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The 34 Han 'Solo' film call backs to other Star Wars movies

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Han Solo’s name backs and references to the opposite Star Wars movies

Although it is a prequel, the Solo movie directed by Ron Howard, made loads of name backs and references to the opposite movies within the Star Wars franchise.

The place Rogue One is a route companion movie to A New Hope, Solo has no direct hyperlinks to the opposite films so the callbacks depend on the parable and thriller across the character of Han Solo and naturally Lando who was launched in The Empire Strikes Again and perhaps a prequel or two…

Here is the record of name backs and references to the opposite movies.

  1. Did you discover the cube hanging in Han’s land speeder? They’re the identical ones that make it on to the Falcon. They change into a minor plot level in The Final Jedi and may be seen in a deleted scene from The Power Awakens. Qi’ra later provides them again to Han. 
  2. Han is given his unique iconic pistol by Beckett, and Chewie his bandolier. It’s crossed over just like the original Ralph McQuarrie design sketch >> take a look at the picture to the precise
  3. After knocking the chasing TIE fighter out of the sky with Falcon, Han says to his fellow companions, “I assumed we have been in bother there for only a second nevertheless it’s wonderful, we’re wonderful”. This can be a name again to when Han has a dialog through a comm channel within the Prisoner Block and he say’s “we’re wonderful every part’s wonderful how are you” which then led to the nice Han Solo quote, “it was a boring conversation anyway!”  Edit: This was not truly within the film however the trailer.
  4. Qi’ra’s purple cape design model has been seen earlier than – a sure one who was hesitant to tackle the Empire in Rogue One… Vasp Vaspar. Heck, the cape might have been made for Rogue One and recycled into the Solo film.
  5. Han says he has a ‘good feeling about this’, a twist on the classic ‘bad feeling’ expression.
  6. The “Punch it” quote (or Push it as some trailers had it) is a traditional reference to the well-known line. 
  7. We lastly get to see Chewbacca rip somebody’s arms off (the deleted scene in The Power Awakens doesn’t rely).
  8. Han pretending to make use of a thermal detonator in entrance of Proxima is a name again to when Leia does it in entrance of Jabba the Hutt in Jedi.
  9. Han claims in entrance of Lando that his ship is a VCX-100. This a reference to the freighter flown within the Rebels tv present.
  10. The Zan sisters are talked about within the ebook Shadows of the Empire.
  11. Talking of Empire, the bounty hunter Bossk is mused as a potential match for Beckett’s group.
  12. There is a ‘Two Tubes’ alien from Rogue One which is part of Enys Nest’s marauder gang.
  13. We see components of Star Destroyers being made that may be seen within the different films
  14. Han shoots Beckett first, the identical as he shot ‘poor’ Greedo first in A New Hope.
  15. When Han and Lando hug on the finish, it reverses their hug after they first meet in The Empire Strikes Again, this time Han is the aggressor. 
  16. Scariff from Rogue One is referenced
  17. Tobias Becket is confirmed to be the killer of Aurra Sing. She was spied in The Phantom Menace.
  18. Lando intentionally states Han as Harn thus set up why Billy Dee did that in Empire. It type of fixes the mispronunciation mistake he made.
  19. Chewie performs house chess on the Falcon with Beckett, a name again to ANH and The Power Awakens.
  20. Qi’ra was a pupil of the fictional martial artwork known as Teras Kasi. The identify “Teras Kasi” is a direct reference to the Star Wars-themed combating sport on the PlayStation, known as Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi. We are able to most likely thank Jon Kasdan for that one.
  21. Warrick Davis performs his millionth cameo in a Star Wars movie. This time he is part of the Enfys Nest gang. And given they use his pure face, it could appear he is taking part in Weasel who was first spied in The Phantom Menace as a part of the pod racing scenes. 
  22. When Lando says to Han, “I hate you”, he replies with the long-lasting line from TESB, “I do know”.
  23. In The Empire Strikes again Han and Lando are taking concerning the Millenium Falcon and Han says “you misplaced her to me, truthful and sq.”. On this fulm, Lando is a card cheat, and Han takes benefit of that to win the final sport by eradicating Lando’s cheat card from the sport, thus making it, truthful and sq..
  24. The Imperial March is used as a part of propaganda to get Imperial Recruits. That is completely some type of meta in joke because the March is Darth Vader’s theme tune…
  25. Lando talks about how he had “alluvial dampers” put in on the Falcon. Han references these in The Empire Strikes Again when he suggests Chewie checks on them.
  26. “They don’t serve our variety right here” so says L337 – which is a traditional nod to when C3PO and R2 bought booted out of the Cantina in ANH
    Jabba the Hutt is known as a gangster placing collectively a crew.
  27. Darth Maul’s cameo is as apparent a cameo as something!
  28. When Chewbacca is obtainable as a slave on Kessel, it is a subterfuge – Han makes use of the identical trick with Chewie on the Loss of life Star in ANH.
  29. The smuggling compartments are used to retailer the gas – these after all a utilized in ANH and The Power Awakens.
  30. Lando does a two fingered salute – simply as he does earlier than the Battle for Endor in Jedi.
  31. The helmet Beckett wears within the Spice Mine is that which Lando wears in Return of the Jedi.
  32. A Stormtrooper says “Transfer alongside, transfer alongside” – the identical line that’s stated to Luke and Obi-Wan Kenobi in A New Hope.
  33. Han Solo is lastly seen doing the notorious Kessel Run in 12 parsecs (if you happen to spherical it down)…
  34. Should you have been questioning concerning the comparability between the unique Han Solo as performed by Harrison Ford and newcomer to the function, Alden Ehrenreich then take a look at this cheeky grin:

qi'ra costume cape compared to rogue one Vasp Vaspar


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