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Lumpy, 30-pound meteorite that crashed in Sweden recovered in local village

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A half-melted hunk of iron-rich rock present in Uppsala, Sweden, is a part of a meteorite that fell there in November 2020. 

The lumpy meteorite is concerning the dimension of a loaf of bread and weighs round 31 kilos (14 kilograms), based on the Swedish Museum of Pure Historical past. It was as soon as half of a bigger house rock, most likely weighing greater than 9 tons (eight.1 metric tons), that created a dramatic fireball over Uppsala on Nov. 7. 

After that affect, scientists on the Swedish Museum of Pure Historical past calculated the doubtless touchdown web site and located some small fragments of iron meteorite close to the village of Ådalen, according to a museum statement. The fragments have been solely about zero.1 inches (three millimeters) lengthy, however the investigation additionally turned up a boulder and a tree root that had clearly been hit by one thing heavy. 

Geologists Andreas Forsberg and Anders Zetterqvist maintain the meteorite they found, which fell over Sweden on Nov. 7, 2020. (Picture credit score: Andreas Forsberg/Anders Zetterqvist)

Stockholm geologists Andreas Forsberg and Anders Zetterqvist headed again to the location and located a a lot bigger piece — doubtless the one which smashed the boulder. The piece was about 230 toes (70 meters) from the realm the place the fragments have been discovered, partially buried in moss. One facet is flattened and cracked, doubtless from the collision, and the meteorite is pockmarked with round depressions. These depressions are widespread in iron meteorites, based on the museum, and so they kind when the house rock partially melts throughout its passage by way of the ambiance. 

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