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NASA Space Station On-Orbit Status 2 January 2020

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At this time – Rodent Analysis-19 (RR-19): The crew continued to carry out Bone Densitometer scans utilizing the Experiment field within the Life Science Glovebox.

Mighty Mice in Area: Preclinical Analysis of a Broad Spectrum Myostatin Inhibitor to Forestall Muscle and Bone Loss Attributable to Disuse makes use of rodent fashions on the ISS to analyze the potential advantages of focusing on the myostatin (MSTN) and activin signaling pathways to forestall skeletal muscle and bone loss throughout spaceflight and on the restoration of muscle and bone following return to Earth. This analysis may present priceless preclinical knowledge to help scientific trials for MSTN therapies for a variety of circumstances that have an effect on muscle and bone well being. Such analysis is especially essential for circumstances that contain disuse muscle atrophy (muscle losing resulting from immobility or lessened exercise)–for instance, sufferers recovering from hip fracture surgical procedure, intensive care sufferers, and the aged.

BioFabrication Facility (BFF): The Crew changed the Media Bag and Waste Bag contained in the Tissue Cassettes of the BFF and put in the ability into the Microgravity Experiment Analysis Locker/Incubator (MERLIN) unit for SpX-19 return. The BFF is devoted to manufacturing human organs and tissues in house, primarily to be used by sufferers on Earth. Moreover printing tissue, the BFF additionally might help preserve the well being of deep house exploration crews by producing meals and customized prescribed drugs on demand.

Combustion Built-in Rack (CIR): As a continuation of the s-Flame experiment, the crew carried out manifold H2 and CH4 bottle exchanges. The CIR consists of an optics bench, combustion chamber, gasoline and oxidizer management, and 5 totally different cameras for performing combustion experiments in microgravity.

Area Tango MultiLab Locker (TangoLab-2): The crew eliminated Card #07, carried out a telemetry verify and took documentation pictures. TangoLab-2 is a reconfigurable common analysis services designed for microgravity analysis and improvement and pilot manufacturing within the ISS.

Hybrid Digital Radiation Assessor (ISS HERA): The crew de-installed the HERA and packed it for return on SpX-19. ISS HERA refines knowledge evaluation and operational merchandise that help future exploration missions. It makes use of an present on-orbit radiation detection system developed for Orion and Exploration Mission 1 (EM-1), modified to function on the house station. The investigation additionally serves a possibility to guage this within the house radiation atmosphere previous to the EM-1 flight.


Lab Port 6 (LAB1P6) Widespread Cabin Air Meeting (CCAA) Water Separator Take away and Exchange (R&R): At this time the crew accomplished a second substitute of the Water Separator that was initially changed final week. After the R&R, floor groups decided the inaccurate spare serial quantity had been put in. The crew put in the proper spare and a nominal checkout of the system was carried out. The CCAA is the first element liable for the management of temperature and humidity within the USOS phase and consists of a fan, a condensing warmth exchanger, an air/water separator, temperature and liquid sensors, and electrical controlling .

SpX-19 Cargo Operations: In preparation for the SpX-19 unberth and return to the bottom, the ISS crew took the chance to work on Cargo switch operations. The ISS crew, working off a Cargo Switch listing, packed and transferred a range cargo objects on the Dragon car. SpX-19 is scheduled to depart ISS on Sunday, January fifth.

Robotic Survey of Columbus (COL) Trunnions: The robotics staff carried out a survey of the Cargo Bridge & Columbus Trunnion utilizing the MSS cameras in preparation for the Bartolomeo (BTL) business facility arriving on SpX-20. Upon arrival, will probably be robotically deployed and connected to the ram-facing Columbus (COL) trunnion pins. The trunnion-to-trunnion distance is crucial to the success of Bartolomeo set up as a larger-than-expected spacing may lead to extreme structural loading throughout the outrigger beam throughout trunnion clamp closure. This survey will help in confirming the on orbit trunnion-to-trunnion measurement.

Accomplished Process Listing Actions:
Dragon Cargo Ops

Floor Actions:
All actions are full until in any other case famous.
Cargo Bridge and Columbus Trunnion Robotic Survey

Friday, 1/three (GMT 003) – Off Responsibility Day
NUTRISS ON and log (ESA)
ICE CUBES #6 Removing for Dragon Return (ESA)
Area Moss Run 2 Micro-G and 1-G Pattern Fixation and closeout (JAXA)
CBEF Humidifier fan unit removing (JAXA)
Rodent Bone Densitometer Scans (NASA)
Rodent Transporter Setup (NASA)
Bone Densitometer Imaging Unit Changeout for return and Picture (NASA)

Dragon Cargo Switch
SDS Survey
Crew reconfigures PPSB SOX switches to DISCHARGE

Saturday, 1/four (GMT 004)
NUTRISS ON and log (ESA)
STPH-5 ICE Picture (NASA)
Superior Nano Step Cartridge and Cell-2 removing for return (JAXA)
Rodent Entry Unit Clear (NASA)
Powered Ascent Utility Locker (PAUL) CubeLabs (NSCF_IPS02) eliminated to CS return (NASA)
Meals Acceptability (NASA)

Dragon Cargo and Middle Stack Switch

Sunday, 1/5 (GMT 005)
Probiotics Fecal assortment (JAXA)
CBEF-L LTL Field Set valve setting (JAXA)
Superior Nano Step Specimen RB Cell-2 prep for return (JAXA)
BioFabricator Fill luggage prep for return (NASA)
Area Biofilms GAPs removing for return (NASA)

Dragon Cargo and Middle Stack Switch
Node 2 Nadir/Dragon Vestibule Config for Depress
Dragon Unberth and Launch

At this time’s Deliberate Actions:
All actions are full until in any other case famous.

NutrISS ESA Dietary Evaluation
TangoLab-2 Card Dice Take away
Environmental Well being System (EHS) Complete Natural Carbon Analyzer (TOCA) Water Restoration System (WRS) Pattern Evaluation
LSG Secondary Crew Restraint Unfold
Alternative of ИПК-1М private safety gear in FGB
BioFabrication Facility Process Overview four
Hyrid Electronics Radiation Assessor (HERA) Hardware Stow
BioFabrication Facility Glacier Pattern Retrieve
Fan Display screen Cleansing of Central Fan ЦВ1 in FGB
BioFabrication Facility Tissue Cassette Removing
Combustion Built-in Rack Manifolds four & 5 Bottle Replacements
Superior Area Experiment Processor Historic Picture 2
Air ducts ВД1, ВД2 cleansing in MRM2
Regenerative Environmental Management and Life Help System (ECLSS) Recycle Tank Drain
NutrISS – ESA Dietary Evaluation
Environmental Well being System (EHS) – Compound Particular Analyzer-Combustion Merchandise (CSA-CP) Checkout Half 2
Regenerative Environmental Management and Life Help System (ECLSS) Recycle Tank Drain Half 2
In-Flight Upkeep LAB1P6 Widespread Cabin Air Meeting (CCAA) Water Separator Take away and Exchange
Rodent Analysis Bone Densitometer Scan
MRM1 Air flow Grid Cleansing (Group B)
RR Polar Pattern Removing
Cargo Switch to Dragon
Central Submit Laptop computer. Quarterly scheduled upkeep
In-Flight Upkeep LAB1P6 Widespread Cabin Air Meeting (CCAA) Water Separator Restow
Regenerative Environmental Management and Life Help System (ECLSS) Recycle Tank Fill Half three
Environmental Well being System (EHS) – Formaldehyde Monitoring Equipment (FMK) Stow Operation
IMPACT. Images of IMPACT Plate by DC1 EV Hatch 1 window.
BioFabrication Facility Process Overview 5
BioFabrication Facility MWA Preparation
Weekly ISS RS Video HW practical verify
BioFabrication Facility Merlin Insert
Number of Private Hygiene Articles for major use
BioFabrication Facility Historic Picture four
Meals Acceptability Survey
Return CCAA Airflow again to nominal
Environmental Well being System (EHS) Complete Natural Carbon Analyzer (TOCA) Pattern Knowledge Report
Regenerative Environmental Management and Life Help System (RGN) Wastewater Storage Tank Meeting (WSTA) Fill[ABORTED]Stock Administration System (IMS) Convention
Reminder Rodent Analysis Thermal Consideration
Reminder Probiotics Fecal Operations
Report EPO Paxi script
ISS Expertise Mid-Mission Debrief
Report ESA PAO Message Skylight with Luca Parmitano (W50)
OPTIMIS Pill Utility Troubleshooting
Columbus Deck Repack Components 2 & three
ISS Expertise Presleep OPS
AMS Process/video evaluate
Extravehicular Exercise (EVA) Process Overview
Extravehicular Activitiy (EVA) Go well with Intravehicular (IV) Overview
iPad Verify Apple Working System Downloaded

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