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Heart Piece Locations and Solutions by Region – Cadence of Hyrule Wiki Guide – IGN

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Like different Legend of Zelda Video games, Cadence of Hyrule options Items of Coronary heart that may improve the quantity of Coronary heart Containers you have got for each Four you discover. You possibly can have a complete of 16 Hearts, from a mix of your beginning well being, Coronary heart Containers and Items of Coronary heart

Not like different Zelda video games, The places the place you may discover Items of Coronary heart can differ wildly. Sure set areas all the time have a Coronary heart Piece in the identical spot, whereas others are positioned randomly in world in every of the biomes. Every time you begin a brand new recreation, the structure of Hyrule is randomized, and you might even discover a totally different quantity of Items of Coronary heart in a single space than you probably did in your final journey.

This web page will present you what Coronary heart Items to count on within the totally different biomes, together with remedy puzzles to get to ones you might discover. There are additionally key areas of the sport the place you’ll be able to all the time discover a Coronary heart Piece, that are additionally proven under by area.

Sure, it turns on the market are some Hearts that may solely be discovered once you die. One of many very first Coronary heart Containers you’ll find will probably be discovered once you die, because the Fates promote an assortment of things in alternate for Diamonds – earned by clearing a complete space of enemies. The next ought to be accessible sooner or later in your run – so verify again typically:

  • Coronary heart Container #1 – 2 Diamonds
  • Coronary heart Container #2 – 5 Diamonds

Like each different Zelda recreation, defeating every of the 4 predominant Bosses will award you with one Coronary heart Container every.

Whereas there are a number of locations you might discover Items of Hearts within the randomized Grasslands areas, there are additionally set places which can be assured to have these Coronary heart Items on this space, listed under.

One Coronary heart Piece can all the time be discovered at Link’s House, which would be the first place Hyperlink explores, however can be discovered by Zelda, often within the southern a part of the map. The Piece of Coronary heart is situated on a excessive ledge above the home that can’t be accessed usually.

In an effort to attain it, reduce down the bushes subsequent to the signpost, after which go to the stone block on the backside and push it up and to the left of the signpost till it rests beneath the best ledge. Now you’ll be able to soar up from the aspect to achieve the Piece of Coronary heart.

One other Coronary heart Piece will be present in Kakariko Village, additionally situated someplace within the Grasslands area – often within the heart space to the aspect of Hyrule Citadel.

Enter the Taking pictures Gallery Constructing and pay 20 Rupees to participate within the goal observe. You will want to attain not less than 15 factors to get awarded a Coronary heart Piece, however know that in case you rating 20 or extra factors, you may get a distinct reward as a substitute.

In case you’re having hassle getting your pictures lined up earlier than the “beats” run out, keep in mind which you can all the time activate Fastened Beat Mode to line up pictures at your leisure when they’re 1 area away from getting in vary of your arrow.

It is not all the time assured, however you should definitely take a look at the Kakariko Store to see what they’re promoting – you might discover a Piece of Coronary heart on the market on some playthroughs!

Lake Hylia[edit]

You possibly can all the time discover one Coronary heart Piece within the Four-tile space often known as Lake Hylia, situated within the Grasslands. Head as much as the highest proper a part of the lake to discover a Piece of Coronary heart sitting between two damaged pillars – however notice that it’s guarded by a Daira, who can deal a formidable axe slam assault that hits two areas in entrance of its swing.

When you might discover are a number of Items of Hearts within the randomized Desert area, there are additionally set places which can be assured to have these Coronary heart Items within the space, listed under.

Gerudo Village[edit]

There are a number of Items of Coronary heart that you’ll find within the Gerudo Village space, which is all the time situated adjoining to the Gerudo Ruins, someplace within the desert. It’s comprised two mixed tiles, and holds a Gerudo Store, a Bombchu Bowling Alley, and younger Ganondorf’s home.

The primary Piece of Coronary heart is fairly simple, it may be discovered subsequent to the doorway to younger Ganondorf’s home. Unfortunetly, a sleeping Gerudo named Barriara is obstructing your means. To wake her up, look to the appropriate for a musical notice button to step on – which requires a stepping stool situated up above the Bombchu Bowling Alley.

After you pull the block down and step on the button, pay attention to the three musical notes which can be triggered, and match the sequence twice to awaken the Gerudo. This may assist you to attain the primary Piece of Coronary heart.

The second Coronary heart Piece is inside younger Ganondorf’s room – however it’s on a excessive ledge you’ll be able to’t attain. In an effort to make this work, you may want not less than one Bomb. Run round to the small hallway on the backside of the room and in the direction of the stepping block on the far finish – solely to search out that it is blocked by an arrow button that pushes you again.

You will have to do away with it, so plant a bomb in entrance of it to destroy the button, after which be careful for the bomb block as you step onto the ledge. When you have extra bombs, you’ll be able to blow up the particles alongside the slender ledge to get some extra objects – in any other case you’ll be able to pull the stepping block down and to the appropriate the place you should utilize it to achieve the Coronary heart Piece.

The ultimate Piece of Coronary heart will be gotten within the Bombchu Bowling Alley. For 30 Rupees, you may have the prospect to attain as many factors as attainable by throwing out 15 Bombchus earlier than your 50 “beats” run out. Not like the Archery Vary, you may have to account for the time it takes the Bombchus to crawl in the direction of the targets – although their explosions can hit a number of targets without delay. In case you rating not less than 10 factors, you may get a Piece of Coronary heart as a reward!

It is not all the time assured, however you should definitely take a look at the Gerudo Store to see what they’re promoting – you might discover a Piece of Coronary heart on the market on some playthroughs!

Gerudo Desert Ruins[edit]

The doorway to the Gerudo Ruins dungeon holds a Piece of Coronary heart – if you realize the place to look. Because the space is comprised of 4 tiles mixed, look within the backside proper nook of the map for many sandy blocks you’ll be able to dig to achieve a low ledge the place a Piece of Coronary heart is hiding.

When you can pull a stepping block from elsewhere within the space, there is a a lot simpler method to attain the Coronary heart Piece – dig up the sand blocks just under a piece fo the ledge and you may reveal stairs main as much as the ledge permitting you to achieve your prize.

You will all the time discover not less than one Coronary heart Piece within the Dying Mountain part of the Cliffs area within the recreation, which largely seems in one of many high corners as a Four-tile part.

You will have to get to the highest left nook of the realm, which would require the Down Thrust method taught on the Windmill Hut – which is often situated close to the Cliffs. Use it to bounce off the Slimes, after which transfer up and cross the primary bridge.

You will have yet another river to cross earlier than you’ll be able to attain the Coronary heart Piece, and no enemies to bounce off of, so as a substitute you may have to maintain shifting the stepping block you pushed away from the bridge to dump into the ravine, and use it to cross to the opposite aspect and attain the Piece of Coronary heart.

Every of the 4 predominant dungeons within the recreation include a static Piece of Coronary heart that can all the time be situated contained in the dungeon, between its randomized rooms.

As well as, the primary randomized room in every of the 4 predominant dungeons will all the time function a singing Service provider promoting a Piece of Coronary heart for 75 Rupees. Even in case you die or go away and the room randomizes upon your return, the service provider will nonetheless promote the Coronary heart Piece till it has been claimed for that dungeon.

Frozen Grotto Dungeon[edit]

As you enter the Frozen Grotto Dungeon, you’ll be able to sprint throughout the icy platforms to the appropriate aspect of the principle room, the place you may discover two massive ice blocks which can be standing in the best way of a stepping block resulting in a low ledge with a Piece of Coronary heart.

To succeed in it, you are going to both have to intention on the ice blocks with a Bow and Hearth Arrows, or slide to the blocks and place a bomb at them to do away with the obstacles – permitting you to climb up.

Misplaced Swamp Dungeon[edit]

Coming into the Misplaced Swamp Dungeon, you’ll be able to spot a Coronary heart Piece up within the high proper nook, blocked by a crate that is surrounded by 4 tree stumps. When you can burn the stumps closest to you, you will not be capable of attain the stumps on the opposite aspect – and bombs cannot break up the crate.

As a substitute you have got two choices. In case you’ve already discovered the Energy Glove at Gerudo Village, you’ll be able to merely raise up the crate and toss it apart and burn the remaining stumps together with your torch.

If not, proceed by the randomized dungeon rooms till you get hold of the Boss Key. You will exit simply above the boss door, to the left of the Coronary heart Piece. When you set off the button, you’ll be able to’t drop down because of the stump – however you’ll be able to place a bomb on the ledge to blow the stump under, providing you with room to push the crate out of the best way.

Gerudo Ruins Dungeon[edit]

Not like a few of the different dungeons, you will not discover the Coronary heart Piece on this dungeon’s predominant room. As a substitute, you may want to finish two random dungeon rooms till you defeat the miniboss and enter a brand new room.

Right here you may discover a room stuffed with lava surrounding the Piece of Coronary heart, in addition to three enemies. These enemies will be knock backed into the lava when struck, and can create new stone platforms to hold you throughout each to the Coronary heart Piece, and to the Boss Key.

Nonetheless, in case you discovered the Goron Bomb Service provider someplace within the Overworld (search for the Bomb Icon on the map), you should buy the Goron Locket and swim by lava as if it had been regular water!

Temple of Storms Dungeon[edit]

The dungeon on Dying Mountain is just like that of the Gerudo Ruins – in that the Coronary heart Piece is hiding in a room after beating the miniboss within the second randomized dungeon room.

Within the room after beating the Darknut, you may discover the Boss Key together with a number of trapdoor platforms, a few of which result in the Piece of Coronary heart. There are a few methods to do that – and it is all primarily based on timing.

A method you get safely throughout is solely utilizing the Hover Boots to cross no matter hole you would not make in case you did not time issues appropriately – and you can even use the Pegasus Anklet to dash ahead the second the trapdoors are up.

Lastly, you may discover that the areas to cross measure three, whereas the trapdoors open and shut each 4th beat. This implies in case you begin you crossing on the beat that the entice doorways shut – and even the beat after they shut – you may have simply sufficient time to make it throughout earlier than the flooring open up once more.

The next Items of Coronary heart are all scattered throughout Hyrule, and should seem in several places, positions, and areas every time you play the sport. In case you’re having hassle finding them, you should definitely open Purple Chests till you discover the Treasure Appeal to have the next Coronary heart Items marked in your map.

Sand Ledge Coronary heart Items[edit]

Some Coronary heart Items could also be discovered on high of a low ledge that may be dug up from under – so long as you have got a shovel. These are often the best ones to select up so long as you have got a Shovel, which are sometimes present in caves and from retailers if you do not have one.

Low Ledge Coronary heart Items[edit]

Some Coronary heart Items are discovered on high of a ledge that can’t be reached by regular means – so you’ll have to discover a close by stepping block and push it in opposition to the ledge to hop up and seize it, as no stairs are often accessible.

Be aware that if the Coronary heart Piece seems on a ledge adjoining to a platform with stairs, you can even use the Hookshot Merchandise to nab the Coronary heart Piece from a distance, so long as you might be in vary.

Excessive Ledge Coronary heart Items[edit]

Some Coronary heart Items are discovered on the second tier of excessive platforms that can require essentially the most workarounds to achieve – however will be accomplished in a number of methods relying on the structure and the instruments accessible.

Most of those excessive ledges will solely have a decrease ledge with restricted spacing – which implies you may have to make use of two stepping blocks, and often throw considered one of them up on the decrease ledge utilizing the Energy Glove discovered at Gerudo Village.

Nonetheless, for the reason that decrease ledges are often very slender – you’ll need to discover a method to hop onto the second stepping stone from the decrease ledge with out pushing the stone away, as you can’t soar from stepping stone to stepping stone.

A method you are able to do that is with the Floating Boots. Toss the second stepping block onto the decrease ledge in entrance of the decrease stepping block, after which step off the decrease block to the aspect, floating so you’ll be able to nonetheless soar as much as the decrease platform. Now together with your elevated peak, you’ll be able to soar off the ledge once more to remain within the air, soar as soon as extra to get in entrance of the second stepping block, and soar as much as the excessive platform.

One other means you are able to do this when you have sufficient room earlier than the primary ledge is to create a block utilizing the Cane of Somaria in case you’ve discovered the merchandise, and placing it in opposition to the low ledge. Then you’ll be able to push one stepping block behind the magical block, and throw the opposite stepping block in entrance of the magical block to provide your self a buffer to have the ability to create one lengthy staircase as much as the highest platform.

Lastly, if you’ll be able to discover a platform someplace else within the space that will get you close to the Coronary heart Piece, some situations can enable to be used of the Hookshot to nab it from afar, with out having to navigate the slender ledges.

Seashore Coronary heart Items[edit]

Most occasions, the Seashore space of Hyrule will function anyplace from 1 to 2 Items of Coronary heart on this area. They’re all the time situated on a small island alongside the seaside, and are often surrounded by shallow water. If not, you’ll be able to go to Lake Hylia to get the Zora Flippers to allow you to swim to the Coronary heart Items.

Retailers Promoting Coronary heart Items[edit]

It may be totally random, however a number of Items of Coronary heart will be discovered offered by varied retailers throughout Hyrule. It is necessary to notice that all the Retailers outlets within the Overworld, together with the Kakariko Store and Gerudo Store, and the 6 Singing Retailers all have random wares which can be locked in every time you begin the sport.

Thus far it seems that solely the Singing Retailers (showing on the map with a purple icon), the Kakariko Store, and the Gerudo Store, have an opportunity to promote one of many Coronary heart Items you want.

Blue Chest Coronary heart Items[edit]

Most Blue Chests are discovered close to dungeons that include highly effective weapons – however there are additionally a number of Blue Chests scattered across the overworld. These are timed chests that require you to defeat each enemy on the display earlier than the timer reaches zero – timed by beats.

In case you are having hassle, you should utilize Fastened Beat Mode to fastidiously plan out your assault, and you may all the time return to the realm to attempt once more as a lot as you need.

Cave Coronary heart Items[edit]

There are typically a number of Coronary heart Items that really seem inside caves, and a few seem on high of sand blocks that may be dug out to decrease the Coronary heart Piece. It is price noting that these Coronary heart Items nonetheless seem on the map utilizing the Treasure Appeal.

There are additionally some that may be a lot more durable to find. They often take the place of a reward in a chest (often a timed blue chest, or defeating a miniboss), or seem on a ledge you’ll be able to dig out – however the location of the cave is all the time random.

Be aware that some will seem in your map when you have the Treasure Appeal, however others in secret caves is not going to.

Most notably, there are a number of caves round every of the dungeons that may be missed – just like the caves by the Temple of Storms (behind the waterfall on the high, and among the many statues within the backside proper nook). There are additionally some secret caves within the Misplaced Woods that don’t present up in your map icons – One is situated in a weak wall throughout the maze, and one other is beneath a bush (search for a blue butterfly when traversing the woods).

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