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Ozone breaks down THC deposited on surfaces from thirdhand cannabis smoke

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Second- and thirdhand tobacco smoke have acquired a lot of consideration, however a lot much less is understood concerning the compounds deposited on surfaces from hashish smoke. Now, researchers reporting in ACS’ Environmental Science & Know-how have found that ozone — a element of outside and indoor air — can react with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive element of hashish, on glass or cotton surfaces to provide new compounds, which they characterised for the primary time.

Smoking emits reactive chemical compounds that stay within the air (so-called secondhand smoke) or deposit onto surfaces, together with partitions, home windows, clothes and fabric (thirdhand smoke). Not like the secondhand selection, thirdhand smoke lingers lengthy after an individual stops smoking. Nicotine is semi-volatile and reacts with different chemical compounds on surfaces, producing new compounds that, if risky, can even develop into airborne. As a result of hashish smoke is chemically distinct from tobacco smoke, Aaron Wylie and Jonathan Abbatt wished to characterize the compounds shaped when THC, by itself or in hashish smoke, on surfaces reacts with ozone within the air.

The researchers coated glass and cotton fabric, to simulate home windows and clothes, with a THC resolution. Then, they uncovered the surfaces to concentrations of ozone that would exist in indoor air. Of their evaluation, they discovered that over time, the quantity of THC on glass and cotton decreased, whereas the portions of three THC oxidation merchandise elevated. In different experiments, the crew used a smoking machine to deposit hashish smoke onto cotton. Upon publicity to ozone, the identical three compounds shaped at roughly the identical fee as noticed for the THC-coated fabric. Due to the low volatility of THC and its oxidation merchandise, the compounds are unlikely to be emitted to the air the place they could possibly be inhaled in as massive quantities as nicotine, the researchers say. They are saying that someone may nonetheless be uncovered to THC and its derivatives, whose well being results are unknown, in the event that they, for instance, lick their fingers after touching a floor contaminated by hashish smoke.

The authors acknowledge funding from the Chemistry of Indoor Environments program on the Alfred P. Sloan Basis.

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Materials supplied by American Chemical Society. Be aware: Content material could also be edited for fashion and size.

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