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The history of Luke Skywalker's blue lightsaber

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Luke Skywalker's Blue Lightsaber

The historical past of Luke Skywalker’s blue lightsaber

Please observe that this story of Luke’s blue saber is the story of it within the motion pictures. 

It doesn’t cowl another components of the expanded universe, Legends or present canon outdoors of the flicks.

The historical past of Luke Skwalker’s saber is so long as the Star Wars
saga itself. 

This is sensible actually as Jedi Knights with electrical swords is
what Star Wars is all about actually. Effectively, you realize what we imply.

We name it Luke’s saber nevertheless it was actually

Obi-Wan Kenobi picked it up as he left Anakin to die, having simply
bested him of their duel on Mustafar in Revenge of the Sith.  He held it for a few years till he gave
it to Luke in A New Hope so therefore followers usually consider the blue saber as Luke’s.

But when the sword was initially Anakin’s, what’s its story? 

could recall in Assault of the Clones that Anakin misplaced his arm within the duel with
Depend Dooku, thus persevering with (or beginning!?) the custom for characters to
lose their limbs in Star Wars motion pictures. 

Given the loss, Anakin required a second
saber. And it’s with this saber that the true story comes into play. That is
the saber that Anakin used when he turned Darth Vader.

Thus it’s the saber that massacred the Younglings in Revenge of
the Sith. It’s the saber that he executed Depend Dooku with. It’s the saber
that killed all these he discovered within the Jedi Temple and it’s the saber with
which he misplaced his duel with Obi-Wan.
So the blue saber had a tricky begin to life – it was initially utilized by probably the most promising Jedi that had ever been after which it turned
utilized by a Sith Lord. 

Talk about duality.

By the point it’s handed to Luke, the sword has seen a number of
blood break up. No marvel Kylo Ren needed it so badly.

This weapon has been part of some actual Star Wars historical past and has let the blood of many innocents however in ANH, Luke doesn’t get to play
swashbuckler, slightly he will get to coach with it on board the Millennium Falcon. 

not till the occasions of The Empire Strikes again does the sword really turned a
a part of Luke’s legend.
In that film, it’s utilized by Luke to free himself from the ice
trappings of the Wampa after which utilized by Han Solo to carve up his Taun-taun so
that he may place Luke’s frozen physique inside it to guard him from the chilly.
The subsequent time is a extra darker second.
Luke has undertaken coaching with Yoda on the swampy plant of
Degobah. There comes some extent the place Luke comes across a cave. Successfully warned to not take
his weapon in with him, Luke finds himself having a wierd dream like
expertise the place he should draw his saber to guard him from an advancing Darth

It’s the first event we see Luke actively use the saber to guard
himself. That it’s a dream expertise of a sort, doesn’t diminish that Luke
used the saber believing he was really dealing with Vader.
In fact Luke ultimately faces Vader at Bespin’s Cloud Metropolis the place
they’ve an epic struggle and get the measure of one another – a lot so
it’s a struggle Luke can’t win and loses his hand for his hassle (similar to his father
had years earlier than – on two totally different events!). 

At this level it’s the stuff
of film legend that Vader reveals himself as Luke’s father. 

Think about that!

in all that pleasure, Luke’s saber is definitely misplaced down a shaft someplace.
And that, was apparently the top of that.
In Return of the Jedi, Luke
fashions his own saber
(whereas not talked about within the movie, it’s a Jedi
custom to take action) and makes use of that saber when he destroys Jabba’s Sail barge and
after all when he fought Vader aboard the Dying Star, returning the favour by
reducing of Darth Vader’s arm, an indignity he’s now suffered via 3 times!
However what of that misplaced blue saber? 

That is the place the saga of the
saber begins to play out even additional than any fan could have ever imagined. 

30 odd
years because it was misplaced each in film time and actual world time, it turned up
once more in The Power Awakens.
The sword was discovered to be in possession of Maz Kanata, a wierd
being who seems to be delicate to the Power, or at the least has a profound
understanding of it. She set’s Rey as much as discover it as she is aware of the Power is asking
her to it. 


We don’t actually know however Maz is aware of the sword should discover its
approach to Rey’s fingers and so offers it to Finn as a spot holder till Rey is
Finn will get to do a dance with a Stormtrooper with the sword and
then holds his personal for a time in opposition to the daddy killing Kylo Ren at which
level Rey then will get her fingers on the sword and has an epic battle with Ren. 

Ren after all being the grandson of Darth Vader, the person who used to personal the
sword that Rey fights him with. The sword has come full circle in an odd
However Rey didn’t need the sword from Maz within the first place. The
dream sequence spoked her completely – a lot in order that although she is aware of she
should discover Luke Skywalker, she nonetheless fingers him the sword once they first nonetheless meet
on the prime of the ‘Jedi Steps’ on the island the place Luke has hidden himself

It’s a poignant second – Luke’s blue saber has been returned to him after
so a few years.
One can solely think about the emotions that had been operating via Luke’s
thoughts at that second – the final time he noticed it, his father had simply reduce off his
arm and revealed himself.

What occurs to the saber in The Final Jedi?

Rey offers it to Luke who then casually throws it behind him, down the cliff. 

Rey then trains with it on the Achto Island. It is then utilized by Kylo to kill Snoke and the Praetorian guards. As Rey and Kylo power duel for it is possession, the saber snaps in half, ending the legacy of the saber and maybe symbolically, the top of the Skywalker story or how fractured that household now’s. 

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