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Deadly Diseases

An invisible enemy has seized man. Stay at home, wash hands, keep your distance and look for the best medicine and vaccine. This is the mission of COVID-19 to humanity. From now on do it together, protect the earth, live in good harmony with each other, respect the animals and people around you. Provide a clean climate, feed the poor and immediately stop waging war. Banish all weapons, hug each other because it is Now or Never!

Researchers turn DNA detectives to aid rhino poaching prosecutions with forensic evidence

The challenge is a part of the Rhino DNA Indexing System (RhODIS- India) conservation program. This database has been created to construct a DNA catalogue of the prevailing Indian larger one-horned rhinoceros, Rhinoceros unicornis, to sort out rhino poaching and help conservation efforts for this weak species. Impressed by an …

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Engineers go microbial to store energy, sequester CO2

By borrowing nature’s blueprints for photosynthesis, Cornell College bioengineers have discovered a strategy to effectively soak up and retailer large-scale, low-cost renewable power from the solar — whereas sequestering atmospheric carbon dioxide to make use of later as a biofuel. The important thing: Let bioengineered microbes do all of the …

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Proteins enable crop-infecting fungi to 'smell' food

New analysis exhibits the identical proteins that allow human senses akin to scent additionally enable sure fungi to sense one thing they’ll eat. The UC Riverside research presents new avenues for safeguarding individuals from hunger on account of pathogenic fungus-induced meals shortages. Understanding how fungi sense and digest crops may …

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Characterizing wildlife consumers to guide behavior change efforts provides optimism amid the Asian Songbird Extinction Crisis

A complete new examine into the important thing person teams in Indonesia’s fowl commerce affords hope for shielding species by means of behavioural change. Novel analysis led by Manchester Metropolitan College (MMU) and Chester Zoo has recognized three principal teams throughout the Indonesian songbird proprietor neighborhood: ‘hobbyist’, ‘contestant’ and ‘breeder’. …

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Animals are back at Gorongosa National Park after civil war, but the savanna community doesn't look quite look like how it used to

When civil struggle broke out in Mozambique greater than 40 years in the past, it largely spelled doom for animals in Gorongosa Nationwide Park, a 1,500-square-mile reserve on the ground of the southern finish of the Nice African Rift Valley, within the coronary heart of the nation. Because the decades-long …

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