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How to Unlock the IV Checker in Pokemon Sword and Shield – Individual Values – Pokemon Sword and Shield Wiki Guide – IGN

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Pokemon Sword and Protect embrace a method to see the Individual Values (typically shortened to IVs) of a Pokemon simply by taking a look at it in your field. IVs are a set of hidden stats that have an effect on every particular person Pokemon’s base stats, which is what every Pokemon’s stats distinctive, and why they’re such an vital consider sturdy Pokemon. This web page covers how IVs work and how you can unlock an IV checker, or IV choose, in Pokemon Sword and Protect. 

Unlock the IV Checker in Pokemon Sword and Protect[edit]

Unlocking the IV Checker in Pokemon Sword and Protect is not too concerned, however is extra easy than it was in Pokemon Solar and Moon. As soon as it is unlocked, you can see your Pokemon’s IVs within the field simply by urgent +, like within the screenshot under. 

  1. First, it is advisable beat the main story of Pokemon Sword and Protect.
  1. Then, it’s essential to get to the Battle Tower, and problem it. 
  1. You will need to accrue six victories – your final battle must be towards Leon. Whenever you defeat him, your Battle Tower rank will improve to Rank four, and you’ll unlock the IV checker, or choose perform, for the Pokemon Field!
  1. Merely open your Pokemon Field and press + to see your Pokemon’s Individual Values from right here. 

Learn IV Decide Statements, and Why IVs Matter [edit]

You need your Pokemon to have one of the best Individual Values due to how they have an effect on its stats. The upper its IVs, the upper its stats. If a Pokemon has the “Greatest” IV for a stat, which means it could attain the best potential stat for that species. A Pikachu with a 31 IV for Pace and is EV trained for max pace may have the best pace any Pikachu can. 


So, in case your Pikachu has a “Greatest” worth of 31 for its Pace, it is going to be quicker than a Pikachu with a “Fairly Good” worth of 20 for its Pace.

When you unlock the IV Checker, once you press + in your Pokemon Field, you can see a judgment of your Pokemon’s stats. This is what they imply.

If no EV factors are invested in a stat, there shall be no distinction between 30 and 31 IVs at Stage 50 (the extent Pokemon are auto-leveled to for competitive battles.)

With this in thoughts, 31 IVs are solely essential for Stats you plan to speculate EVs into. See Effort Values for extra data.

Change IVs[edit]

Although Individual Values technically cannot be modified, they are often altered by Hyper Coaching.

Within the Battle Tower, communicate to the NPC on the far proper of the counter. Trade a Bottle Cap to Hyper Practice a Lv. 100 Pokemon in a single stat. This stat will then be thought-about “Greatest”.

You can too use a Gold Bottle Cap to Hyper Practice all of a Pokemon’s stats, so all of them work as “Greatest”.

See How to Get Bottle Caps and Gold Bottle Caps in Pokemon Sword and Shield for extra data on Bottle Caps.

We are saying it “technically” cannot be modified as a result of even after a Pokemon is Hyper Educated, it will not cross on these IVs when Breeding.

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