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How to Get Noden’s Arc Bow – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Wiki Guide

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This web page incorporates data on the way to get the legendary Isu bow weapon generally known as Noden’s Arc in Murderer’s Creed Valhalla.

Whereas Valhalla incorporates three different legendary weapons based mostly on mythology, a fourth weapon created by the primary civilization, the Isu, was additionally found – and the strategy for locating and unlocking it was hidden inside the Collector’s Version of the sport.

After many customers began to report that that they had discovered a hidden bow underneath a rock that may very well be damaged through an saving and reloading exploit, it was confirmed by the sport’s inventive director that there was a real option to unlock the weapon that had not been discovered, and the key lied with deciphering the language of the Isu that may very well be discovered each in-game and on a number of sections of the collector’s version.

The YouTube Channel Access the Animus had already deciphered a lot of the Isu textual content already, and with the assistance of the builders, discovered the remaining particulars:

  • A phrase “The Key’s the Sword” hinted on the Excalibur Greatsword, which was additionally hiding in a key artwork of a raven within the collector’s version. The in-game description for Excalibur additionally mentions “Legends say it will possibly break something.”
  • Point out of a lake led to a big lake present in Eurvicscire, and others have famous that the form of the lake additionally appears to match the form of the island of Singapore, with the placement of Ubisoft’s Singapore because the X marking the spot of the bow (to not point out the creator of the Isu language working at Ubisoft Singapore).
  • Secret Isu textual content on the again of lithographs within the collector’s version might be mixed to decipher the time of day the rock might be damaged – when the solar has set.

Find out how to Unlock Noden’s Arc

With the above information in hand, journey to a big lake in northern Eurvicscire. It’s situated simply to the south of the Brunton Turret the place a Lost Drengr combat is discovered.

On the southern fringe of the lake is a small island, and it incorporates a single seemingly unbreakable ore rock amid the shrubs. You will have the Excalibur Greatsword for this, however simply swinging it wildly is not going to do the trick.


Be affected person and watch for the solar to set within the west. Because the solar leaves the horizon, start swinging on the rock, and it’ll shatter – revealing Noden’s Arc – a legendary Legendary Bow.

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