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Betelgeuse and Rigel: a tale of the two brightest stars in Orion

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Betelgeuse and Rigel are two shiny stars within the constellation of Orion, the hunter. (Picture credit score: Starry Night)

This week, the grandest and most spectacular of all constellations might be discovered due south and standing upright round 7 p.m. native time, and dominating our winter skies like — to make use of the phrases of astronomer Robert H, Baker — “a huge piece of bijou.” 

It is the “nice hunter” or “celestial warrior,” Orion, essentially the most good of the constellations and visual from each inhabited a part of the Earth. As can also be the case with the mighty Hercules, the determine of Orion has been related in just about all historical cultures with nice nationwide heroes, warriors or demigods. But, in distinction to Hercules, who was credited with an in depth sequence of exploits, Orion appears to us a obscure and shadowy determine. The traditional mythological tales of Orion are so many and so confused that it’s virtually unimaginable to decide on amongst all of them. 

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