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Flash from the Moon! High Speed Impact Results

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Credit score: Jose Maria Madiedo/Jose L. Ortiz/MIDAS

The reported flash on the lunar floor throughout January’s complete eclipse of the Moon was the outcome from a meteorite smacking into the Moon at roughly 38,000 miles per hour.

This occasion excavated a crater some 33 toes to 50 toes (10 to 15 meters) throughout.

Taking place on January 21st — simply after the whole section of the eclipse started – widespread studies from newbie astronomers indicated the flash was vibrant sufficient to be seen with the bare eye.

MIDAS contact

The Moon Impacts Detection and Evaluation System (MIDAS), utilizing eight telescopes in south of Spain recorded the second of affect.

Jose Maria Madiedo of the College of Huelva, and Jose L. Ortiz of the Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia, have printed research outcomes in regards to the lunar impactor in a paper in Month-to-month Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Credit score: JM Madiedo

The affect flash lasted zero.28 second and is the primary ever filmed throughout a lunar eclipse, regardless of various earlier makes an attempt.

MIDAS telescopes noticed the affect flash at a number of wavelengths enhancing the evaluation of the occasion. Madiedo and Ortiz conclude that the incoming rock had a mass of 100 kilos (45 kilograms), measured 30 to 60 centimeters throughout, and hit the floor at 38,000 miles per hour (61,000 kilometers an hour). The affect web site is near the crater Lagrange H, close to the west-south-west portion of the lunar limb.

Peak temperature

The 2 scientists assess the affect vitality as equal to 1.5 tons of TNT, sufficient to create a crater as much as 15 meters throughout, or in regards to the measurement of two double decker buses facet by facet.

The particles ejected is estimated to have reached a peak temperature of 5,400 levels Celsius, roughly the identical because the floor of the Solar.

To learn their paper — Multiwavelength observations of a vibrant affect flash in the course of the 2019 January complete lunar eclipse — go to:


Additionally, go to this informative outreach video describing the occasion at:


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