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The Phantom Menace is turning 20 years old. Here's 20 bits of trivia!

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phantom menace 20 years anniversary

I doubt I will ever overlook the time when trailer was launched for the Phantom Menace some 20 odd years in the past.

I used to be a college scholar in Palmerston North hanging out at my mate’s flat. He began downloading it and man that rattling factor took hours on dial up!

And ‘Holy Smoke, Batman’, that trailer was nice and that duel saber of Darth Maul grew to become a legendary Star Wars second earlier than the movie had even been launched!

The Phantom Menace was launched in theaters on Could 19, 1999, virtually 16 years after the premiere of the earlier Star Wars movie, Return of the Jedi.

When the movie got here out, I noticed it thrice in two days. 

So to have fun the 20th Anniversary of the primary Star Wars prequel this is 20 items of trivia!

  1. Darth Maul has ten horns on his red head
  2. The manufacturing units had been constructed solely as excessive because the tops of the actors’ heads and laptop graphics crammed in the remaining. However it was realized that Liam Neeson was so tall that they wanted to construct issues taller and this value the manufacturing one other $150,000 in building prices.
  3. Qui-Gon Jinn is 1.93 meters tall.
  4. Phantom Menace is the one movie within the sequence during which the top-credited actor performs a non-recurring character, and during which the top-credited character dies.
  5. Opposite to fashionable perception, the town the place Qui-Gon discovers a younger Anakin is just not the well-known spaceport of Mos Eisley, however a unique place referred to as Mos Espa. Qui-Gon’s description of Mos Espa is sort of the identical, if not the identical phrase for phrase, as Obi-Wan’s description of Mos Eisley throughout A New Hope.
  6. Jabba the Hutt who had a quick cameo through the pod race scene is listed as being performed by “himself”
  7. Whereas Ray Park is known as enjoying the Sith Lord, Peter Serafinowicz truly voiced the character. Benicio Del Toro was initially forged to play Darth Maul however he deserted the function after George Lucas determined to trim Darth Maul’s display time within the movie.
  8. The sound of the hovering battle tanks utilized by the battle droids in The Phantom Menace was created by operating an electric razor round a metallic salad bowl after which digitally decreasing the pitch.
  9. Phantom Menace was the primary Star Wars movie to be launched on DVD and regardless of ‘fan hate’ it was an enormous vendor.
  10. The blue haired slave woman that may be noticed beside Jabba the Hutt earlier than the pod race wears the identical slave costume worn by Princess Leia in The Return of the Jedi.
  11. Qui-Gon Jinn’s communicator is a repurposed Gillette Sensor Excel Razor for Women.
  12. Natalie Portman‘s voice was digitally altered to additional distinguish between Padmé and Queen Amidala to confuse the viewers who could haven’t picked the misleading ploy. As well as, on the time of the movie’s launch, the producers ran a disinformation marketing campaign to recommend that Portman performed each Padmé and The Queen always.
  13. The pod race scene was instantly impressed by the chariot race in Ben Hur and featured a number of moments that matched second for second.

    qui gon jinn liam neeson
  14. Liam Nesson signed on with out seeing the movie script.
  15. The shipping title of Phantom Menace was “The Doll House”
  16. “Phantom Menace” was the identify of a villain within the “Flash Gordon” comics. Which should not shock too many individuals as George Lucas has typically cited Flash Gordon as one of his inspirations for making the original Star Wars.
  17. E.T. creatures made a cameo appearance in The Phantom Menace
  18. Ron Howard, who starred in Lucas’s American Graffiti earlier than he grew to become a director in his personal proper turned down the chance to direct TPM and likewise famously defended the film when it came out.
  19. The phrase “light-saber” is rarely uttered within the movie and is in the end the one Star Wars movie the place the phrase is just not used. “Laser sword” is talked about as soon as.
  20. Darth Maul solely speaks solely three lines for a total of 31 words which is lower than the Terminator did within the authentic movie!
  21. Warwick Davis, who famously performed Wicket as a baby in Return of the Jedi, truly had 3 cameo parts!

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