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Europe's largest Solar Telescope GREGOR unveils magnetic details of the Sun

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The Solar is our star and has a profound affect on our planet, life, and civilization. By finding out the magnetism on the Solar, we will perceive its affect on Earth and decrease harm of satellites and technological infrastructure. The GREGOR telescope permits scientists to resolve particulars as small as 50 km on the Solar, which is a tiny fraction of the photo voltaic diameter of 1.four million km. That is as if one noticed a needle on a soccer area completely sharp from a distance of 1 kilometer.

“This was a really thrilling, but additionally extraordinarily difficult venture. In just one 12 months we fully redesigned the optics, mechanics, and electronics to attain the very best picture high quality.” mentioned Dr. Lucia Kleint, who led the venture and the German photo voltaic telescopes on Tenerife. A serious technical breakthrough was achieved by the venture staff in March this 12 months, through the lockdown, after they had been stranded on the observatory and arrange the optical laboratory from the bottom up. Sadly, snow storms prevented photo voltaic observations. When Spain reopened in July, the staff instantly flew again and obtained the very best decision photographs of the Solar ever taken by a European telescope.

Prof. Dr. Svetlana Berdyugina, professor on the Albert-Ludwig College of Freiburg and Director of the Leibniz Institute for Photo voltaic Physics (KIS), could be very completely satisfied concerning the excellent outcomes: “The venture was moderately dangerous as a result of such telescope upgrades often take years, however the nice staff work and meticulous planning have led to this success. Now we’ve got a robust instrument to unravel puzzles on the Solar.” The brand new optics of the telescope will permit scientists to review magnetic fields, convection, turbulence, photo voltaic eruptions, and sunspots in nice element. First gentle photographs obtained in July 2020 reveal astonishing particulars of sunspot evolution and complicated constructions in photo voltaic plasma.

Telescope optics are very complicated methods of mirrors, lenses, glass cubes, filters and additional optical components. If just one ingredient is just not good, for instance as a consequence of fabrication points, the efficiency of the entire system suffers. That is much like carrying glasses with the incorrect prescription, leading to a blurry imaginative and prescient. Not like for glasses, it’s nevertheless very difficult to detect which components in a telescope could also be inflicting points. The GREGOR staff discovered a number of of these points and calculated optics fashions to unravel them. For instance, astigmatism is one in every of such optical issues, which impacts 30-60% folks’s imaginative and prescient, but additionally complicated telescopes. At GREGOR this was corrected by changing two components with so-called off-axis parabolic mirrors, which needed to be polished to six nm precision, about 1/10000 of the diameter of a hair. Mixed with a number of additional enhancements the redesign led to the sharp imaginative and prescient of the telescope. A technical description of the redesign was just lately printed by the Astronomy & Astrophysics journal in a latest article led by Dr. L. Kleint.

European researchers have entry to observations with the GREGOR telescope by way of nationwide packages and a program funded by the European fee. New scientific observations are beginning in September 2020.

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