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Red Dead Online hackers are sending spooky scary skeletons to attack players

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As they’re wont to do, the hackers are at it once more. Thankfully, Pink Useless On-line hackers are often humorous people. Now plainly the lifeless are coming again to life—and no, it’s not a belated Halloween occasion or a sneak reveal of a brand new Undead Nightmare DLC. Skeletons are being raised and despatched after gamers to sock them within the face brawler fashion.

As noticed by VG24/7, participant tales began popping up a pair days in the past claiming they’d been attacked by invincible, two-headed skeletons. Thankfully, there’s loads of video to associate with the tales and it’s all fairly good for fun. Right here’s a sudden skelly assault in the course of Rhodes on a pleasant afternoon.

I got attacked by something I never expected from RedDeadOnline

One other participant was simply attempting to complete an sincere day’s work bringing in a bounty once they had been jumped by a duo of two-headed skeletons.

Online is getting real spooky really early. from RedDeadOnline

Yet one more participant managed to take down a hat trick of lifeless mutants. They declare that the skeletons are invincible—most likely that means impervious to bullets. Thankfully, it seems that they are often subdued with a lasso. Be sure to bounty hunters on the market use a strengthened lasso to unravel the issue for longer.

My friend and I were looting a house and got jumped by these two-headed skeletons, they’re invincible and kept spawning every 10 minutes or so. from RedDeadOnline

The place the heck does the 2 headed skeleton come from although? Apparently they’re really a part of the sport. Close to Manzanita Submit is a circus wagon wreck the place the skeleton of a two-headed girl will be seen trapped inside an overturned wagon.

I’ve had my very own run-ins with hackers in Pink Useless On-line, often the place I and a crowd of folks are all of the sudden teleported right into a basement and tossed round blender fashion in a horrific show of shouting cowboys and wailing horses. The primary encounter is wild sufficient that you could’t assist snagging a video to point out. It’s much less amusing the second, third, and twentieth time you’re set upon by relentless skeletons whereas simply attempting to have a peaceable afternoon fishing outdoors Strawberry. For everybody’s sake, lets hope this pattern stays within the grave now that we’ve laughed it off.

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