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Is it true that Dustin Hoffman appeared in Star Wars: A New Hope?

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If you happen to consider Elaine from Seinfeld, sure. 

Or possibly not.

Within the present about nothing, Elaine raises with Jerry that Dustin Hoffman was in Star Wars. 

This follows an incident the place the premise is a person named Todd Gack tips ladies into happening dates with him by making ‘dangerous’ bets and providing dinner if he ought to lose. He is ready to trick Elaine into having dinner with him by betting her that famed actor Dustin Hoffman was in Star Wars.


That is from the seventh season Seinfeld episode referred to as “The Calzone”.  

And which will have let issues percolate in regards to the hearsay that Hoffman appeared in Star Wars.


Nevertheless extra lately, a video doing the rounds on Tik Tok exhibits within the interrogation scene on the Loss of life Star the place Vader brings in that floating torture unit, Dustin Hoffman can clearly be seen as an additional.


So case settled, Hoffman was in Star Wars!

Dustin Hoffman cameo in Star Wars

The video is solely an excellent faux. Hoffman’s face has been added over the unique actor’s. 

IF that is not sufficient for you, Star Wars Wars was largely filmed in 1976 in London, England. A spot which Hoffman by no means was at the moment?

Seinfeld actually did a lot of references to movies, among the Godfather ones are fairly good and the place Wayne Knight appeared in some massive movies, the riffing of the scenes he was in equivalent to Fundamental Intuition are glorious.

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