Cody can soar over the fireplace and the couple can proceed ahead. Push the blocks in entrance of you all the way in which to a espresso cup. Could ought to then floor pound the espresso cup in order that Cody can soar from wall to wall to recover from the impediment earlier than him.

He must shrink to go underneath the blocks in entrance of him after that. After strolling to the precise a bit, Cody will come upon a grappling hook he can maintain. Could should grapple to it after which Cody should stroll to the precise, pulling Could together with him.

Take her to the following grappling hook after which Cody ought to let go of the earlier one and hook onto the identical one as Could. Proceed swinging to the precise to succeed in one other walkway. Head to the precise for some extra grappling.

On the finish of this grappling, you’ll uncover one other robotic. Cody ought to shrink and step inside it to push the battery in and Could ought to pull the lever when the battery is in.

This brings each of them again to the portal. Congrats! You’ve accomplished the primary of three portals.

Let’s sort out the purple portal now.

Pink Portal

In right here, you’ll see a bunch of rails. Cody and Could can soar onto the rails from both the left or the precise.

Once they’re close to a planet floating in house, they have to soar from the rail to it. Platform from planet to planet till you attain the closest rail.

Hop on and proceed using it till you attain the massive sq. area with a floating planet above what appears like half a planet caught to the bottom.

Could must climb onto the purple planet hanging by a string in entrance of the inexperienced planet. Cody should embiggen and push that planet, whereas Could is on high of it, towards the opposite hanging planet above the half-planet caught to the bottom.

Could should soar from the planet she’s on to the opposite planet hanging. Cody ought to then push that one in order that Could can soar onto the tower close by.

Could ought to observe the yellow path round to the blue facet of the tower with the purple buttons on it.

So right here’s what’s happening right here


Cody ought to see a blue wall with stars on it. Could can floor pound the purple buttons and every corresponds to one of many blue rectangles on the blue wall Cody is taking a look at. Could must floor pound the purple buttons to trigger the rectangles to stay out a bit, at which level, Cody can soar onto them. Could ought to floor pound purple buttons all the way in which up whereas Cody is leaping from rectangle to rectangle till he reaches the highest.

Up high, Cody must shrink and head into the robotic to push the battery in in order that Could can pull the lever. This completes the Pink Portal.

Again outdoors, head to the Purple Portal.

Purple Portal

In right here, proceed ahead and also you’ll see a Tesla ball.

Each Cody and Could should soar on high of it and roll it to the opposite facet.

On the opposite facet, Could should use the purple bounce pads by the opposite Tesla ball to leap and land on high of stated ball. Cody must embiggen and push this ball to the wall alongside the trail.

Could can soar from the ball to the highest of the wall and hit a change to open the wall.

Cody can now push the ball via, however he should cease and let Could get again on after going via. Cody ought to push the ball all the way in which to the top of the trail in order that Could can soar off and climb up the wall together with her anti-gravity footwear. Subsequent to the robotic is a see-through dice.

Could should drag it down in order that Cody can soar onto it. Could can’t drag the dice again up so Cody should shrink down in order that she will be able to.

Could must take Cody to the facet of the robotic so he can head into it and push the battery in. Could ought to then pull the lever on the surface of the robotic. This completes the Purple Portal!

Spaced Out Continued

After finishing all three portals, Cody and Could ought to go to the 2 yellow wheels across the circle. Each should spin the wheels till the celebs above the wheels refill. Upon doing so, a cutscene will start.

After this, float as much as the following layer and also you’ll discover three extra puzzles awaiting you. However first, let’s play one other minigame.

Minigame: Laser Tennis

Similar to the one we beforehand discovered, it may be discovered midway up the float tube. As you’re heading up from the primary three portals to the following set of portals, search for a gap. It results in a portal the place a minigame may be discovered.

Head via the portal and stroll ahead. Each Cody and Could ought to work together with the machine forward of them to start out the match.

On the bottom is a bunch of squares. When a sq. lights up, step on it. This sends a laser to your opponent’s facet. They have to soar over the laser.

Ship as many lasers as squares you’ll be able to step on to make your opponent’s facet full chaos. The participant whose well being bar is depleted first is the loser. After this, depart the portal and head as much as the following set of three portals.

Let’s head into the Gray Portal.

Gray Portal

Contained in the Gray Portal, you’ll end up in a brief hallway.

Cody ought to shrink himself and stroll ahead to the orange and purple platform. On the facet of will probably be a small door that a shrunken cody can match via.

This locations him inside a ball that have to be shot to the opposite finish.

Could is the one doing the capturing. Behind the ball is a deal with she will be able to seize. Right here’s what’s essential about this:

LT/L2 is the way you toggle the partitions and RT/R2 is the way you shoot the ball. Transfer the ball to the precise the place a transparent path is and toggle the partitions so that they’re down. Press RT/R2 to shoot Cody. At this level, Cody can angle left or proper, however Could should watch Cody’s display to see the partitions developing in order that she will be able to toggle them on and off in time.

On the finish of a gap for Cody to line the ball up with. That’s the goal.

Do that and a door by Could will open up. Head via it.

Within right here, Could must climb up the yellow pathway on the left. In the meantime, Cody must go proper and throughout the small bridge towards the umbrella. Cody should take management of the umbrella and seize Could with it. He ought to then transfer her to the anti-gravity sq. that her boots can persist with proper above the one she was grabbed from.

Now, she will be able to stroll alongside a brand new yellow path that results in two pillars with purple strips on the within sides of them. Cody wants to leap backwards and forwards between these sides to succeed in the highest, however there are lasers stopping him.

Could must observe the trail round to an enormous, white button on the left pillar (when you’re taking a look at it from the entrance — closest to the doorway of this room). That pillar disables the lasers, which implies Cody can now soar his means up.

Topside, he ought to observe the trail to the robotic, shrink himself down, head into the robotic, and push the battery in.

In the meantime, Could ought to be traversing over to the entrance of the robotic so she will be able to pull the lever when Cody pushes the battery in. This completes this portal. Head again out and enter the Orange Portal.

Orange Portal

Contained in the Orange Portal, you’ll see numerous pillow towers. To the precise is the one you need to climb for a enjoyable Moon Baboon easter egg and an achievement/trophy. Stroll ahead and also you’ll see an orange bounce pad.

Use it to leap onto the pillow tower proper beside it after which climb your means as much as the very high of this tower.

You’ll discover a radio receiver that may be aimed on the stars to choose up transmissions. Purpose to the left and also you’ll see the bar flip white after which purple. The nearer it’s to purple, the nearer it’s to selecting up a transmission. When it’s absolutely purple, you’ll hear Moon Baboon speaking to what seems like an area station.

Now try to do a 180 and goal towards the precise facet. You’ll decide up on one other transmission and it’s truly a recording of Josef Fares at The Recreation Awards giving his now-infamous F*ck The Oscars speech.

Proceed wanting round and also you’ll discover two extra transmissions: one in every of Dr. Hakim questioning if Could and Cody are cooperating and one in every of Rose remembering fonder occasions together with her mother and father. After discovering all 4 transmissions, you’ll obtain the ____ achievement/trophy.

After this, drop down and proceed ahead down the massive, white mattress. Each Cody and Could ought to soar throughout the orange bounce pads to succeed in the opposite finish.

Let’s seize the Look At Him Go achievement/trophy actual fast


On this seesaw, Cody ought to shrink himself and Could ought to floor pound the opposite facet reverse of the one shrunken Cody is on. It will launch him into the celebs, actually, and kill him, however it’ll additionally unlock the Take a look at Him Go achievement/trophy.

Right here, Cody ought to embiggen and floor pound on one facet of the seesaw whereas Could is on the opposite. It will launch her into the air and onto the springy platform subsequent to the seesaw.

Now, Cody ought to shrink right down to regular measurement and sit on one finish of the seesaw. Could must floor pound from the spring she’s on to the seesaw. This launches Cody excessive sufficient to land on the spring. Cody ought to embiggen on this to convey the springy platform right down to Could so she will be able to get on. Now, Cody can shrink all the way in which right down to convey each Could and himself up.

Could should get off first earlier than Cody embiggens to his regular measurement. Then, he can get off. Head ahead and hold a proper. Bounce throughout the floating mattresses to succeed in the opposite facet. Right here, Cody should shrink down to suit via the door and Could should climb up the yellow pathways to her left and proper facet — both facet works.

By way of the door, Cody can develop again to regular measurement. Head ahead and grapple onto the hook. Doing so will unlock a hook on the highest facet. Could can stroll round on her path to succeed in this hook and she or he ought to grapple to it. Now, each want to leap from grapple to grapple, unlocking the opposite hook for the opposite participant.

If Cody goes first, then Could can hook on and after that, Could should unlock the following one first so Cody can hook on. Do that to succeed in the opposite facet after which observe the pathway to 2 umbrella hooks that take you to the robotic.

Cody ought to shrink down, stroll contained in the robotic, and push the battery in, after which Could ought to pull the lever. This completes this portal. Another to go. Let’s head to the opposite Gray Portal with the Rubik’s Dice above it.

Gray Portal With the Dice Above It

Inside, you’ll discover a robotic with some electrical energy sparking to the precise of it. You need to discover that the left facet doesn’t have any electrical energy — it does want it, nevertheless.

Your goal on this portal is to find extra lightning bolts to attach the electrical energy to and energy up the left facet of the robotic.

  • First Lightning Bolt: To the precise of the electrical energy, you’ll see a mattress pathway. Head down it — Cody must shrink himself all the way in which down and head into the spaceship.

    • He ought to stroll up the pathway till, dodging the rotating lasers inside, till he reaches a purple button on the finish. Floor pound it to disclose a lightning bolt. Convey it to the electrical energy and place it barely to the left of the bolts electrified with electrical energy. It’s going to decide up a cost. The aim is to create a sequence of expenses to the opposite facet.

  • Second Lightning Bolt: After that, go searching for what seems to be three cubes switching from left to proper. Your goal, as both Cody or Could, is to leap from dice to dice to succeed in the lightning bolt on the opposite facet. Watch for the primary one to flip to the precise after which soar on it. Bounce from it to the second, however solely after the second hits the precise facet, after which do the identical for the third dice. Seize the lightning bolt and make your means again to the chain of electrical energy. Add this bolt to the chain.

  • Third Lightning Bolt: To the precise of the situation the place we discovered the second bolt is a pathway solely Could can traverse. Have her try this till she reaches a dome with a 3rd lightning bolt inside. Cody should embiggen and floor pound the large purple button in entrance of the robotic to open up the dome. It closes shortly so be certain that Could is on the able to dive inside. She ought to seize the bolt, Cody ought to open the dome, and Could can return to the topside and add the bolt to the chain.

  • Fourth Lightning Bolt: The following two bolts may be discovered behind the robotic. There’s a seesaw behind the robotic. Cody ought to go to the left facet and shrink himself all the way in which down. Could ought to go to the precise facet and stand on that facet of the seesaw. Cody ought to be excessive sufficient at this level to stroll via the small, purple door. Inside is a rocket ship — shrunken Cody ought to enter it and it’ll fly him as much as the highest the place a bolt awaits him. Convey the bolt again down (you’ll be able to simply soar down) and add it to the chain.

  • Fifth Lightning Bolt: Now, Cody ought to return to the left facet of the seesaw and embiggen himself to his most measurement whereas Could stands on the opposite facet of the seesaw. It will get her excessive sufficient to succeed in a brand new platform the place a fifth bolt may be discovered. Could ought to seize that and soar right down to the bottom under. Add that bolt to the chain.

  • Sixth Lightning Bolt: The sixth and closing bolt is the simplest. Phew! To the precise of the situation of the primary bolt is a rail. Experience the rail, grappling to the hooks alongside the way in which, to succeed in the sixth bolt on the finish.

Convey this bolt again to the chain, place it on the metallic circle on the mattresses on the left facet of the robotic and the robotic will energy on.

Now Cody can shrink himself down, stroll into the robotic, and push the battery in. Could ought to pull the lever at that time. This completes this portal. Congrats!

Head out and rotate the 2 wheels like we beforehand did. Moon Baboon will point out one thing about sealing the management room.

Bounce into the anti-gravity cylinder and float your means up.

On the high, you’ll discover a button that may be pressed down and two circles above some pipes. One individual ought to stand on one of many circles above the pipes and the opposite ought to floor pound the massive button that may be pressed down. Standing on the circles stops the purple items of the pipe they’re above from transferring.

Floor pound the massive button to rotate the purple pipe on the left into place after which have the opposite individual stand on the circle above it to carry it into place.

After that, floor pound the button once more to maneuver the purple pipe on the precise into place. This reveals a second floor pound-able button on the precise, however first, have Cody shrink and soar as much as the battery on the left. He ought to push it in and Could ought to floor pound the button on the far proper. A cutscene will start shortly after. After that cutscene, it’s time for a boss struggle.

Boss Battle: Moon Baboon

When this struggle begins, Moon Baboon will shoot a laser at both Cody or Could and he’ll proceed to shoot this laser. It damages whoever it hits and it’ll observe that individual infinitely…except you shoot it again to him.

To do this, the individual not being chased by a laser ought to run across the perimeter searching for a blueish-white button. Once they stand on it, a pillar will rise with a glowing orb in it. The aim is to get the laser to hit that orb. To do this, the individual being chased by the laser should run over and stand behind the pillar.

That can injury a few ninth of Moon Baboon’s well being. As soon as he’s broken, lasers will shoot out of the center of the stage and rotate in a circle round it.

Bounce over these like soar rope and when Moon Baboon throws grenades your means, be certain that to get out of the purple circle they kind as these explosions will damage you. Dodge the explosions and lasers till Moon Baboon shoots his lasers at both Could or Cody once more.

If the pillar rises additional excessive when stood on, look behind it — there’ll doubtless be a yellow pathway that Could can stroll up. She should stroll up it to get the laser pointed excessive sufficient to hit the orb within the pillar.

After taking out a 3rd of Moon Baboon’s well being, a small cutscene will play.

After this, Moon Baboon will fly to the bottom. Cody must embiggen and press Y/Triangle on the UFO Moon Baboon is flying in. Press Y repeatedly to carry it up and whereas it’s lifted, Could should run underneath and faucet Y/Triangle on the laser to tear it off.

This begins part two of the struggle.

Throughout this part, Moon Baboon will shoot homing missiles as Cody and Could. These missiles go quick and essentially the most assured option to dodge them is by repeatedly dashing away. Finally, they’ll cease transferring and fall to the bottom. At that time, both Cody or Could should press Y/Triangle on the rocket to experience it and crash it proper into Moon Baboon.

It’s essential to notice that on the rocket, the controls can be inverted so be ready for that.

Rinse and repeat this till you’re taking out a second third of Moon Baboon’s well being.

A brief cutscene will play and Moon Baboon’s UFO will crash to the bottom. Cody ought to soar onto the open hatch after which shrink right down to enter the UFO. Inside, he’ll have to observe a path to the highest the place the eject button is.

Cody might want to soar over platforms, dodge lasers, run via swirling tunnels, and soar up an electrified wall (soar up it when the electrical energy briefly turns off) to succeed in the top, at which level, he must floor pound the massive eject button.

In the meantime, Could can be within the area the place she’ll need to dodge lasers roaming across the stage, grenade explosions going off, and floor kilos from Moon Baboon’s UFO. Her solely aim is to not die.

After ejecting Moon Baboon, Could will hop into the UFO and the ultimate stage of the struggle will start.

On this stage, Cody can be in command of a radar and the UFO’s missile system. Could can be in command of flying. On Cody’s radar, you’ll see an arrow. That is how you discover Moon Baboon. Comply with the arrow to him. If you get shut sufficient, Could will see him down under and Cody will see a small baboon form with three hearts over it on the radar.

Cody should transfer his goal onto the baboon on the radar and press RT/R2 to shoot it. Do that 3 times to finish the struggle. After this, sit again and revel in a prolonged cutscene. This concludes the Spaced Out chapter of Rose’s Room.

Up subsequent is the Hopscotch chapter.


If you first start the Hopscotch part of the sport, head ahead till you see some blocks to leap over. On the opposite facet is a playmat that appears like a street for vehicles to drive on and there ought to be a automobile close by. One individual ought to pull the automobile again and the opposite individual ought to sit within the automobile. Launch the automobile and drive it up the purple ramp on this space in order that the automobile flies via the ring floating within the air by means of a balloon. This unlocks an achievement/trophy.

After that, within the space with the street mat, look to the left and also you’ll see a cowboy hat. Bounce as much as it and a tambourine will seem as a result of that is the place Cody and Could can play the Rodeo minigame.

Minigame: Rodeo

To start out this minigame, Cody and Could should press Y/Triangle on the two bulls. When the sport begins, the bulls will try to knock them off. To remain on, look above the character’s head. You’ll see a button on the controller. Press that button simply as the massive yellow ring closes on the smaller, white ring.

If the button turns inexperienced, you’re good, and if it turns purple, that’s one strike nearer to falling off. Three purple buttons knocks you off. The primary to be knocked off loses.

Hopscotch Continued

After this, depart this space and proceed to the wall of “5” blocks. Step on the “eight” block in entrance of it to disclose a bunch of eight blocks to climb over to the proper of the 5 blocks. One individual should keep on the eight block whereas the opposite crosses the eight block bridge.

The person who crossed the bridge ought to transfer ahead till the discover a inexperienced “5” block to face on. Doing this unveils a path for the opposite individual to proceed down.

This individual will encoutner a yellow vertical wall, a inexperienced one, and a blue one. The person who crossed the purple “eight” bridge wants to maneuver ahead till they discover a massive yellow button, a inexperienced one, and a blue one. Floor pounding the yellow button flattens the yellow wall so the opposite individual can soar to it.

Do that with all three colours to succeed in the opposite facet, at which level, the individual operating over the partitions wants to face on a blue block to disclose a path for the person who was urgent buttons to proceed over. Now that individual can step on a inexperienced block in order that the individual on the blue block can cross over to them. Collectively once more, head via the outlet within the wall.

Within the room on the opposite facet of the tunnel, you’ll see rows of rotating, floating quantity blocks. The blocks rotate based mostly on their quantity. First those, then the twos, and so forth. Use this data to cross the blocks i.e. if a one simply rotated, don’t soar to a two as a result of that’s about to rotate.

On the opposite facet, you’ll discover 4 squares with animals on them: within the higher left is a pig, within the higher proper is a bear, within the backside left is a mouse, and within the backside proper is a horse. Mainly, one individual can be stepping on these animal squares whereas the opposite individual rides the rail on the left by them.

Because the individual using the rail encounters blocks, the individual standing on the animal squares might want to soar to the corresponding animal to maneuver the block out of the rail-riding individual’s means.

If the block earlier than them is an animal not represented on a sq., the rail-riding individual must press RB/R1 to leap to a distinct rail.

On the finish of this rail is 4 extra animal squares, which can be utilized in the identical means to assist the opposite individual again behind experience the rail on their proper.

When each gamers have made it to the top of their rails, they’ll be in a room with a single cow sq.. Close to it are some yellow jumper pads — ignore these. As an alternative, observe the inexperienced flooring round to a tambourine you need to hear. It’s a minigame.

Minigame: Feed the Reptile

To play Feed the Reptile, each gamers should press Y/Triangle on the capturing mechanism by the tambourine. Press Y/Triangle to choose up a ball and throw it right into a reptile’s mouth by urgent RT/R2. Purpose utilizing the left and proper sticks. Whoever has essentially the most factors after 30 seconds win.

Hopscotch Continued

Return to the bounce pad and bounce your means up. Up high, each of you have to seize onto the zipline and experience it down.

On this facet, you’ll be what appears like a classroom. There are three homework challenges to finish: a math problem, a reminiscence problem, and a drawing problem. To finish the maths problem, Cody and Could should stand on the 2 numbers that may be added collectively to create the quantity to the precise of the equal signal.

For the reminiscence problem, take note of the fruits on the playing cards and the place they’re situated. Once they’re flipped over, Cody and Could should match every fruit. The position is random so we are able to’t present you an answer — take note of the fruits and the place they’re.

Within the drawing problem, each Cody and Could should work together with the pencil and drag it from quantity to quantity, in sequential order, to finish the drawing. After this, you’ll be flipped over to a brand new room.

In right here, you’ll see a mouse tied to a string, a button that may be ground-pounded subsequent to it and a flooring beneath the ground Cody and Could are presently on up forward.

Head to the alternative facet of the room and right here, Cody and Could ought to work together with the 2 purple buttons. It will change the view to a top-down view.

You’ll see a cheeseball pop up on the maze. Cody and Could should stroll alongside the maze, which causes the lean of it to shift, to maneuver the ball from one finish to the aim on the different. Full the primary maze after which the second. After this, head again as much as the mouse and floor pound the button subsequent to it. This causes the mouse to run ahead after the cheese and the string hooked up to it to tug the door behind the mouse down.

Head on via.

Within the subsequent room, you’ll see a “1” block. Leaping onto causes a “2” block to stand up and leaping onto that causes a “three” block to rise and so forth. Cody and Could should soar to every sequential block on the similar time to succeed in the opposite facet.

Within the subsequent room over, you’ll see two levers. Pull them. This causes a yellow ledge to return out of the wall in entrance of you and a inexperienced ledge to do the identical. Each Cody and Could should soar onto these ledges and switch left and proper across the nook respectively shortly in order that they will wall soar to the highest. Up high, soar throughout to the grapple and use it to succeed in the lever on the opposite facet. Each Cody and Could should pull these levers to open the door to the following room.

On this room, you’ll see two giant, yellow buttons that may be compressed with a floor pound. Doing so causes a whoopie cushion to refill.

One individual should stand on the whoopie cushion closest to the doorway that introduced you into this room and the opposite individual should floor pound the yellow button behind it. This launches the opposite individual into the air and whereas within the air, they have to connect to the grapple related to the finger up right here.

They need to keep hooked on as a result of this rotates a ledge within the heart of the room that has one other hook hooked up to it. The individual on the hook ought to goal for the whoopie cushion that hasn’t been stuffed but and land on it proper earlier than the opposite individual floor kilos its related button. This second cushion will launch the individual towards the ledge within the heart with a hook hooked up to it.

Experience this hook round and use the 2 yellow buttons over right here to repeat the identical course of for the opposite individual. On the opposite facet, head via the door to succeed in a brand new room.

In right here, there are a few issues you’ll be able to work together with for enjoyable — doing so gained’t unlock something or fulfill any trophies or achievements. If you’re able to proceed, each Cody and Could ought to work together with the wheels on the left and experience facet (they’re hooked up to inexperienced and yellow pipes) and rotate them to close off the ball pit waterfall. This reveals a brand new path ahead — soar from brick to brick to proceed.

Midway via, there’s an etch-a-sketch Cody and Could can work together with in the event that they’d like, and on the finish of this pathway, there’s a minigame.

Minigame: Batting Staff

To start out Batting Staff, Cody and Could ought to press Y/Triangle at their respective batter of the toy. To play, press Y/Triangle when the respective ball passes in entrance of the batter you’re controlling. This causes the batter to hit the ball across the circle. Hit the ball once more when it comes again round. Whoever has essentially the most factors on the finish of 60 seconds wins the sport.

Hopscotch Continued

In the identical room because the Batting Staff minigame, there’s a simple achievement/trophy to seize. Search for the piggy financial institution. Choose up the cash surrounding it and put them into the piggy financial institution. When it’s full, it’ll fall on its again. Floor pound the piggy financial institution to interrupt it.

This satisfies an achievement/trophy.

After that, proceed up the yellow staircase lined in books and have each Cody and Could work together with the chest. This opens it to disclose two fidget spinners. Cody and Could will put these on their backs and now they can be utilized as helicopter blades to assist them fly.

Launch up with them by urgent and holding RT/R2. You possibly can’t precisely fly with them, however they cease you from falling proper down. Glide your option to the purple pipe and rotate the wheel there after which glide your option to the purple pipe and rotate the wheel there. Do that as soon as extra to the yellow pipe to fully shut off the ball pit waterfall.

Proceed via the entryway behind the place the waterfall was.

By way of right here, you’ll have to experience the fidget spinner throughout an impediment course. Dodge the bananas falling backwards and forwards, undergo the watermelon’s holes, and bounce from seashore ball to seashore ball till you attain the top.

On the finish, you’ll attain a yellow platform. Each Cody and Could ought to place their fidget spinners on the wheels on every respective facet after which faucet Y/Triangle repeatedly to boost the platform up.

You’ll run into Dr. Hakim up right here. He’ll convey you to a brand new space of Rose’s Room — a kaleidoscope.

In right here, look to the partitions on the left and proper. You’ll see a line of hexagons that doesn’t match the opposite colours. You must kind this line on the bottom. So for the primary set of traces, create a line that traces up with the partitions all the way in which throughout. This lets you proceed to the second set of partitions. Right here, have a look at the 2 traces on the bottom and stand on the one hexagon that might join these two traces. Now you’ll be able to proceed to the purple exit.

On this new room, you’ll be in a mirror room. Do the identical factor, although — join the traces. You possibly can see our answer (the blue line) under:

Within the subsequent room of the kaleidoscope, one participant ought to stand on the inexperienced stairs and the opposite participant ought to work together with the pink pillar within the center. This enables them to rotate it.

Accomplish that till the pink ledge meets the inexperienced staircase. Now the participant on the staircase can climb as much as the blue pillar.

They have to then rotate the blue pillar to satisfy up with the inexperienced staircase so the participant on the pink pillar can climb the staircase and attain the yellow pillar.

The yellow pillar have to be rotated to satisfy a platform of the pink pillar. The participant on the pink pillar ought to get on the yellow platform and the participant on the yellow pillar ought to rotate them round to the blue ledge.

Now each gamers can climb up the yellow stairs and work together with the article on the high.

This takes you to the following chapter of Rose’s Room — Practice Station.

Practice Station

If you first start the Practice Station, you’ll see a practice cart behind a barrier. Cody and Could have to push the practice cart ahead, however that barrier is of their means. In entrance of the barrier is a circle with two smaller circles that look form of like outlet plug-in holes. There’s a 3rd one hooked up to a circle that interacts with the larger circle (on the precise when you’re taking a look at it from the cart).

There are 4 “dolls” scattered round this space that have to be positioned onto these outlet-like circles.

  • The primary doll is on a roof very near the circle. Place it on the outlet circle closest to the practice.

  • The second doll may be discovered behind the practice up on a roof. Place that doll on the outlet circle reverse the primary doll.

  • Proper by the circle and to the precise of the realm the place you discovered the primary doll is a 3rd doll dressed as a development employee. Place it on the gear hooked up to the circle. This causes a sequence response that opens up a small door by the practice automobile.

  • Within the far proper nook of the realm (when you’re wanting ahead from the practice cart), you’ll see a conductor doll. Place it within the now-open doorway to maneuver the barrier.

Each Cody and Could ought to experience the practice to the top of its tracks by repeatedly urgent Y/Triangle.

Dino Land

On the finish, you’ll attain an area with an enormous inexperienced dinosaur. That is Dino Land. One individual ought to hop on it and management it by urgent Y/Triangle to chew onto issues, RT/R2 to maneuver up, LT/L2 to maneuver down, and the left stick to maneuver left and proper. You must seize the primary block alongside the pathway going across the perimeter of this space — there’s a purple dinosaur on it — and transfer it down so Participant 2 can get on the again of the dinosaur there.

Then, elevate this platform again up.

Now the individual on the purple dinosaur should transfer alongside the monitor whereas the individual with the inexperienced dinosaur should transfer obstacles from them. If the purple dinosaur participant presses A/X on blocks when indicated, it causes the dinosaur to do a strong tail assault that modifications the pathway earlier than them. Have the participant with the inexperienced dinosaur chew the purple dinosaur to unlock the Snackosaurus achievement/trophy.

After doing that, have the purple dinosaur assault the primary pad. This flips the impediment of their option to reveal a deal with for the inexperienced dinosaur to chew. The inexperienced dinosaur ought to try this and carry the impediment up. The purple dinosaur ought to use their assault as soon as extra after which proceed ahead underneath the first impediment held up by the inexperienced dinosaur.

For the second impediment, the purple dinosaur ought to assault the bottom. This flips over an impediment to disclose a deal with. Have the inexperienced dinosaur chew this deal with and maintain onto it whereas the purple dinosaur assaults the bottom once more. This lets them proceed ahead and onto the platform within the inexperienced dinosaur’s mouth.

For the third impediment, the purple dinosaur ought to transfer ahead and assault the bottom. This flips the impediment over to disclose a deal with for the inexperienced dinosaur to seize. They need to try this whereas the purple dinosaur assaults the bottom once more after which the purple dinosaur can get on the inexperienced dinosaur’s platform. The inexperienced dinosaur ought to take them up as each proceed to the following impediment.

For the subsequent impediment, the inexperienced dinosaur ought to convey the purple dinosaur right down to the block they have to assault. Don’t let the purple dinosaur assault but — the inexperienced dinosaur should go and seize one of many handles to the precise of the purple dinosaur and maintain on whereas the purple dinosaur assaults. The aim is to have each blocks on the precise of the purple dinosaur matching — so both each have handles displaying or each would not have handles displaying.

When that happens, the purple dinosaur ought to assault the block in order that the platform to the left of them flips over to point out its deal with. Have the inexperienced dinosaur maintain that deal with and let the purple dinosaur do its assault till each blocks to the precise of it are displaying handles. The inexperienced dinosaur can take the purple dinosaur up and each can proceed alongside the pathway.

The closing impediment sees Could not on a purple dinosaur. As an alternative, she should platform her means ahead. The inexperienced dinosaur should seize the platforms they will and place them in such a means that Could can transfer alongside them. Increase the primary platform above the spikes in order that Could can soar onto the block and she or he should soar as much as the wall and persist with it whereas the inexperienced dinosaur shortly grabs the moveable block to the precise and locations it in place for Could to land on.

Proceed ahead till Could reaches a inexperienced wall on the precise. The inexperienced dinosaur should seize a wall close by that solely strikes up and down. Could should soar from the inexperienced wall on the precise to the wall the inexperienced dinosaur is holding. The inexperienced dinosaur should then transfer it up excessive sufficient in order that Could can soar throughout the spikes to security. Up high, she ought to press Y/Triangle to hit the meteor, which wakes the dinosaurs up.

Now proceed via on the practice to succeed in the following space of Rose’s Room: Pirates Ahoy.

Pirates Ahoy

In the beginning of this chapter, Rose and Could can be in command of a pirate ship. One individual controls the left wheel and the opposite the precise wheel. To maneuver ahead, each gamers ought to push ahead on the left stick. To show, flip the left sticks within the path you wish to flip. Each gamers are in command of a cannon on their respective sides that may be fired by urgent RT/R2.

You have to be dealing with the path of what you wish to shoot to land hits and also you have to be considerably shut.

Proceed ahead and destroy the enemies earlier than you. They’ll be firing at you too so preserve an eye fixed out for purple targets on the ship and water — be certain that the boat isn’t on them or else the boat will take injury.

Maintain an eye fixed out for bins of firecrackers. Shoot these for large explosions that injury all the pieces close by. You’ll have to shoot some to proceed ahead past a gate, at which level, three transferring pirate ships will assault.

Take them out to proceed ahead, capturing octopus tentacles once they come out of the water to eliminate them.

You’ll finally attain the kraken, err, Big Octopus. Time for a boss struggle.

Boss Battle: Big Octopus

When this struggle begins, instantly begin firing on the Big Octopus’ face. Maintain an eye fixed out for a tentacle to pop up as a result of these are what damages the ship. Flip shortly to face them and shoot them till they go down. Then flip again towards the octopus’ face and shoot it some extra.

The tail will rotate sides — if it pops up on the left, it’ll pop up on the precise subsequent time. Keep in mind this sample as a result of you’ll be able to shoot an octopus tail on the precise, flip left and shoot its face whereas passing by after which shoot the tail on the left.

Rinse and repeat till a fast cutscene begins.

After this, the octopus’ face will disappear and as a substitute, you’ll be trapped in a whirlpool, solely capable of spin. A tentacle will pop up and ship an explosive rubber duck on the ship. Shoot the rubber duck to make it explode and do that till they’re all gone. The principle physique of the octopus will pop up once more after that.

This time round, a number of tentacles will come up without delay. There can even be a small octopus within the water capturing cannons on the ship. It is a distraction — the cannonballs don’t truly ever hit the ship so ignore the small octopus and concentrate on taking out the tentacles. Once they’re all destroyed, goal for the top. You’ll have a few seconds to shoot the top freely earlier than extra tentacles pop up.

Rinse and repeat till you’re taking the octopus down. Congrats! Experience the practice off the boat and proceed ahead. Time for a brand new part: The Best Present.

The Best Present

On this circus room, search for the one issues you’ll be able to work together with — a button and a moveable block ramp. Convey the ramp near the button after which it’ll be close to the ring on the precise. Have the opposite participant soar on the button to launch a ball. That participant should shortly run to at least one facet of the ramp and now each gamers should transfer the ramp to the ring on the precise when the ball is on the ramp.

This brings the ball to the opposite facet. Floor pound the button on the bottom to the precise to open the door on the precise.

In right here, one participant should floor the button on the precise whereas the opposite participant should get within the yellow cage wheel and transfer the purple tip, which is able to catch the ball, all the way in which to the precise. The ball will go into the purple tip and now that participant can transfer the wheel and tip to the left, the place it’ll fall into the opposite cage.

After floor pounding the button on the precise, that participant ought to run to the second cage wheel and get it able to obtain the ball. As soon as they’ve it, they’ll want to show the wheel left to permit the ball to advance.

As soon as the ball reaches the top, floor pound the purple button on the left. After that, you’ll want to leap throughout the transferring carousel to succeed in the cannon on the opposite finish. You’ll see some balloons with a goal on them and a goal within the far finish inside a wall. The aim is to hit the goal within the wall. One participant ought to get within the cannon and goal precisely the place we’re under.

When prepared, the opposite individual should press Y/Triangle to shoot them out of the cannon and hopefully into the goal.

This brings up a ferris wheel that have to be used to cross over to the following floor pound-able purple button. Hit the button and hop onto the unicycle to the precise. Each gamers should experience it over. Whoever is on the underside should use the precise stick to maneuver up or down the rope by pushing left or proper. It’s important to steadiness the unicycle — if it’s falling backwards, tilt ahead by urgent left on the left stick and if it’s falling ahead, tilt it backward by urgent proper on the left stick.

After this, one individual should seize onto the trapeze up forward. The opposite individual ought to floor pound purple button by it to drop a ball underneath the trapeze individual. They will seize that ball by urgent Y/Triangle. Now the opposite individual ought to soar throughout the balloons and seize the trapeze bar on the opposite finish.

Each gamers should swing backwards and forwards to get into the precise timing and when as closes as attainable within the air, the individual with the ball ought to press RT/R2 to throw the ball to the opposite participant, who should then press RT/R2 to throw the ball into the blue funnel on the precise.

Floor pound the following purple button, decide up the ball, and each gamers ought to hop throughout the balloons up forward to succeed in the opposite facet.

On the opposite facet, place the ball into the slingshot. Each gamers ought to then pull it again by urgent again on the left persist with throw the slingshot ammo on the balloon, which pops the balloon and drops the bridge down so the practice cart can proceed ahead.

These tracks result in the Magic Citadel, which is a brand new part referred to as As soon as Upon a Time.

As soon as Upon a Time

On this part of the extent, proceed ahead underneath the gate’s draw bridge and also you’ll be in a small plaza. Look left the place a big CRT television sits. Head over there to discover a minigame.

Minigame: Birdstar

To start this minigame, head towards the TV and work together with the blue and purple figures in entrance of it. That is primarily Guitar Hero.

Button icons will fall down the display and when these icons line up with the circle on the backside of the display, press that button to attain a degree. Whoever has essentially the most factors after 60 seconds wins.

As soon as Upon a Time Continued

After the minigame, sit by the tracks and anticipate the practice to go by. Press Y/Triangle on it when it does to hop on. This unlocks the On Rails Expertise achievement/trophy.

After this, be at liberty to discover the realm. There’s tons of issues to work together with, however once you’re able to unlock one other achievement, head to the again of the realm the place you’ll discover some artwork easels and a few paint.

There’s a printer within the nook. Each Could and Cody should soar into the grinders on the again of it. It will flatten them out and unlock the Understand Your Artwork achievement/trophy.

With that finished, we are able to transfer ahead. Search for from the printer space and also you’ll see a crane. Bounce onto the drum close by, grapple onto the wire, swing over to the practice station on the precise, and soar from there to the crane.

One individual should seize the bar on the surface of the crane and transfer it into place with the left stick and the opposite individual should soar into management of the crane and transfer the factor hanging up and down with the left stick.

Transfer the crane in order that the factor hanging is correct above the bowling ball. Choose it up and rotate all of it the way in which round to the left in order that it smashes via some towers.

Finally, it’ll be in entrance of the gates. Each Cody and Could should soar onto the ball and swing it backwards and forwards to interrupt the gates. After a few hits, the gate will go down and a cutscene will start. Time for a brand new part.

Dungeon Crawler

After this, you’ll be in a brand new room and instantly taking part in a Diablo-like RPG. Cody and Could each have three customary transfer and one particular transfer that can be utilized when the bar on the underside is full.

Head ahead and have Cody teleport (with A/X) to succeed in the opposite facet of the gate. He ought to stand on the small sq. to open the door for Could.

Proceed ahead and have Could use her hearth sprint (with A/X) throughout the hole and stand on the button. It will trigger a fireplace plume to seem and Cody should freeze it and step throughout it.

On the opposite facet, take out the enemies collectively and have Cody teleport via the gate up forward. He ought to stand on the yellow sq. and Could should shortly sprint throughout the bridge this brings up. Each gamers may have their very own set of enemies to defeat now.

After this, freeze the fireplace plumes to cross over to the following part and take out the mini-boss enemy right here. They shoot three purple orbs at a time and also you’ll see the place they’re aimed earlier than they’re shot.

Assault the enemy and the encircling enemies together with your whole arsenal of assaults. If the mini-boss crosses the hole on the left, Could should hearth sprint over to it and Cody should use his long-range B/Circle assault. If the mini-boss goes into the cage on the precise, Cody should teleport to it and assault the mini-boss in there.

When the mini-boss goes down, proceed ahead via the gate on the high of the display.

Within the subsequent room, destroy the gate by attacking it. It will reveal enemies in a cage that solely Cody can teleport to and assault and enemies throughout a spot that solely Could can hearth sprint throughout to assault. Take them out and proceed via the hall up forward. Take out the enemies and also you’ll finally attain a spinning pillar of knives. When it strikes ahead, observe it and sit within the nook we’re in under:

Wait till the coast is obvious to proceed ahead. Proceed down this hallway, dodging the spinning blades and killing the enemies earlier than you till you attain a fireplace pit with plumes that have to be freezed to advance. Freeze the plumes and make your means ahead over the fireplace, killing the enemies and dodging the spikes alongside the way in which.

If you attain the top, you’ll see two yellow squares. Stand on them and a terrifying killer doll will start to return at you from the precise facet of the display.

You need to go left away from her, however in doing so, you’ll come throughout enemies to defeat and gates/doorways to interrupt down. Proceed left all the way in which to the top till you see 4 picket pillars that have to be destroyed. Destroying these causes the doll to fall into some lava and die. Yay!

Now it’s time to defeat an immortal troll. On this area, you’ll see a Bowser-like troll, a fiery pit within the center, and 4 chains in an X formation.

The aim is to open up the fiery pit by destroying the 4 chains. To do this, stand in entrance of the wall the place the chain attaches to it and have the troll cost into it.

You need to do that for all 4 chains whereas dodging projectiles falling from above and different enemies within the area. When the pit is open, have the troll cost at you over the pit to fall in and when that occurs, its two fingers will seize onto the sector to cease itself from falling in. Each Cody and Could ought to assault its fingers to knock the troll into the fireplace. If you efficiently defeat the troll, a cutscene will start.

Time for some Chess.

Boss Battle: King and Queen

This boss struggle may be fairly chaotic, but when you already know what items of Chess do in customary Chess, it’s made a lot simpler. The King and Queen are the principle targets they usually’re who you have to assault to convey the purple well being bar on the high down. Assault them nevertheless you’d like to take action. The one risk they pose is that they’re continually leaping from one sq. to the following. Don’t be within the sq. they’re going to land on.

The actual threats of this boss struggle are the opposite Chess items. Right here’s what every does — keep away from them or destroy them to stop your self from taking injury:

  • Knights (horses): These transfer ahead in a straight line all the way in which throughout the board. The precise knights damage you as do their trails of black magic that they depart behind. Stand within the line of squares the knights aren’t in to keep away from taking injury.
  • Bishops (tall and slim — appears like a pillar): These cost up a big magic assault and shoot that magic in an X formation, with the precise chess piece serving because the origin spot of the assault. Be sure to’re not in that X.

  • Pawns (the smallest items on the board): When these pop up, They trigger electrical energy to point out outward in a sq. formation with the precise chess piece serving because the origin spot of the assault. Get out of this sq. to stop your self from taking injury.

Dodge these assaults and assault the king and queen till their well being bar is depleted. A prolonged cutscene begins after this boss struggle so sit again and calm down. Time for a brand new part.

The Queen

So it seems, telling Cutie the Elephant, err, the Queen, you wish to kill her isn’t the way in which to go. She tries to flee and fails. Head up the steps and also you’ll see that there’s a cardboard claw machine up right here. Management the claw with the arrows and convey the claw down by floor pounding the button in between the arrows. The aim is to choose up Cutie.

If you try this efficiently, she’ll fall down the chute, however she’ll get caught.

Run over to the chute. Cody and Could should faucet Y/Triangle repeatedly on Cutie’s toes to tug her down.

After this, you have to drag Cutie to the sting and throw her off. This mainly entails urgent Y/Triangle repeatedly again and again. Within the course of, it’ll lose an ear and a leg and also you’ll be proven why this Pixar-like recreation is unquestionably not for kids to play. Poor Cutie…

A cutscene will play after knocking Cutie down. That is the top of Rose’s Room. Congrats!

Head to the following web page of this information — Cuckoo Clock — to proceed this walkthrough: Cuckoo Clock.

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