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How to Tame All Animals – Valheim Wiki Guide

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Methods to Tame a Boar in Valheim

Boars are a number of the first wild animals you may come throughout once you start taking part in Valheim. They’re situated within the Meadows biome, and might usually be discovered roaming alone or in small teams.

With the intention to tame a boar, you may must construct a small enclosure and lure it in with some meals. Boars like consuming berries (each raspberries and blueberries), mushrooms, and carrots. Berries and mushrooms are ample within the Meadows, so they’re straightforward to top off on.

For those who’re fortunate, you might stumble throughout a damaged enclosure that naturally has boars roaming round it. You may restore this and end constructing it, or make your personal enclosure by setting up a pen out of Roundpole fence.

Be certain that to go away a small opening within the fence and drop some meals inside. Lure the boar contained in the pen and rapidly exit the enclosure whereas closing the hole you left open.

Wait patiently for the boar to settle down, and after a couple of moments it can start consuming the meals you left for it. When you see yellow hearts above its head, meaning the boar is completely satisfied and can start the taming course of.


You may test on the progress by hovering your mouse over the boar. You may see a share of how tame the boar is, in addition to its present standing. If it says acclimatizing, meaning it is warming as much as its new setting.

Go away the boar alone and ensure it has loads of meals and ultimately it can turn out to be tame. As soon as it is tame, you’ll be able to safely enter the pen and spend a while along with your new animal pal! And sure, you’ll be able to pet the boar.

For those who’re capable of efficiently tame two or extra boars, they could start mating. Try our information under for extra info.

Methods to Tame a Wolf in Valheim

Wolves are ferocious creatures discovered within the Mountain biome. Not solely will you want correct gear or mead to guard you in opposition to the chilly, you may want to have the ability to defend your self if you happen to’re seeking to tame these beasts.

As soon as you see a wolf that you just’d wish to befriend, you may must assemble a brief pen for it. Strive to do that with out being noticed, as wolves will start attacking you instantly, gnashing at you with their sharp fangs and claws. These animals are extraordinarily quick and robust, and might make fast work of your Viking if you happen to’re not cautious.

It is really useful to construct your enclosure utilizing Stakewall because it’s extra sturdy than the Roundpole fence. As soon as the wolves are enclosed, they are going to start attacking the partitions out of anger, so that you want one thing that may stand up to that. Go away a gap for now, as you may must get the wolf inside earlier than closing it.

Subsequent, you may must lure the wolf into your pen. Carry some uncooked meat with you and throw some into the enclosure. Discover the close by wolf and get its consideration whereas main it inside, or make a small path of uncooked meat that leads into the enclosure.

As soon as the wolf is inside, seal the enclosure and again away. Wolves are simply frightened, and can start attacking the partitions if you happen to’re too shut. It helps to crouch once you’re close by as you are tougher to detect.

After a while, the wolf will settle down and start consuming the uncooked meat. You may see small yellow hearts floating up above its head indicating that it is completely satisfied.

Taming the wolf takes time, and you will must preserve refilling the uncooked meat periodically. Be certain that to restore the partitions, too, as they will turn out to be broken over time and probably break, setting your soon-to-be pal free.

A simple means to do that is to construct a small platform above a set of stairs, permitting you to toss meat in and simply investigate cross-check your furry pal. You may see the taming progress (indicated as a share) by hovering over the wolf.

As soon as the taming reaches 100%, you may have your self a brand new finest pal! You may test the standing of your wolf by hovering over it. You may must feed it usually to maintain it completely satisfied.

You may as well select to pet the wolf which is able to make it start following you. And sure, meaning into battle. Your new wolf pal will really battle enemies for you. However, be certain that to guard it as taming a brand new one is not straightforward!

For those who’re capable of efficiently tame two or extra wolves, they could start mating. Try our information under for extra info.

Methods to Tame a Lox in Valheim

Lox are giant wild creatures discovered within the Plains biome. These large beasts are giant and highly effective and can pose a problem if you happen to selected to tame them.

There are a pair methods to tame a Lox. First, you’ll be able to sneak up on them and throw down some barley or cloudberries, as that is the meals they like.

You will get surprisingly near the Lox with out alerting them to your presence, but when they turn out to be frightened you may wish to run. These beasts can take you out in a single blow if you happen to’re not ready.

After a while, the Lox will start consuming the meals you have left it and slowly begin changing into tame. Small yellow hearts will start radiating from the Lox, letting you understand that it is completely satisfied. You may must always resupply the meals to maintain it completely satisfied to make sure it can attain 100% friendliness.

This course of can take a number of in-game days, so be affected person. You may test the standing of your Lox by hovering your mouse over it. You may see a share of how tame your beast is, in addition to the standing. As soon as it reaches 100%, you’ll efficiently pet the animal with out worry of being mauled.

Alternatively, you’ll be able to create a pen for it, much like the boar or wolf. Since Lox are extra highly effective, you may must construct the enclosure out of stone. Every other materials will simply be destroyed by the creature. Be certain that to go away a gap for the Lox to get in (and presumably you, out).

Drop some cloudberries or barley within the pen and await the Lox to enter. You may as well have the beast chase you into the pen, however that is considerably extra harmful. These creatures are gradual (and a bit on the less-intelligent facet, it appears), so getting them to cooperate could take some persistence.

As soon as you have efficiently captured the Lox, shut the pen and ensure there’s ample meals inside to maintain it fed. The Lox will doubtless be offended, so be certain that to again away from it to make sure it isn’t being provoked. Finally, the Lox will settle down and start to acclimatize to its new environment.

After the tameness meter reaches 100%, you’ll reenter the pen and pet your new Lox. Be certain that to proceed feeding it to make sure it stays completely satisfied.

Sadly, Lox can not at present mate. So, regardless of what number of you handle to cultivate, they are going to by no means reproduce.

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