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Star Wars Always

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topher grace star wars edit

Topher Grace and Jeff Yorkes have created a marvellous fanboy trailer of Star Wars by taking components of each Star Wars movie and enhancing them right into a single 5 minute trailer that depicts the saga so sensible properly. 

Topher tweeted their work as the results of:

10 films. 2 nerds. 1 weekend (when our wives had been out of city). Take pleasure in…

It is working wild throughout the web, partly due to Topher’s fame however principally as a result of it is arguably among the best fan edits of Star Wars that there is been.

Topher is well-known for his love of Star Wars and this isn’t his first rodeo as enhancing movies, he is induced a murmur some time again when he edited the Lucas Prequel Trilogy into an 85 minute movie.

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