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Darth Vader's name does not mean Dark Father (Quit with this nonsense!)

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George Lucas lies.

Or reasonably he spreads fantasy and legend about Star Wars.

For example, he as soon as stated he has written 12 Star Wars motion pictures.

However no, he didn’t.

And what concerning the declare that Darth Vader was all the time Luke’s father?

Lucas has stated that the which means of Darth Vader’s identify was ‘Darkish Father’ by the use of a free Dutch translation.*

Within the German language ‘vater’ means father, including to the interpretation combine.

Each these language meanings are merely incidental. Lucas has been quoted as saying:

“‘Darth’ is a variation of darkish. And ‘Vader’ is a variation of father. So it is mainly Darkish Father.

All of the names have historical past, however generally I make errors — Luke was initially going to be known as Luke Starkiller, however then I spotted that wasn’t acceptable for the character.

It was acceptable for Anakin, however not his son. I stated, ‘Wait, we won’t weigh this down an excessive amount of — he is the one which redeems him.'”

Lucas appears to be suggesting with the identify he was giving an enormous clue concerning the familial ties.

I stated he lies however he is actually spreading fantasy concerning the lore of Vader as he had no thought Vader was Luke’s father till on the earliest level of the second draft of Empire’s script.

When Lucas was drafting Star Wars he wrote numerous tales after which he wrote much more tales and permutations of these tales with characters, some inexperienced, some goblins however there was all the time two separate characters of Anakin Skywalker (or Starkiller if you wish to be actually clear on the purpose) and Darth Vader.

The primary draft of Empire was written by Leigh Bracket primarily based on path given by Lucas.

It DID NOT have Vader being Luke’s father as a plot level.

Read it for yourself.

See, there isn’t any point out of the connection in any respect.

At All.

Lucas, nor Brackett, had merely not conceived of the concept.

It was not till Lucas and Lawrence Kasdan each have been nicely superior on the script for The Empire Strikes Again that the characters of Anakin and Darth have been merged to make them one character.

So the truth is there was no intelligent clue about Vader’s origins or perhaps a play on phrases to offer Vader his so known as Dutch translation.

Quite, Darth might be only a cool identify that Lucas made up or cribbed from someplace – he did this with Jedi and Sith from Edgar Rice Burrough’s works.


Based mostly on the feedback under (thanks for chipping in guys and gals!) is obvious this text did not do sufficient to resolve the query “what does Darth Vader imply?” for some readers.

I’ve tightened it up a bit and added extra clarification.

It is our agency view that the reasoning on this article is sound.

Lucas didn’t intend for the identify Darth Vader to imply “Darkish Father” by the use of a intelligent phrase translation – this primarily based on the truth that on the time of writing the primary Star Wars script he had no thought himself that Darth Vader was to develop into Luke’s father. It was not a touch, nor a part of a protracted recreation.

We imagine some other argument that can’t counter that is considerably redundant by way of it being a clue as to Vader’s parenthood as being a darkish father.

By all means, be at liberty to disagree however I urge you to assume freely and rationally.

Title callers merely look silly, you jerks.

Wish to learn some extra candy issues about Darth Vader? 

Do that click on bait on for measurement:

* Darth is just not a Dutch phrase and whereas on paper Vader means father, it is stated very otherwise.

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