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Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Every Secret, Reveal, and Surprise in the New Trailer – IGN

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Closing Fantasy 7 Remake bought an awesome new trailer jam-packed with new and previous scenes alike, so we went by frame-by-frame to select all of the hidden particulars. There is a ton right here, so be sure you sit again, calm down and watch our video displaying them off on the high of the web page, or watch the unique trailer under and comply with together with the timecodes of the textual content model. Let’s dive in!zero:00 – Issues begin out simple sufficient with an prolonged have a look at the flashback scene of Tifa and Cloud speaking as children in Nibelheim, however it solely will get crazier from right here.

zero:17 – We shortly get a shot of Jenova in a tank, earlier than Cloud will get a headache and we see a single body of Sephiroth’s Mako-affected eye.

zero:22 – Septhiroth himself seems, and it is instantly clear that this scene is a significant change from the unique, as he by no means truly appeared outdoors of recollections or flashbacks throughout the Midgar portion of the sport. We expect we now have a reasonably good concept as to the place this scene takes place, however extra on that after the trailer itself comes again to it later.

zero:31 – For now, we get shot outdoors of Shinra HQ, earlier than we see a recreation of a scene from the unique the place Shinra head of City Improvement Director Tuesti is making an enchantment to President Shinra to not destroy Sector 7, with Head of Public Security Heidegger calling him a coward.zero:45 – A brand new scene shortly reveals what seems to be Shinra creating Materia. Materia is defined within the unique to be crystallized Mako, and a scientist could be heard saying “Mako super-saturation confirmed,” earlier than one other one replies “Participating Materia cooling to cut back temperature.”

zero:48 – It could make sense, then, that Head of Weapons Improvement Scarlet is watching this play out. Whereas we do briefly see Scarlet within the unique recreation’s board room scene, she beforehand did not have a task past that till a lot later within the recreation.

zero:58 – Identical with this man, Palmer, the pinnacle of Shinra’s Area program. It might be that we’ll solely see these characters briefly, or that their roles have been expanded within the Remake. Within the unique, he is identified for requesting a number of lard in his tea. This time it is butter, which I suppose is healthier?1:04 – Now we get our first glimpse of the revamped Honey Bee Inn, in addition to Cloud’s crossdressing scene. This part has been considerably redone, with the Honey Bee Inn now trying extra like an evening membership as a substitute of a brothel, and Cloud altering garments right here as a substitute of on the costume retailer – not less than he is nonetheless bought these lovable braids.

1:21 – As he leaves the Honey Bee Inn we will see how a lot the outside has modified too, with even fortunately strolling by, and get a glimpse of Aerith’s iconic pink costume.

1:23 – The Wall Market has clearly modified so much too, however it nonetheless leads as much as Don Corneo’s imposing mansion on the high of the road.

1:27 – We see Don Corneo’s extraordinarily gross bride-picking scene play out, in addition to Tifa in her purple costume, who Cloud and Aerith have come to avoid wasting from the Don within the first place.1:35 – Subsequent, we get a greater have a look at a model new character to Remake, Roche. Initially proven off within the TGS trailer, Roche (also called Velocity Demon) is a former Three-C Soldier who rebelled, however it’s nonetheless unclear what his relationship to Cloud is and why he is searching for a battle.

1:40 – Given Roche mentions Cloud kicking the hornet’s nest and Avalanche members Biggs and Wedge are right here, we will assume this scene takes place in both the primary or second Mako Reactor close to the beginning of the sport.

1:46 – Now we lastly take a look at Remake’s Crimson XIII, in addition to some dialogue that mirrors the primary dialog they’ve with him simply after releasing him from Shinra HQ within the unique.

1:55 – However shortly after, we lastly bounce again to Cloud’s surprising confrontation with Sephiroth. Cloud assaults, however is well outmatched as Sephiroth says “A touching reunion,” indicating that is the primary time they’re going to cross paths within the Remake. And we now have a principle as to why they’re assembly in any respect!2:08 – After Cloud falls, we see that Shinra’s maniacal Professor Hojo has been watching them. That is totally hypothesis, however we’re prepared to wager this encounter occurs inside Shinra HQ. Within the unique, Shinra HQ holds a a lot smaller tank containing Jenova, solely to have Cloud later see that Sephiroth has opened it and brought Jenova earlier than killing Shinra’s president. Once more, that is only a principle, however out of your celebration being current and Hojo having safety cameras within the room, it appears doable that the remake will as a substitute have Cloud and associates cross paths with Sephiroth inside Shinra HQ proper earlier than he frees Jenova.

[A quick correction! A few folks have pointed out the distinction that Jenova escaped instead of being “freed” by Sephiroth. That’s a fair and important distinction, but one we don’t think fundamentally alters how we guessed Sephiroth’s appearances in this trailer might play out since it’s not truly revealed until far after leaving Midgar.]

2:22 – Minimize to Tifa, Cloud, and Barret operating away from a boss enemy referred to as the Heli Gunner. This battle initially takes place on the elevator as you might be leaving Shinra HQ, however now it seems prefer it’ll occur on the best way there as a substitute. You’ll be able to even see the huge expanse of particles behind them that’s possible the destruction of Sector 7, with the remainder of the plate nonetheless above. The celebration is then operating up the rubble as a substitute of climbing and swinging on these annoying ropes close to Wall Market.

2:23 – Additionally, blink and you will miss it, however Cloud is not utilizing the Buster Sword right here, as a substitute wielding what seems just like the Mythril Saber. That is a weapon you would beforehand solely get when you left Midgar!2:26 – He additionally has what appears to be some sort of gun, however we’re guessing it could truly be a kind of grappling hook to assist melee fighters attain flying enemies, as the identical machine could be seen on Tifa’s again too. Barret and Tifa additionally appear to have new weapons outfitted right here, however not ones that straight resemble something from the unique recreation so far as we may inform.

2:33 – Talking of issues Cloud should not have in Midgar, we instantly see the Leviathan summon getting used, which you do not get within the unique all the best way till Wutai Village.

2:38 – A curved staircase signifies we’re again within the Shinra HQ foyer, whereas the steps after are positively the lengthy, arduous climb up its dozens upon dozens of flooring. You’ll be able to even see within the backside proper that Tifa, Cloud, and Barret are on totally different flooring as they climb. Solely 33 extra flooring to go, Cloud!

2:41 – Wait, Shinra HQ has escalators now? That is dishonest!

2:43 – One other recognizable scene, right here we see the celebration in a Shinra HQ lavatory as Cloud climbs up right into a vent to spy on the board assembly we talked about earlier. That is straight out of the unique.2:45 – Minimize to a unique scene totally, right here Cloud is preventing enemies referred to as Sweepers on his personal. Sweepers are fought within the very first Mako reactor, so this shot appears to be a lot earlier – besides he is additionally bought the Choco/Mog summon, which has a Moogle driving a Chocobo preventing alongside him with a timer on the correct displaying how for much longer they’re going to be round. We additionally get a have a look at its signature Chocobo stampede animation, however Choco/Mog is not a Materia you get till leaving Midgar both. So, as soon as once more, both it has been moved a lot earlier, the Remake will go away Midgar ultimately, or Sq. Enix is messing with what talents characters have right here to make the trailer look cool.

2:55 – After Cloud’s fight, we see Tifa beating down some Shinra troopers, and judging by the sunshine and rubble, it is in all probability on the best way to Shinra HQ once more.

2:59 – Subsequent, Barrett brings some ache to a few enemies referred to as Vargid Police. These strange-looking baddies are fought in Shinra HQ after Jenova is launched.Three:01 – And at last, we come to what’s possible the most important shock to this point, however we predict we’d have found out what is going on on right here. Sephiroth appears to vanish right into a cloud smoke and lightweight, which then fills up the room as Jenova seems for a boss battle. That is huge since you usually would not battle Jenova till a lot later, however we’re fairly certain this confrontation truly takes place within the Shinra President’s workplace someday after the earlier Sephiroth scene. As we zoom out from Sephiroth to Aerith and Crimson XIII on the very begin, you’ll be able to see the identical pink, gold, and black carpet on the ground right here that is behind Tuesti within the scene earlier, indicating it is the identical workplace. You may also see what seems to be the President’s huge desk the place Sephiroth was standing, so we’re prepared to wager this can be a model new boss battle that happens simply after he kills Shinra. That mentioned, the Jenova battle then takes place in a really totally different trying room, so both Jenova has remodeled it considerably or the trailer is cleverly slicing two scenes collectively to throw us off.

Three:12 – Following that bombshell is, nicely, a literal bomb as we see a Mako reactor explode.

Three:15 – …adopted by Barrett firing his Large Shot Restrict Break at a boss referred to as Hundred Gunner, which can also be normally fought on the Shinra HQ elevator. We will not fairly inform the place it is positioned now, however possible nonetheless in Shinra HQ.Three:16 – This scene of Tifa calling out to Cloud as he falls is probably going simply after you destroy the Sector 5 Mako Reactor, simply earlier than he lands in Aerith’s church.

Three:19 – Transferring on shortly, we get our first have a look at Midgar’s last automobile chase, with the celebration’s little blue automobile and Cloud’s motorbike trying very acquainted.

Three:20 – As Barrett and Cloud run by an unfamiliar pipe, they’re chased by a snake-like enemy referred to as a Sword Dance, additionally fought in Shinra HQ, earlier than Aerith hits it with a fireplace spell.

Three:24 – Leaping again in time to a different recognizable second, Cloud, Barrett, and Tifa escape the destruction of Sector 7 by swinging (or, probably modified on this case, sliding) out of hazard on a cable as President Shinra seems down on the chaos.

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Three:31 – The trailer then closes by elevating much more questions. The celebration stops on the freeway after their Shinra escape solely to see black smoke-like figures flying upward towards the HQ. These smoke creatures showing right here is clearly totally new to the remake, however an identical second was proven within the TGS trailer. Proper now it is laborious to guess what they’re, however from their hooded look, it could be that they are failed clones of Sephiroth which have taken on a really totally different nature in comparison with the unique recreation?

We’ll have to attend to seek out out for certain, however that is all the pieces we dug up proper now. What do you consider our theories, and have any of your personal? Tell us within the feedback under!

Tom Marks is IGN’s Deputy Critiques Editor and resident pie maker. You’ll be able to comply with him on Twitter.

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