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Pokemon Breeding Guide – Pokemon Sword and Shield Wiki Guide – IGN

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Tips on how to Breed Pokemon Fundamentals[edit]

Breeding Pokemon looks like a simple process on the floor:

  • Select one male and one feminine Pokemon.
  • Be certain they like one another.
  • Go away them at a Pokemon Nursery both on Route 5 or Bridge Area within the Wild Area.
  • Ultimately, they may produce an egg, which you’ll choose up from outdoors the Nursery.
  • Maintain the Egg in your celebration till it hatches.

Nevertheless, there’s lots that goes into it. First, it’s good to discover two Pokemon that may produce an egg collectively.


is normally the go to Pokemon for a lot of Breeders who need an Egg with little effort, since they’ll breed with nearly any Pokemon of any gender. See How to Catch Ditto for data on nabbing one with nice IVs – which impacts its offspring’s stats.

Genderless Pokemon, like Rotom and Golurk, can solely breed with Ditto. Similar for Pokemon that may solely be one gender and don’t have any reverse gender counterparts, like Hitmonchan and Sawk. Ditto can’t be bred in any respect – they have to be caught.

For those who do not wish to use a Ditto for particular causes, you may have to seek out two Pokemon that slot in the identical Egg Teams, and there have to be one in all every gender.


Egg Teams[edit]

Click on on every Egg Group to see an inventory of Pokemon in every. You may as well test our particular person Pokedex pages to see which Egg Teams they belong to.

As a rule of thumb, if two Pokemon look vaguely related, like Vulpix and Growlithe (Area) or Charizard and Duraludon (Dragon), they’ll in all probability produce an egg. Nevertheless, there are all the time some odd matches that may work, like Wailord and Wooloo (Area…yikes).

What’s Within the Egg?[edit]

For those who’re breeding two completely different Pokemon, the Pokemon that hatches would be the similar as the feminine. If breeding with a Ditto, the hatchling will all the time match the Pokemon that is not the Ditto.

Nevertheless, for apparent causes, it won’t be the best evolutionary kind. For instance: in the event you’re breeding a feminine Charizard and a male Duralodon, you’ll find yourself with a Charmander of both gender.

There are few Pokemon that may solely be male or feminine and have reverse gender counterparts, comparable to Braviary and Mandibuzz. On this special case, you should have a 50/50 probability of the egg being the identical species as the daddy or mom.

Some Pokemon can solely be obtained via breeding. To get one in all these toddler Pokemon, the guardian may have to carry a Incense whereas within the Day Care, however not all child Pokemon want a special merchandise to be created. See the Listing of Incense Breeding Pokemon in Sword and Shield.

Tips on how to Hatch Eggs Quick[edit]

Eggs hatch after a sure variety of steps are met, and every Pokemon hatches at a distinct charge. The simplest technique to accrue steps quick is by driving the Rotom Bike, however there’s one other technique to pace up egg hatching.

Put a Pokemon in your celebration with both the Flame Body or Steam Engine capacity to chop the steps it’s good to hatch eggs in half.

Pokemon with Flame Body or Steam Engine[edit]

Get the Oval Appeal[edit]

The Oval Appeal is routinely utilized and can enhance the possibilities of an egg being created on the Nursery when you get it, so you may wish to choose this merchandise up earlier than doing any severe Breeding.

Head to the resort in Circhester and enter the second room from the left on the second ground. Speak to the police officer who will reveal himself as GAME FREAK’s Morimoto.

Defeat his group of six highly effective Pokemon to acquire the Oval Appeal.

Particular person Values are a Pokemon’s hidden stats that have an effect on its general potential. See our Individual Values Guide and How to Unlock the IV Checker to be taught extra about this necessary piece to nice Pokemon.

Usually, a Pokemon will inherit three out of the 12 whole IVs of each Dad and mom. The chances aren’t nice.

Fortunately, there is a technique to move on nice IVs. You must do three issues first:

  1. Unlock the IV Checker so you may see a Pokemon’s Particular person Values
  2. Seize a Pokemon with a number of Greatest IVs. You are able to do this by catching Sensible Aura Pokemon (three Greatest IVs assured) or by catching a Pokemon from a 5-Star Max Raid Battle (four Greatest IVs Assured).
  3. Get hold of a Future Knot.
The Present Gigantamax Eevee or Pikachu you get has good Particular person Values and is a good place to start out breeding! Each are within the Area Egg Group, and Pikachu can also be in Fairy.

Tips on how to Get a Future Knot[edit]

When given to a Pokemon as a held merchandise, the kid is assured to inherit 5 IVs randomly from each dad and mom as an alternative of solely three – for this reason it is so helpful.

When you have a perfect Ditto and a Brilliant Aura parent, give one in all them a Future Knot to carry whereas within the Nursery and also you’re in your technique to a Pokemon with unbelievable stats.

Future Knot will be discovered by a Pokemon with the Pickup Means, comparable to Linoone or Zigzagoon. It can be bought for 10 BP from the Pokemon Heart in south Hammerlocke.

There are extra breeding items which pressure a single IV to be copied to the kid, nevertheless, these are incompatible with the Future Knot – so it is higher to make use of the Future Knot. You need a Pokemon with multiple Greatest IV, anyway.

Tips on how to Go Down Natures (Everstone)[edit]

Natures are one other necessary issue to having an awesome Pokemon. Learn extra about Natures right here.

To move down a Pokemon’s nature, give it an Everstone to carry. The offspring will inherit the Nature of the Pokemon holding the Everstone.

For those who change a Pokemon’s Nature with a Mint, it won’t move down this new nature when breeding. It is going to solely move down its unique Nature.

You could find an Everstone to the fitting of Turfield Stadium.

Tips on how to Go Down Hidden Skills[edit]

Some Pokemon can have multiple Means. The possibilities of getting a sure Means from a Pokemon within the wild are 50/50. Nevertheless, there are methods to breed a sure capacity onto the kid.

If a Pokemon species has multiple presumably Means, there will likely be an 80% probability the kid will know the identical Means because the mom.

There are additionally uncommon Hidden Skills that many Pokemon can have, however the one technique to discover a Pokemon with a Hidden Means within the wild is by catching one in a Max Raid Battle.

You may solely move down Hidden Skills of the identical species of Pokemon.

If the mom Pokemon has a Hidden Means, it is going to have an 60% probability of passing it right down to the kid. Male or unknown gender Pokemon have an opportunity of passing down the Hidden Means provided that bred with a Ditto.

Tips on how to Go Down Egg Strikes[edit]

As soon as a Pokemon hatches, will probably be at degree 1 and should know sure strikes that it usually can’t be taught at that degree. There are three types of Assaults that may be taught via breeding:

  1. A Pokemon can be taught an assault from a TM or TR if the daddy has one of their transfer set. This solely works if the newborn Pokemon would usually be capable of be taught that transfer.
  2. A Pokemon can be taught an assault that’s usually realized at later ranges if each of the dad and mom have already got it of their transfer units. There are some cases the place this won’t work.
  3. A Pokemon can be taught an assault that’s solely realized via particular breeding – these are known as Egg Strikes. For instance, breed a Togetic that is aware of Want with a Pikachu to get a male Pichu that is aware of Want. Evolve it right into a Pikachu, then breed it with a feminine Eevee. You must get an Eevee that is aware of Want, which it does not normally be taught by leveling up or by TM.

Pokemon Sword and Defend make sharing Egg Strikes simpler than ever now,too. Merely put one Eevee within the Nursery that is aware of Want, and one other Eevee that does not. The brand new Eevee will be taught Want simply by being on the Pokemon Nursery with the opposite Eevee!

Notice: These Pokemon have to be the identical actual species. An Eevee cannot train an Umbreon, and vice versa, for instance.

Tips on how to Go Down the Similar Poke Ball[edit]

Take note of what sort of Poke Ball the feminine Pokemon is caught in – that is the form of Poke Ball the offspring will likely be in when it hatches.

If the Pokemon are of the identical species, nevertheless, will probably be a 50/50 probability as to which Poke Ball the newborn will likely be born in.

If breeding with a Ditto, the offspring will likely be within the Poke Ball the opposite guardian is in.

Grasp Balls, Cherish Balls, and Good friend Balls won’t be handed down.

Tip: When breeding Pokemon that want Friendship to evolve, use a feminine Pokemon caught in a Luxurious Ball to get an automated bonus to the offspring’s friendship degree.

Listing of Incense Breeding Pokemon in Sword and Defend[edit]

Incense will be bought from a market in Hulbury, they usually have multiple use: they can be utilized to make sure Pokemon produce Child Pokemon they in any other case would not.

Give the Father or mother Pokemon the proper incense so it is going to make an Egg with its pre-evolved kind.

Father or mother Pokemon Incense Child End result
Roselia / Roserade Rose Incense Budew
Snorlax Full Incense Munchlax
Wobboffet Lax Incense Wynaut
Sudowoodo Rock Incense Bonsly
Mr. Mime / Mr. Rime Odd Incense Mime Jr.
Mantine Mantyke Wave Incense

Why the bizarre technique? These Pokemon have been from earlier generations, earlier than their pre-evolved counterparts have been launched! Since they usually would make offspring of themselves, a brand new technique was launched to get each. Oddly, some Pokemon like Pikachu will produce Eggs of their pre-evolved selves with no particular technique like Incense.

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