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A review of the 'Tales of the Bounty Hunters' a collection of short stories about …. bounty hunters

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Bounty hunter line up from Empire Strikes Back
Dengar, IG-88- Bobba Fett, Bosk, 4LOM, Zuckass

A assessment of the ‘Tales of the Bounty Hunters’ 

After that catastrophe of a learn that was The Truce at Bakura I picked up Tales of the Bounty Hunters. I used to be quietly assured this is able to be a greater learn as a result of it was edited by Kevin J Anderson who I had come throughout as having written a narrative for the Halo franchise. And because it occurs the primary of the 5 tales was written by him. 

The informal Star Wars fan would possibly surprise who these bounty hunters are and why have the Masters of the Star Wars universe decided they need to have tales written about them. These bounty hunters are the 5 that Darth Vader summons to his ship the Executor to hunt for Han Solo and Princess Leia after they’ve escaped the planet Hoth.

The tales cleverly tie in with occasions in Empire and Jedi.  The 5 tales work together with the second that Vader points the bounty for Solo. All of them give attention-grabbing insights into these hunters and present what makes them tick.

This is some temporary abstract assessment marks:

Subsequently I Am: The Story of IG-88 by Kevin J. Anderson     
This can be a stand out quick story, no matter it being from the Star Wars universe. A chilling story of how a killer robotic deigns to take over the universe. Properly written by Anderson, as you learn it one can really really feel the chilly that comes from the heartless IG-88.
Payback: The Story of Dengar by Dave Wolverton
What began off as a uninteresting assassination story grew to become a heat love story with a superb ending the place Dengar fought for his life and new love admist the again drop of Jabba the Hutt’s crumbling empire. I perceive that on the time it was canon, the story was the primary official reference to Bobba Fett escaping the Sarlacc pit. I am eager to be taught extra about Dengar!
The Prize Pelt: The Story of Bossk by Kathy Tyers
Ah Kathy, that’s a two for 2 strike with me. This story was arduous to observe within the sense it was filled with convoluted plots to rescue Wookies from Imperials on one other planet whereas molded round a narrative to take down Bossk. The factor that bugged me was that there was no approach there was time to arrange with the contrived state of affairs on listening to in regards to the Bounty supply from Vader, because the rescue of the Wookies would have been a well-planned train.

I additionally actually hated that Bossk’s ship was filled with soooo many sensors which allowed for a cat and mouse got here on board – that a part of the story was a uninteresting and gradual paced Tom and Jerry skit. The ending rounded off pretty properly, nonetheless.  Once I realised the story was written by Kathy Dyers, all of it made sense.

Of Potential Futures: The Story of Zuckuss and Four-LOM by M. Shayne Bell

Two scum bounty hunters make good. A narrative of two tales actually – crew of a wrecked Insurgent ship wrestle to outlive while a robotic involves grips together with his ’emotions’. An odd distinction however one which ties collectively fairly properly. In contrast to the Prize Pelt, this story wasn’t painted too broad in its scope making it crisp and concise as to how quick tales ought to be.

The Final One Standing: The Story of Boba Fett by Daniel Keys Moran

Probably a wasted likelihood to inform a extremely good Boba Fett story, it does give us an perception into an aged Fett who having survived the Sarlacc Pitt undertakes one final bounty to see him into retirement. An itchy Han Solo serves to show a worthy foe as soon as extra.


I like to recommend these quick tales for individuals who are eager to discover deeper into the Star Wars universe however keep in mind these things is no longer considered cannon. Check it out on Amazon.

Additional for specialists

Were did Bossk’s jump suit come from?
IG-88 was made from parts from the Cantina bar.

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