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How each plan hatched by a hero in The Empire Strikes Back failed

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luke kissed by leia after shot

The Empire Strikes Again serves because the bridge episode of the unique Star Wars trilogy.

It is the film the place the dangerous guys win. 

It is the a part of the hero’s journey the place they discover issues not going to plan. They undergo some adversity.

And boy, does Luke, Leia and Han positive undergo a bit little bit of adversity on their method via the film.

Most of the plans or actions they embark on fail to some extent or different. It is intentionally set so the success of Return of the Jedi will likely be laborious gained, however earned.

This is a few of the failures of our favorite energy trio:

  • Leia determined that the Rebels ought to disguise on ice Planet Hoth. Vader finds them after which carves them up a bit together with his assault. 
  • Han, Leia and Chewie escape Hoth on the Millennium Falcon solely to search out that the ship’s hyperdrive is damaged.  This necessiate Han flying into  into the asteroid subject which then leads to our heroes practically being eaten by the large house slug.
  • Later, Han cleverly makes use of the Imperial’s house junk rubbish to cover in open house however he is matched by Boba Fett who additionally knew that trick. Fett is ready to get to Bespin with Vader earlier than Han arrives.
  • Han’s complete ‘fall in love with Leia factor’ did not go so properly for a time. 
  • Certainly Han’s concept to run to Lando to put low for a bit falls over when Lando sells him out. Not that he had a lot of a alternative. 
  • Afer Han is iced by Vader, Leia tries to rescue Han with Chewie and Lando in tow however Boba Fett is ready to safely escape in Slave. 
  • Luke, on his personal ‘heroes journey’ faces Vader regardless of being warned to not by Grasp Yoda. He is trying to avoid wasting his his pals however can not. Luke fails to persuade his father to not be the second most baddest man within the universe and loses his arm for his trouble

Not less than he gained a dad?
  • Maybe amusingly Vader’s personal plan to persuade Luke to hitch him and overthrow the Emperor and rule the galaxy collectively is a giant flop. 
Luke did have some success bringing down an AT-AT Walker although, we’ll give him that!

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