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How close to the dark side of the Force did Luke Skywalker actually get in Return of the Jedi?

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Luke killing Darth Vader
Preserve your filthy fingers off my sister!

How near the darkish aspect of the Pressure did Luke Skywalker truly get?

In ANH, Luke begins out as a farm boy, realises he’s in a struggle along with his personal father and immediately is the final hope for freedom.

It’s a tricky gig and by the point Jedi rolls round some 4 years after Luke adopted a loopy previous man on an journey, Luke has modified significantly.

He’s now not the blue-eyed dreamer, he’s properly on his strategy to turning into a Jedi, he’s, the brand new man in black.

Roll over Johnny Cash.

And being The Man in Black means he’s skirting the road, getting too near the darkish aspect of the Pressure.

That place the place Vader went and look what occurred.

Hundreds of thousands died.

So what proof is there that Luke was bordering the darkish aspect of the Pressure?

Jedi builds this up very slowly, and fairly fastidiously.

First up is Luke’s entrance to the Palace. He begins his rescue by Pressure chocking two hapless Gamorrean guards in a fashion that his father could be happy with.

He then mockingly commences negotiations with Jabba the Hutt and regardless of almost having the tables turned on him by the use of the Rancor, he warns Jabba ‘that is the final mistake you may ever make’.

That is a demise menace if I ever heard one.

I hadn’t realised Jedi did such issues?

On the very least it is a signal of cockiness, one thing I consider Han Solo warned him about some 4 years in the past in A New Hope.

Following a mad cap orgy of blood letting on the hand of Luke’s saber, Luke having just about already effected the rescue, he fires the cannon into Jabba’s Sail Barge killing all people however his friends.

Everyone however his friends…

He did not should kill them, he may have simply swung himself and Leia onto their escape ship, however no, he killed all of them. Sort of like how Anakin dealt mercilessly to those that kidnapped his mom in Assault of Clones.

Darkish aspect a lot?

One may maybe argue that in eliminating Jabba, Luke was truly serving to the folks of Tatooine grow to be freed from the crime lord’s household and the lengthy shadow it had forged over the planet.

However I feel that is being too free with Lucas’ intentions with the script.

And let’s not overlook the truth that Luke is carrying black costuming for many of the movie. He’s actually now a person in black.  He arrives at Jabba’s Palace in a darkish Jedi like gown which when discarded within the Rancor assault reveals a swimsuit of black.

Or extra appropriately, a swimsuit of black demise!

On Endor, Luke is carrying one other black costume and wears this when he confronts Vader in entrance of the cackling assured Emperor. Vader is all in black too as the colour is the common image for villainy and so the comparability have to be made – Luke is getting near the darkish aspect and his costume is meant to assist the viewer consider this can be the case.

Let’s reduce to the climatic saber battle between Luke and Vader, throughout it Leia is shot on Endor and Luke feels her ache by way of the drive and unwillingly reveals her existence as being Vader’s taught, a reality which the Sith Lord seizes on and threatens to show her to the Darkish Facet.

And, that may be a bridge too far for Luke, he loses his shit at Vader.

Gone is the formal Jedi restraint, he simply goes for it and beats Vader by tapping into his anger. He offers Vader a mortal blow and immediately that second is make or break for Skywalker.

In fact Luke chooses mild over darkish however he was *THIS* shut when he made his last deadly assault.

The distinction was that he was not Vader, he was Luke Skywalker, son of Anakin Skywalker, a Jedi Knight.

Lucas then served us with a pleasant twist of kinds nonetheless.

Take a closer look at Luke’s costume. Take a look at the fold throughout the chest that’s now unbuttoned, what’s that color?

It is white. It is the yang to black’s yin.

Beneath all Luke’s stresses doubts and struggles with who his father was and who HE was, he was all the time the nice man. All the time the Knight in White Satin.

All the time the boy who by no means acquired to Tosche Station to get his power converters.

It is a film in spite of everything and he was a Jedi, like his Father was earlier than him. Good symbolism Lucas.

So sure, Luke acquired fairly near turning to the Darkish Facet, however his heroic qualities shone by way of and in spite of everything of that motion with Vader, he regained his Zen and caught it to the Emperor telling him that he was a Jedi like his Father was earlier than him.

 It was a fearless second one which almost price him life when he was zapped by Pressure lightning.

But we all know how that turned out….

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