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Yiga Clan Hideout – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Wiki Guide – IGN

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The Yiga Clan Hideout is situated north of Gerudo Tower and southeast of Gerudo Summit within the Gerudo Highlands Area.

Inside, you’ll be greeted by a big dias with steps on all sides the place banners are displayed with a logo of fireplace beneath them. Torches are strewn about – as is a Duplex Bow with lit braziers on all sides. You may both use the torches or gentle an arrow utilizing the fires to take intention on the banners to disclose their secrets and techniques.

Beginning with the one to the correct of the doorway, you’ll discover a chest with a Sapphire. To the correct of that, the tapestry reveals two Keese. Proper of that’s…much more Keese. On the subsequent tapestry to the correct, you’ll discover a treasure chest with a Purple Rupee (50). After that – the true path! You may preserve wanting into the opposite alcoves for bins of meals, and extra Keese.

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Taking the true path up the steps, you’ll discover out what grew to become of Barta the Gerudo Guard. Communicate to her in her cell.

It appears the place is crawling with Yiga, together with extraordinarily robust Yiga Blademasters who will name for backup in the event that they spot you. They don’t seem to be unimaginable to defeat – however they could be a actual handful. In an effort to forestall this, you’ll want to use their one weak spot – Bananas. That’s proper. Plop one down within the street and so they’ll simply have to have a look, letting you sneak by.

Take a number of the Mighty Bananas close by and head down the steps. When the Yiga Blademaster strikes to go across the giant block, place some down the trail by the steps and await him to take the bait earlier than transferring on.

Down the steps, one other Yiga Blademaster stands in entrance of the best way out – crouch behind the blocks and lay a banana out for him to sneak previous – or go for the lengthy path to seize the chest that holds a Sapphire. There’s additionally a banana excessive up on a publish close to him you possibly can break to distract him with.

Heading up the steps, the trail on the correct is crawling with Yiga Blademasters, so go up the ladder first to discover a large horde of bananas and a chest holding a Topaz. Return to the big room beneath and begin setting distractions wherever you possibly can.

You may soar from the ledge above onto a excessive platform and drop bananas from right here, and even get a Ruby, Opal, and Amber within the nook if you’re cautious.

In the event you quietly hop the stone fence by the Ruby, you discover one other Yiga Blademaster circling a desk. Distract him on the correct so you possibly can hug the wall to tall ladder going into the rafters – which helps you to sneak above the scene beneath.

Remember to cross to the middle to discover a chest with a Silver Rupee, earlier than making for the far nook the place a Blademaster stands watch over a door. Climb over the archway to discover a chest in an alcove with a Topaz, then search for a ladder on different facet to bypass the guard.

On this corridor, there’s a small gap with spikes on all sides you could glide via from the highest of the ladder. You’re reward lies on the opposite facet – chests with two Gold Rupees (300)! Don’t burn the banner although – it leads again to the primary room. As an alternative, climb again up over the doorway and distract the guard beneath with a banana to go him by.

Within the subsequent massive room you’ll discover naught however a chest with…extra bananas. Absolutely there must be extra? Use Magnesis to seek for clues. There’s three chests buried within the sand holding a Ruby and two Topaz, and extra importantly – a faux steel wall. Flip it, and also you’ll exit the hideout into a big open space, bumping straight into the chief of the Yiga Clan, Master Khoga.

As grasp of Yiga Clan, Kohga has loads of tips up his sleeve. To begin, he’ll shield himself with an invulnerable protect till he prepares to summon and throw rock spheres at you you could’t cease with Stasis.

Nevertheless, since he leaves himself open whereas summoning, shoot him with a bow to stun him, inflicting the boulder to drop on him and go away him open to assault. Hold this up, and finally he’ll strive a brand new plan.

This time he’ll teleport to the center of the room over a big pit, and summon two spheres that he’ll slowly spin in a circle earlier than launching them at you. You’ll wish to stun him once more – however solely when one sphere is over his head so it might hit him on the best way down. Beautiful him this wall will launch him in direction of you so you possibly can beat the crap out of him till he tries his subsequent plan.

On this final section, he’ll summon one big sphere with spikes, and begin utilizing Magnesis of his personal to direct the sphere to you whereas nonetheless in his protect. Two can play at that sport. Prepared your Magnesis and wrest management of the spiked sphere from him to ship it crashing into his face. Hold repeating this, and the battle can be received.

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