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Does really Anakin Skywalker fulfill the so called Prophecy and so restore balance to the Force? Or does Luke do that?

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Anakin's shadow of Darth Vader
The Chosen One

I consider it was The Phantom Menace which launched the idea of there being a selected one who would carry stability to the Drive.

Anakin was thought of to be the Chosen One as he was thought of by Qui Gon Gin as a ‘vergence’ within the Drive – his Midicholrian depend was increased ever measured earlier than.

Maybe grudgingly, Anakin was accepted to be a Jedi in coaching by the Jedi Council – on the promise that he was certainly the Chosen One.

However was he? He left issues fairly badly on the finish of Revenge of the Sith. He betrayed the Jedi, killed a couple of extra of them, massacred some Younglings at the Jedi Temple, power choked the lady he liked and he engaged Obi-Wan in probably the most superior mild saber duel Star Wars has ever witnessed.

He turned wretched and Obi-Wan lamented that Anakin was imagined to be the chosen one however clearly his behaviour to that time advised different sensible.

How might such a betrayal imply Anakin was the Chosen One?

So does this imply Vader’s son, Luke Skywalker was the Chosen One?

In any case, he saved the day in a Return of the Jedi?


You higher again the horses up Billy – let’s a take into consideration what occurred in Jedi. Luke beat his father within the duel, mortally wounding him as he did so.

This result in the Emperor Palpatine reigning power lightning down upon Luke – to which Vader then betrayed his grasp by throwing him down the pit killing, the Emperor.

This act is taken into account the second when Vader brings stability to the Drive.

So though Anakin Skywalker turned Darth Vader and killed all these folks including his friend Obi Wan Kenobi,  he really was the chosen one who fulfilled the Prophecy.

It simply happened in an especially spherical about approach – it confirmed the cleverness of the prequels – taking the present ending of ROTJ and fashioning a grand story round Vader.

It really was good writing by Lucas and Hales.

Do not consider me?

George Lucas has said unequivocally Anakin was the chosen one:

Nevertheless, if you wish to run a cheeky argument that Anakin did not fulfill the prophecy you can argue that when he turned Darth Vader Anakin ceased to exist (as Obi Wan put it in Jedi). Thus Vader was the chosen one.

However you can then argue the second Vader determined to kill the Emperor he was once more Anakin so it is a moot level actually… and contemplate this – when Vader throws Emperor Palpatine down the pit, pay attention rigorously – the Jedi motif is briefly played – signalling that sure, Vader is now Anakin.

On the finish of the day you can argue that Luke helps Vader carry stability to the Drive – it was his perception in his Father that drove him in any case…

Need to learn some extra candy issues about Darth Vader? 

Do that ‘click on bait’ on for measurement:

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