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Monster antimatter particle slams into Antarctica

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Probably the most distant particle detector on Earth has detected probably the most energetic antimatter particle ever: a single ultralight particle that smacked into the Antarctic ice with the (comparatively) thundering power of 6,300 flying mosquitos.

The collision occurred in 2016, however researchers solely confirmed the main points of the occasion March 10 in a paper printed within the journal Nature. This antineutrino, an antimatter counterpart of the wispy, difficult-to-detect particles referred to as neutrino, collided with an electron someplace within the ice of Antarctica at practically the velocity of sunshine. That collision created a bathe of particles detected by the buried IceCube Neutrino Observatory — a facility liable for a lot of the vital high-energy neutrino analysis of the final decade, as Live Science has reported. Now, IceCube physicists report that that particle bathe included proof of a long-theorized however never-before-seen occasion referred to as “Glashow resonance.”

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