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45 greatest Star Wars cosplay costumes and outfits

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This is 45 wonderful Star Wars interpretations by cosplayers 


It’s what followers of any film, comedian, e-book, TV present or online game do. It’s enjoyable to decorate up as your favorite character and run across the universe in inexperienced leotards and re-enact traditional scenes and poses.

This is a effectively ready Greedo:

And the place a movie like Star Wars has been round since 1977 and featured eight motion pictures, one animated film, an entire sequence in regards to the Clone Wars and has left a galaxy plagued by comics, books and video video games, there’s positive to be one or two followers who need to costume up like that universe’s characters.

Take the sand folks for example:

sand people cosplaying starwars
Offended Tusken Raiders.

Whereas all of us wished to be Luke or Leia rising up, these grown up cosplayers have finished the entire gamut of Stars Wars characters.

ashoka-jedi-sexy-bikini-Togruta twilek cosplay

Take a look at these nice cosplayers doing Star Wars – we’ve Gredos, X-Wing_pilots, Jaden and Jedi.

There’s just a few Sith Lords in body paint and a parody of a Sith Lord. Wookies, wookies in bikinis, horny babes in bikinis and a Jar Jar on a plate. Sure, that’s proper Jar Jar Binks on a plate:

jar jar binks head on a plate
Jar Jar on a plate

Cute little Ewoks cosplay

Is that this the cutest lil Ewok since Warrick Davis’ Wicket? Oh wait it’s Wicket! Properly shut sufficient lil man, you are lovely.
cutest ewok cosplay

sexy ewok girls
Some form of Zombie Ewok?
two cute children dressed as ewoks from jedi
Probably the cutest Ewok cosplay ever. Cha wanga eh!

Darth Vader, Sith Lord and father of the yr…

There isn’t any cosplay with out one of many best villains in all film historical past is there? 

Whenever you consider an evil character you consider Anakin Skywalker and all of the distress he unleashed on the Galaxy. Therefore, he makes for nice function play:
steam punk darth vader costume
Steam Punk Vader
darth vader with a twilek cosplay

This one seems like Vader’s about to take some private time after a irritating decade looking down the final of the Jedi. You possibly can’t actually blame Vader for having wants although are you able to, it is fairly chilly and lonely in house…

Clones and Stormtroopers

These are the fellows that apparently can’t shoot to save themselves, save for when Order 66 was made. First up is Elvis Trooper. Bear in mind, what occurs within the Cantina, stays within the Cantina.

storm trooper elvis cosplay
Thanks, thanks very a lot.
big tits star wars stormtrooper costume
‘Busting out of her corset’ Trooper
zombie star wars clone trooper
Zombie Trooper: Brainnns!
where's wally star wars
The place’s Wally Trooper (he is on the steps – Ed)

Sith Lords we now have recognized

Vader and the Emperor Palpatine are maybe probably the most well-known Sith Lords within the Star Wars universe. Darth Maul was made fashionable within the Phantom Menace and Depend Dooku in Assault of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.

However nobody desires to decorate up as Depend ‘Dookie’, it is all in regards to the Sith babes in body paint it appears:

body paint star wars girl sith

The Ray Park / Darth Maul is a well-liked selection:

darth maul cosplay

jedi versus sith cosplay in a forest

twi-lek sith cosplay costume

These are the droids and robots we’re on the lookout for

This is some candy droid cosplay, beginning with this implausible ballerina tutu of R2. We love the hat!

ballerina girl as R2D2
Ballerina R2
The cutest R2 unit ever?

The traditional Princess Leia shot of her giving the stolen Loss of life Star plans to R2.

leia art cosplay
Help me Obi Wan Kenobi!

We in fact should embody embody some C3PO cosplay proper? Let’s begin with this fail? Or is it so unhealthy it is good?

budget star wars cosplay costumes

After which we discovered this. It is some form of vaudeville or burlesque form of C3PO. Whereas we have by no means considered C3PO as being horny earlier than, this golden rod may offer you pause to rethink that… 

C3Po body paint gold breasts
The sexiest C3PO ever?

Boba Fett cosplayers wish to vamp it up

Girl gamer dressed as bobba fett
Gamer Grrl Fett

Ashoka cosplay costume

In the event you recognise this subsequent cosplayer, you may be appropriate in remembering her from The Return of the Jedi. You will both bear in mind her as Ooola, the dancer that received eaten by Jabba’s Rancor monster otherwise you’ll bear in mind her for the infamous Star Wars nipple slip / costume fail..

green twi'lek cosplay dancer - the nip slip one

jaina solo cosplay
We predict this could be some Jaina Solo cosplay. Sadly, no a personality that matches within the canon…

One Leia to rule all of them…

If there was a solution to the commonest Star Wars costume on show at any Pax or Celebration Conference, it is most likely Princess Leia’s slave costume. 

Exhibit Quantity One:

Man dressed as Princess Leia cosplay
However not this dude

speeder bike star wars

Typically the Princess has to cease larping about in her golden bikini and truly do some work. Thus we now have speeder bike Leia.

Each hero wants a Wing Man or Wing Girl because the case could also be….

female xwing pilot wearing a white singlet
You possibly can name me Miss
xwing pilots doing cosplay

very sexy female rebel x-wing pilot
Y Wing or A Wing?

Wedge, is that you?

We’ll simply go away this one right here….
Typically you simply want to decorate up in your favourite Star Wars bikini beachwear… We no complain:

c3po bikini model starwars

r2d2 model in bikini

Sure, we all know, it is a entice!

ackbar cosplay

The very best until final?

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