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Caves Of Qud has added new villages and quests, but I failed to find any thanks to an irritable tortoise

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I knew Caves Of Qud was an bold old-school roguelike that’s in early entry. I didn’t know you may begin as a teleporting multi-limbed psychic pyromaniac with hooks for toes.

I’ve by no means performed Qud earlier than, however I’ve had my eye on it for some time. What higher option to let you know concerning the procedurally-generated villages and quests it added in Tuesday’s replace, I puzzled, than to leap in and attempt to discover one among them?

How laborious can it’s.

Earlier than I get began, listed here are the stone chilly information. It was that each life kicked off within the village of Joppa, “with handcrafted structure, historical past, customs, NPCs, and participant quests”. Because the latest update landed, now you can begin in a random village the place all the pieces I simply talked about is spun up by algorithm moderately than man. These villages have additionally been sprinkled all over the world, so my plan is to start out in Joppa and enterprise out till I discover one.

I spend ten minutes wading by the assistance index, absorbing some particulars about ego modifiers and mutagenic tonics whereas forgetting many extra. I end making my many-legged however hook-footed character, then wander as much as the pinnacle honcho of Joppa.

The chief (or no matter fantasy synonym for chief was at play) tells me there’s work available ridding some moisture farmers of pesky cave vermin, however greater than half of these phrases sound boring so I ignore it. I’ve acquired to roam someplace if I need to discover a village, so I roam north.


Inside seconds, I’m in a area full of over a dozen snapjaw scavangers, brutes and warriors. I repair the closest one with a menacing stare, and he runs away terrified. I then do the identical.

Three of them observe me, and in an try and teleport to the protection of a pleasant farmer I by chance burn him alive. A sizzling tip for some other aspiring teleporting pyromancers on the market: verify which buttons you certain your skills to earlier than you employ them. I do truly teleport, then I whiff my intimidate and proselytise abilities by attempting to make use of them from too far-off. I resolve to simply preserve working, and it’s not lengthy earlier than my pursuers surrender.

I am going east, and get attacked by a crocodile. I attempt to proselytise it, however I both mess up the aiming or it’s unimaginable to proselytise crocodiles. I attempt intimidating it as an alternative, and it flees from me. So does the following one I come throughout, after I give it a imply look.


I go by display after display with out interacting with something, other than once I meet a glowcrow that originally appears prefer it’s going to assault. As an alternative it simply caws at me, whereas mumbling obtuse warnings about ear canals.

I discover some partitions, and for a couple of great moments I feel I’ve discovered a village. My diary informs me I’ve truly discovered Umor, and recordsdata the invention underneath “ruins with turning into nooks”. I see a shiny chest, and whereas dashing in direction of it I don’t discover the boar dashing in direction of me. I give it my signature stare, and it runs away. The snapjaw scavangers behind it don’t.


I seize what I can from the chest, then teleport away with a sliver of well being. I’ve nonetheless a snapjaw chasing me, however I realise I’ve additionally acquired a employees I haven’t been utilizing and whack them a couple of instances. They go down with out a lot of a wrestle, and I achieve my first chunk of XP. The chest simply contained some outdated tubes and a bow I don’t have any arrows for.

I preserve heading east and limp by extra screens, nearly dying to a boar which I handle to proselytise on the flip earlier than it gores me. It seems the animals in Qud are open to persuasion, and for a short while I run merrily together with my new boar pal. One other boar practically kills me, however my good friend has no downside turning on their very own variety. The UI tells me I’m hungry, so I arrange camp and whip up a meal from a “mercury chickpea” and an “outdated boar’s proper rear foot” that I discover mendacity close by.


I stroll previous crowds of hulking horse-like creatures with out incident, then succumb to the mixed assaults of a rabbit and an irritable tortoise.

The sport over display informs me I’ve scored -369 factors, and that essentially the most superior artefact in my possession was a steel folding chair.


You’re going to have to search out these villages your self, or else watch for me to jot down one other diary. This was enjoyable, and all I did was preserve strolling east. I’m tempted to simply begin in a type of villages subsequent time, which all have “their very own distinctive histories which might be discoverable by varied storytelling traditions.”

The devs say they “don’t have a strict timeline” for when Qud will emerge from its early entry cave, however it’s going to keep there “on the very least … till you’ll be able to full the primary plot”.

Caves Of Qud is offered on Steam Early Access, the Humble Store and–as of final Tuesday–Itch and GOG for £7/$10/€10.

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