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I’ve stopped goofing around with mushrooms in Runeterra and it sucks

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After I wrote about Legends Of Runeterra final week, I used to be having a whale of a time. The whale was shaped of mushrooms, and the time was spent filling enemy decks with poisonous puffcaps. I didn’t actually know what I used to be doing, however I might nonetheless eke out my share of wins.

One week on, I’ve left my mushrooms by the wayside. I’m taking part in with a deck I copied from a intelligent web individual, and it sucks. The time, I imply. Not the deck.

The deck isn’t simply too good, it’s too good in a particularly uninteresting method. It revolves round “elusive” items, which may solely be blocked by different elusive items. I slap as lots of them as I can on the board, buff them, and cost. I usually don’t hassle blocking, so I can ensure that they keep alive. I’m aggressive and unrelenting. I don’t even have any playing cards that value greater than 5 mana, as a result of the intention is to finish the sport earlier than these are related.

Video games usually finish with a ultimate flurry of buffs, the final of my playing cards tipping me into the harm I would like. My opponent swamps their aspect of the board with spiders and nonsense, however I simply waltz over all of it. There are spells that may straight goal items, however I’ve acquired solutions for these, too.

Denial spells type one other cornerstone of the deck, letting me nope away magical assaults to my elusive arseholes. It should be so irritating. However none of that is doing it for me.

That’s partly as a result of any skill in a sport that stops one thing else from taking place is garbage. It’s why I hate Dota 2’s Silencer, a snooty wizard-hater who’s entire deal is stopping different individuals from casting their spells. Similar goes for Overwatch’s Sombra, and Apex’s EMP drone. If you happen to’re going to provide me a button that does one thing enjoyable, don’t give another person a button that turns my button off. I’d quite be vaporised by an enormous laser than get suffocated by way of silence. Elusive items and denial spells are each riffing off the identical thought: eradicating your opponent’s choices.

That sucks for them, nevertheless it sucks for me, too. I would like an thrilling forwards and backwards, not a collection of non-events.

There’s additionally the best way I’ve deserted possession of my victories. After I was successful with the mushroom deck, I’d cobbled collectively one thing foolish that almost labored due to my choices. Now I’m taking part in with a deck that works regardless of me, each in idea and execution. I do like that each sport with this deck has come proper all the way down to the wire, however I don’t like that I’ve gained each single one.

I might simply, you realize, not. I might preserve tinkering with my very own decks, and each lose and luxuriate in myself extra. A wiser individual may. However I additionally wish to climb the ranked ladder, and shedding to individuals who’ve optimised their decks with web information sucks in its personal method.

I miss my mushman. I do like my Inspiring Mentor card, who provides a small buff to an ally in my hand, however extra importantly talks about crabs he’s noticed in a very Nateian fashion. “TEA”, he typically screams, “for 2”.

However I may very well be having wilder adventures. I stuffed considered one of my outdated Expedition decks with Poros – cute furry creatures that come in several sizes and shapes. I fed them treats, buffing each poro I performed, then wrapped up matches with an excellent poro that rolled all my performed poros into an enormous unstoppable poro ball with all their stats and powers. It was superb. It was fiddly and thrilling, and a far cry from the blunt effectivity of elusives.

I’ll get again to poro antics, ultimately. As soon as I’ve earned sufficient playing cards to repeat the appropriate deck.

Right here is Dave’s Legends Of Runeterra deck guide, so you possibly can smash your individual enjoyable too.

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