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Pikmin AR Game First Details Revealed, Including Gameplay, Modes, and More

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Final week, Nintendo and Niantic revealed that that they had partnered as soon as once more to release a Pikmin Augmented Reality game similar to Pokémon Go, with the aim being “to make strolling extra pleasant.”Niantic has begun testing its Nintendo-partnered Pikmin Augmented Reality app in Singapore and, through an nameless supply, IGN has seen the early model of the sport, at the moment merely titled ‘Pikmin App’, and skim by its assist centre part for a rundown of the sport.

Consequently, we are able to reveal some particulars about the way it will work when it launches worldwide. After all, with the sport in testing, some options may change earlier than the ultimate model). Two options that can virtually actually change from this model are a scarcity of any microtransactions, and Factors of Curiosity (much like Pokémon Go’s Pokestops) being at the moment non-interactable.


Pikmin are first seen as dormant seedlings that you should discover, pluck and develop by strolling round the true world together with your smartphone. Strolling accumulates vitality which you should utilize to pluck and accumulate the Pikmin, including them to your squad (and you may manually rename Pikmin too). Locations of Curiosity within the Pikmin App might be primarily based on Ingress’ Portals and never Pokémon Go’s Pokestops.As soon as Pikmin have grown, they are often added to a Squad (not not like Pokémon Go’s events). As soon as you have received a Pikmin squad, when you stroll with them they may accumulate fruits that may be became Nectar. Identical to the mainline Pikmin video games, Pikmin who partake within the nectar will bloom leaves, buds, and flowers, and when the flowers glow, gamers can accumulate petals by tapping the bloomed Pikmin. Petals are used for the Flower Planting mode, described beneath.

Completely different Pikmin provide completely different colored petals, and petals have a restoration interval earlier than you may accumulate them once more. Collected Pikmin even have life meters, represented by small hearts.


There are a selection of modes within the Pikmin app. Expedition mode permits gamers to ship their collected Pikmin to places that they’ve beforehand visited within the app to gather seedlings, fruit and postcards. Postcards will depict Pikmin on their adventures framed towards an image of a real-world location submitted by Pokémon Go and Ingress customers. Gamers will be capable to report and take away inappropriate postcards.

A Flower Planting mode can also be accessible, which is able to go away a path of flowers behind the participant as they stroll. Gamers will want Flower Petals from their Nectar-bloomed Pikmin to partake on this mode, which is able to make Seedlings simpler to seek out and enhance Pikmin development pace.

Gamers can plant flowers solo or with different customers, and co-operative flower planting will allow you to share your information and your Pikmin squad with different gamers. In case you are planting flowers, your flower path will probably be seen to different gamers and can widen relying on how massive your Pikmin squad is.

Lifelog is a seciton of the app used to catalog your journeys within the sport. Gamers will be capable to see their stats and document actions, photographs and ideas in a journal reflecting on their adventures. Your Lifelog entries will embrace steps walked, flowers planted, locations visited, photographs captured, and any written entries you add. You will additionally be capable to see an animated abstract of your progress within the app over the previous day, with probabilities to earn extra gadgets on this mode when you’ve gone on some lengthy walks.

Pikmin Sorts

The sport’s assist centre reveals the species of Pikmin within the sport, every of which can have completely different traits (though these variations aren’t described intimately right here). The Pikmin species will embrace:

  • Purple Pikmin
  • Blue Pikmin
  • Yellow Pikmin
  • Purple Pikmin
  • White Pikmin
  • Rock Pikmin
  • Winged Pikmin

There’s additionally a sub-category, Decor Pikmin. Decor Pikmin might be present in Massive Seedlings, and common Pikmin can rework into them after being interacted with. Decor Pikmin will put on particular clothes reflective of the place during which you discovered them. It isn’t clear if they provide different advantages, or in the event that they act because the Pikmin app’s tackle Shiny Pokémon.

The Pikmin app is because of launch globally later this yr, and we might count on it to gentle launch in additional areas earlier than the complete launch. Niantic has additionally been teasing what seem to be AR glasses.

Jordan Oloman is a contract author for IGN. Follow him on Twitter.

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