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The Flantastic Seven Locations and Tips – Kingdom Hearts 3 Wiki Guide – IGN

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In Kingdom Hearts 3, you will discover odd Heartless Flan inhabiting varied worlds. Finishing The Flantastic Seven’s varied mini-games with high-scores will reward you with further Abilities and particular Ingredients you possibly can’t get wherever else. Finishing all of those will reward you with an Orichalcum +, that are wanted to Unlock the Ultima Weapon.

There are 7 Flan hidden all through the worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3. To seek out them, you will should revisit areas you beforehand handed. They seem as crowns embellished with fruit protruding of the bottom.

Olympus – Cherry Flan Location[edit]

The Cherry Flan could be discovered on the earth of Olympus. Return to the Overlook – Thebes and go up the steps behind the save level to seek out the Cherry Flan. The Cherry Flan challenges you to trip a shield by Thebes gathering small Flan.

Rating Reward
>10ok 1x Bitter Cherry
>20ok 2x Bitter Cherry

Formchange Extender Skill

Kingdom of Corona – Orange Flan Location[edit]

The Orange Flan could be discovered within the Kingdom of Corona. Head to the Forest – the Tower and head out the key entrance cave to seek out it. The Orange Flan challenges you to take photos of Flan.

  • See Orange Flan Tips for technique assist – and precisely which Flan to take photographs of to finish this. They should all be Glorious photos of sure flan!, so be sure to observe the video or go to that web page.
Rating Reward
>10ok 2x Blood Orange


3x Blood Orange

Treasure Magnet Skill

Toy Field – Strawberry Flan[edit]

The Strawberry Flan could be discovered within the Toy Field. Quick journey to the Galaxy Toys Relaxation Space. It is seen from the save level – merely head west a bit towards the merchandising machines to seek out it. The Strawberry Flan challenges you to stack Flan by working into them whereas avoiding large strawberries.

Be cautious of ceilings overhead. When you get tall sufficient, you will not have the ability to cowl the identical floor as earlier than.

Rating Reward
 ? 3x Strawberry
>17ok 3x Strawberry

Attraction Extender

Arendelle – Grape Flan[edit]

The Grape Flan could be present in Arendelle. Quick journey to The North Mountain – Mountain Ridge. Then, look out over the cliff in between the save level and the Moogle Store (face west). Leap down and you will see the Grape Flan beneath as you sky-dive.

The Grape Flan challenges you to defeat as many as doable. Do not wail away – counter their magic assaults by blocking to depart them open to assault, then trip the magic path to hit them whereas they’re frozen. That is the very best, best strategy to get factors.

Rating Reward
>17ok 1x Grape
>20ok 3x Grapes

Unison Blizzard

The Caribbean – Watermelon Flan[edit]

The Watermelon Flan could be present in The Caribbean. Quick journey to Port Royal – Fort. Merely flip proper into the Fort – you will see it instantly.

The Watermelon Flan challenges you to shoot an incoming “Flanvasion” with canons. Do not solely concentrate on the little guys – a big Flan will sometimes seem within the again. Save the final word canon assault for that one to get the factors you want. That is simpler by holding one aspect fully clear if doable.

Rating Reward
>17ok 1x Watermelon
>29ok 3x Watermelon

Focus Syphon

San Fransokyo – Honeydew Flan[edit]

The Honeydew Flan could be present in San Fransokyo. Quick journey to The Metropolis – South District: Evening. It’s essential get to the highest of the round constructing immediately northeast of the save level to seek out the Honeydew Flan. Climb the sq. skycraper that is west of it, and soar from there to the round constructing.

The Honeydew Flan challenges you to remain afloat so long as doable by bouncing on flan. Search for the gold glowing Flan to leap on rapidly to maintain issues from getting too speedy.

Rating Reward
>? 1x Melon
>15ok 3x Melon

Attraction Extender

Monstropolis – Banana Flan[edit]

The Banana Flan could be present in Monstropolis. Quick journey to The Manufacturing facility – Basement. From there, flip proper and undergo the white door.

This may deliver you to the Door Vault. Head into the following room with the wall of doorways, and enter the brown door all the best way on the left. (Technically, it is the second in). When you’re by, flip round to seek out the Banana Flan down a brief hallway.

To defeat the Banana Flan, you have to destroy small Flan whereas avoiding one massive Flan’s stomach flop assaults. That is performed simply by equipping Thundaga (when you have it) and Ethers in your shortcut menu. Use a lesser model of Thundaga if if haven’t got it, and use the particular, free MP assaults with Triangle/Y when obtainable. Dodge typically, and do not get grasping.

Rating Reward
>? 1x Banana
>20ok 3x Banana

Grand Magic Extender

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