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Post Game: Things to Do After You Become Champion – Pokemon Sword and Shield Wiki Guide – IGN

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There are a number of issues you are able to do as quickly as you come back from the Title Display screen, however the Legendary Quest and Battle Tower are the most important by way of content material.

Legendary Quest[edit]

A put up credit scene hints at one thing stirring within the Slumbering Weald. Head to the shrine you found to start out this mission!

Battle Tower[edit]

The Battle Tower, i.e Rose Tower, will open up in Wyndon. Learn up on the completely different coach battle and extra at our Battle Tower guide here. That is additionally the place you go to unlock the IV Checker.

Get the Grasp Ball[edit]

Again at dwelling in Postwick, step into the kitchen as a visitor arrives. Professor Magnolia will enter and hand you a Grasp Ball. This ball will catch something you throw it at. That is the one one you get, make it depend!

Tips on how to Get Charmander[edit]


Go inside the house of Hop and Leon in Postwick and head upstairs. In Leon’s room you will discover a normal Poke Ball on the bottom. A letter hooked up to it explains it is a Charmander so that you can hold. Thanks Leon! This Charmander can turn into a Gigantamax Charizard, too!

Study the Transfer Metal Beam[edit]

The person within the decrease components of Motostoke will educate eligible Pokemon the transfer Metal Beam now that you are the Champion. To get there, begin from the Pokemon Heart on the higher stage, go down the south path (the one the place you stroll by means of a turning cog), and go down the metallic stairs to an space with cargo crates.

Get the Beast Ball[edit]

One other congratulatory reward for changing into Champion awaits you in Stow-on-Facet. Speak to the service provider on the correct to get a Beast Ball.

Discover All of the Uncommon League Playing cards[edit]

Some characters have a particular uncommon model of their League Card you could solely get after you beat the primary story. Here is an inventory of every uncommon card and the place to seek out it. Take word, many of those playing cards shall be given to you throughout the Legendary Quest.

Throughout the Legendary Quest:

  • Milo – After defeating the Dynamax Pokemon in Turffield Health club.
  • Nessa – After defeating the Dynamax Pokemon in Hulbury Health club.
  • Kabu – After defeating the Dynamax Pokemon in Motostoke Health club.
  • Bea – After defeating the Dynamax Pokemon in Stow-on-Facet Health club. (Sword unique)
  • Allister – After defeating the Dynamax Pokemon in Stow-on-Facet Health club. (Protect unique)
  • Bede – After defeating Bede at Balloonlea Health club.
  • Opal – After defeating Bede at Balloonlea Health club.
  • Gordie – After defeating the Dynamax Pokemon in Circhester Health club. (Sword) unique)
  • Melony – After defeating the Dynamax Pokemon in Circhester Health club. (Protect unique)
  • Raihan – After defeating the Dynamax Pokemon in Hammerlocke Health club.
  • Piers – After capturing one of many legendary Pokemon.
  • Marnie – Communicate to and battle Marnie at Spikemuth.
  • Rose – Communicate to Oleanna within the Galar Mine.
  • Ball Man – Communicate to Ball Man outdoors the Motostoke Health club.
  • Leon – Defeat Leon within the Battle Tower.

Acquire the Oval Appeal[edit]

Now that you simply’re champion, head to the resort in Circhester and enter the primary door on the left. Speak to the police officer who will reveal himself as GAME FREAK’s Morimoto.

Defeat his group of six highly effective Pokemon to acquire the Oval Appeal. The neat merchandise is routinely utilized and can will increase probability of an egg being produced on the Nursery.

Learn extra on How to Get the Oval Charm here.

Get the Catching Appeal[edit]

Head to Circhester. Enter the resort on the left, and use the elevator to go to the rooms. Enter the final room down the hallway on the left. Inside, speak to the physician on this room – he’ll offer you a Catch Appeal. This appeal routinely applies and will increase your likelihood of touchdown Essential Captures. Crit Captures happen whenever you seize a Pokemon and it captures after only one shake – it can wiggle within the air earlier than doing this.

Get the Shiny Appeal[edit]

To get the Shiny Appeal, converse to the identical man within the Circhester resort who gave you the Catching Appeal. As soon as you’ve got crammed out all 400 pages of your Pokedex, he’ll provide the Shiny Appeal, which will increase the possibility you will discover or breed a Shiny Pokemon. See our List of Pokemon Locations (Pokedex) for assist catching each Pokemon in Sword and Protect, and How to Get Shiny Pokemon for extra on Shiny Pokemon.

Make Cash Quick[edit]

Watch the video above to see use a Gigantamax Meowth to earn $350,000 in 20 minutes with out fail within the put up sport. See How to Get Money Fast in Pokemon Sword and Shield for extra particulars.

Tips on how to Get Sort: Null[edit]

Head contained in the outdated Rose Tower constructing in Wyndon and stroll over to the left aspect of the foyer. Speak to the woman close to the Sort: Null and he or she’ll give it to you without spending a dime! She’ll additionally offer you recollections which will help its evolution Silvally change its kind. What a pal!

Rewatch the Credit[edit]

Did you just like the credit after you turned champion? Nicely, you’ve got acquired the chance to look at them once more by heading to Hulbery Metropolis and chatting with the person close to the lighthouse. He’ll ask you twice if you wish to hear the Maximizers play once more and hey, he is not enjoying round. Agreeing to it can power you to look at the credit, no choice to skip!

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