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Han 'Solo' prequel movie quotes

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han solo prequel movie quotes

Han Solo prequel film character quotes

Effectively, it is one more Star Wars prequel and this time round, Han Solo will get an outing.

What is the level of a Han Solo film you may ask?

Effectively, if seeing how Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo will get his arms on the Millennium Falcon seems like a little bit of enjoyable, then the Solo film is for you. 

Alden Ehrenreich has carried out a bang-up job together with his model of Star Battle’s most well-known smuggler. The zingers and quotes got here as naturally as Harrison Ford’s first up effort.

Loads of the quotes are self-referential callbacks to Han Solo moments within the different films. E.g. “Push it” is a nod to “Punch it”

  • “I’m gonna be a pilot. Finest within the galaxy.” – Han
  • “I’ve been working scams on the road since I used to be 10.” – Solo
  •  “I is likely to be the one one who is aware of…what you actually are.” Qi’ra to Han
  • “Assume everybody will betray you and you’ll by no means be dissatisfied” – Becket
  • “You are after one thing. Revenge? Cash? Or is it one thing else? – Qi’ra 
  • “What a few job?” – Becket
  • “I’ve obtained a great feeling about this” – Han
  • “Mining colonies are the worst” – Lando
  • “I am a driver and I am a flier. I’ve waited a very long time for a shot like this” Han
  • “Every thing, you’ve got heard about me, is true.” – Lando to Han 
  • “What are you doing with Furry and the boy?”  – Lando to Qi’ra
  • “Should you include us, you are on this life for good” – Beckett to Han
  • “May need a buckle up child.” – Lando whereas flying the Falcon
  • “Since when have you learnt learn how to fly?” – Solo to Chewie
  • “You are 180 years outdated? You look nice!” – An impress Han to Chewie
  •  “I’m so glad we took this job!” – LEE7
  • “You’re going to wish a nickname. ‘Trigger I ain’t saying that each time.” Han to Chewie
  •  “Excuse me, get your presumptuous arse out of my seat – LEE7
  •  “You carried out flirting? I am nonetheless prepared” – LEE7
  •  “Punch it” – Solo
  • “I’m sorry lady. I’m so sorry.” Lando to his dying robotic pal.
  • “You’ll by no means ever have a deeper sleep, then curled on up on a Wookiee’s lap” Rio”‘Thought we had been in hassle there for a minute, however we’re effective, we’re effective” – Solo

  • “Equal rights!” – L337

  • “They don’t even serve our form right here.” L337

  • I don’t prefer it. I don’t agree with it. However I settle for it.” – Lando to Beckett 

  • “It is Han, really however that is OK” Han correcting Lando when he mangles the pronunciation of his title 

  • “Recruiting supply: What’s your title.

  • Han Solo: Han

  • Officer: Who’re your individuals?

  • Han Solo: (to recruiting officer) I don’t have individuals. I’m alone.
    Officer: Hans … Solo. Accepted.”

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