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Death Stranding's Weirdest Words: DOOMS, Aphenphosmphobia, and More Explained – IGN

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Up to date: Our record now consists of much more bizarre Kojima-isms. Try the underside of the web page for some new additions — remember the fact that we do not outright spoil plot factors, and label some spoilers, however each definition on it is a type of mini-spoiler if you’re moving into blind, so be careful!

Regardless of being on all of our collective radars for greater than three years now, with a bunch of trailers and demos flooding our newsfeeds over the previous few months, there’s nonetheless lots to soak up on the subject of getting a deal with on simply what the hell is happening in director Hideo Kojima’s newest venture.

With a view to do our greatest to assist people make sense of Norman Reedus’s wacky ghost journey, we put collectively a useful dictionary for the principle wild buzzwords it’s possible you’ll must confer with when enjoying by way of certainly one of this yr’s most anticipated releases.


The United Cities of America are what stays of america after the Death Stranding

catastrophe. A disparate collection of underground metropoles, the reconnection of the UCA is Sam’s main goal in Death Stranding.

We may never be told explicitly what the acronym DOOMS stands for, but it seems to be a condition inherited by few people that give them an affinity for “the beach”, which seems to result in the ability to react to or sense BTs, and may also be linked to triggers of hallucinations or nightmares (that Sam often experiences when resting).


Bridge Babies, or BBs, have become instrumental to surviving the world after the Death Stranding. Technically still “unborn,” they’ve been… extracted… from their comatose and braindead ‘stillmother’ – yeah, we know, the whole concept is… not great…. and placed in a carrier that replicates the internal conditions of a womb. BBs are used to detect and avoid the spectral BTs that are found across the world.

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Short for “Beached Thing,” which basically means an interdimensional ghost. A spirit that has been “stranded” in our world, either unable or unwilling to return to the land of the dead.


They were professionals once, and some still are. Some even complete proper deliveries from time to time. Fragile Express has been known to use them. They’re basically junkies driven crazy by a desire to steal supplies.


Sure it may look like a bunch of USB sticks – which, aside from the weird floaty thing, it basically is – but these devices are used by Sam to establish connections on the Chiral network between cities and centers across the UCA.

Personal Construction …. Cartridge? Okay, so we aren’t exactly sure what the acronym stands for, but these portable – oh that’s probably what the P stands for! – cases allow Sam to construct a variety of helpful items and structures out in the field, from bridges to cross gaps and rivers to power generators and mailboxes.


The president’s last name. Also your close combat rope weapon, made from strands of rope imbued with Sam’s own blood. Also the name for the umbilical cords.


These shoulder-mounted scanners can gather topographical data and ping the location of lost cargo or valuable materials. When used together with a BB unit, they can allow DOOMs-sensitive travelers to detect BTs nearby. The name and appearance comes from Franz Kafka’s short story “The Cares of a Family Man.”


After the cataclysm generally known as the Demise Stranding rain started affecting the world in another way, inflicting no matter it touched to quickly age, as if time started transferring sooner inside its droplets. This impact has since turn into generally known as TimeFall.


From the Greek phrase for “hand,” chirality is an idea in chemistry through which totally different compounds can have mirror pictures on a molecular stage that behave in another way. It’s simpler to know when Walter White explains it on Breaking Bad.


In Demise Stranding, these are small organisms which, when eaten, can stop the consequences of Timefall and replenish blood provide. In actuality, a cryptobiote can confer with any primitive organisms which presumably existed, however left no hint, as nicely an organism that enters the state of cryptobiosis in response to environmental adjustments, comparable to Tardigrades or Sea Monkeys.

A concern of bodily contact/intimacy. Sam displays clear indicators of this frame of mind, although he additionally suffers from a novel situation – or maybe a very extreme form of Aphenphosmphobia – the place he’s actually allergic to human contact.


Being poisoned by chemical substances present in one’s personal physique. BB will succumb to autotoxemia after present process an excessive amount of stress.


Everybody who dies on the earth of Demise Stranding (with few exceptions) are topic to necrosis, whereby your physique will ultimately flip right into a BT. It’s why our bodies have to be burned shortly after demise to stop the method from bringing in additional dangerous creatures into the world.

The Seam

As a Repatriate, Sam goes into a spot referred to as The Seam, which is the surroundings his physique is left in however underwater. His soul is ready to journey to his physique on this place to be repatriated and thereby revived, again into the dwelling world. It’s suspected that the ocean creatures littering the landscapes of Demise Stranding additionally originate within the aquarian world of The Seam.


In Demise Stranding, the Ka and Ha are phrases that characterize the soul and physique, respectively. The traditional Egyptians used the time period “Ka” to explain the soul that left the physique at demise. Equally, Sam’s Ka is separated from his physique upon demise (like while you get overwhelemed by BTs), however, because of particular Repatriate talents, his Ka can return to his physique freely.


Seashores are primarily an afterlife in Demise Stranding: Everyone has their very own seaside equal the place their soul would theoretically move by way of to the opposite aspect. Particular characters like Sam, and much more so like Fragile, can entry and return from seashores.


Sam is a repatriate, and has the power to repatriate, which primarily means he by no means dies, and so long as his soul finds his approach again to his physique, he can return again to life.


Cataclysmic demise stranding occasions trigger Beached Issues, or BTs, to immediately seem on the earth of the dwelling. The antimatter/matter collision of the BTs with the world of the dwelling triggers an explosion-like voidout that eradicates every thing caught up in it, leaving nothing however a crater in its wake.


In historical South American cultures, together with Incan tradition, a Quipu was a recording machine that used a sequence of strings with knots tied into them to retailer info. Amelie wears a Quipu, additionally taken and worn by Higgs briefly, as a talisman that connects her to her seaside. Fans translated this Quipu a few years back and it revealed a music video by Death Stranding soundtrack band, Low Roar.


Preppers are survivors dwelling within the wilds of the UCA. There’s a single prepper dwelling in every Chiral Community area, and solely by appeasing them are you able to persuade them to affix the community. Whereas primary missions will lead you to most preppers, some, like this familiar otter-obsessed prepper, can solely be discovered by looking the open world — or with the assistance of our complete prepper locations guide.

Homo Demens

From the Latin, mad man, it is a time period for the nuke-loving terrorists that destroyed Central Knot Metropolis. The objective of this terrorist group is to maintain Edge Knot (on what was America’s West Coast) separate from the UCA. Higgs is the chief of the terrorist.

Extinction Entity

An Extinction Entity is a sentient creature that triggers a world-scale mass extinction. There have been 5 mass extinctions going again tons of of hundreds of thousands of years on Earth.

These are the large ones that could be helpful throughout your playthrough, however after all, that is Kojima, so that is removed from every thing in Demise Stranding’s advanced lore. Add another distinctive phrases you come throughout within the remark part beneath!

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