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Gifts Guide – List of Gifts and Recipient Guide – Fire Emblem: Three Houses Wiki Guide – IGN

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As you progress via the story of Fireplace Emblem: Three Homes, you may encounter gadgets that you’ll find exploring the Monastery, given as rewards, or purchased in sure retailers. These Present gadgets are for use as presents given to different characters.

Doing this could enhance the speed at which your bonds enhance with characters you give presents to, which will be important for getting new Assist Ranks. This may also enhance a personality’s motivation – if they’re part of your workforce.

Most presents which are given will enhance a personality’s bond by slightly, and their motivation by 25. A present character actually likes will enhance their bond by much more, and their motivation by 50. If a personality would not just like the present, they will stick take it, however won’t enhance their bond or motivation in any respect.

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Getting a minimum of a C Assist Rank with character outdoors your home can decrease the edge wanted to recruit them into your workforce, so giving presents is extremely advisable. It is also essential to notice that the effectiveness of a present – or whether or not they’ll prefer it all – is dependant on that unit’s likes and dislikes (which will be seen within the Unit Data within the roster), or by being attentive to their conversations. Sure Presents have the next ranking, which can enhance the quantity of bond that’s elevated (if the character approves of the present).

  • You should definitely additionally see our listing of Lost Items and who to return them to so you may achieve much more bonding and motivation!

Observe that sure Presents will be purchased from Service provider distributors after finishing an early facet quest to permit retailers passage via Magdred Option to attain the Monastery to promote their items, and they’ll promote a choose number of presents that replenish every month.

The listing under contains all recognized Presents, in addition to if they are often purchased, and who most appreciates them.

Present Identify Grade Favored By Disliked By Store Price
Floral Adornment 1 Dedue, Alois, Marianne Sylvain, Dorothea, Caspar 100G
Fishing Float 1 Leonie, Seteth, Alois, Gilbert, Linhardt Caspar 100G
Tasty Baked Deal with 1 Ashe, Mercedes, Flayn, Raphael, Lysithea, Linhardt Felix, Gilbert 100G
Gemstone Beads 1 Mercedes, Dorothea, Manuela Dimitri, Ingrid, Catherine, Hubert 100G
Smoked Meat 1 Felix, Ingrid, Petra, Cyril, Caspar, Raphael Manuela, Marianne 100G
Looking Dagger 2 Shamir, Felix, Petra, Leonie, Cyril, Caspar Annette, Bernadetta, Linhardt, Marianne 300G
Watering Can 2 Dedue, Cyril, Bernadetta Sylvain 300G
Whetstone 2 Dimitri, Catherine, Caspar, Ferdinand Mercedes, Flayn 300G
Fashionable Hair Clip 2 Annette, Dorothea, Flayn Ingrid, Leonie, Caspar 300G
Dapper Handkerchief 2 Sylvain, Flayn, Seteth, Hanneman, Bernadetta, Marianne Gilbert 300G
Armored Bear Stuffy three Mercedes, Flayn, Bernadetta, Lysithea, Marianne, Edelgard Dimitri, Felix, Catherine 500G
Coaching Weight three Dimitri, Felix, Leonie, Catherine, Caspar, Raphael Bernadetta, Ignatz, Lysithea, Linhardt 500G
Driving Boots three Dimitri, Ingrid, Ferdinand Mercedes, Manuela 500G
Tea Leaves three Hanneman, Ferdinand 500G
Legends of Chivalry three Ingrid, Ashe, Catherine Felix, Seteth, Cyril, Lysithea, Hubert 500G
Goddess Statuette three Mercedes, Manuela, Gilbert, Rhea, Ignatz Dorothea, Edelgard 500G
Guide of Sheet Music three Annette, Dorothea, Manuela Dimitri, Dedue 500G (Darkish Service provider)
Arithmetic Textbook three Annette, Hanneman Ashe, Petra, Catherine 500G (Darkish Service provider)
The Historical past of Fodlan three Seteth Dedue, Cyril 500G (Darkish Service provider)
Monarch Research Guide three Ashe, Alois, Cyril 500G (Darkish Service provider)
Historic Coin three Ashe, Alois, Rhea, Ignatz Mercedes 500G (Darkish Service provider)
Owl Feather three All None N/A (Discover Monastery)
Pitcher Plant three Bernadetta N/A (Gardening)
Sunflower three Shamir, Petra, Alois N/A (Gardening)
Violet three Ashe N/A (Gardening)
Lavender three Mercedes N/A (Gardening)
Daffodil three N/A (Gardening)
Rose three N/A (Gardening)
Overlook-me-nots three Flayn, Ignatz N/A (Gardening)
Lily three Lysithea N/A (Gardening)
Lily of the Valley three N/A (Gardening)
Anemone three N/A (Gardening)
Child’s Breath three Cyril N/A (Gardening)
Unique Spices four Dedue, Ashe, Petra Hanneman, Alois, Rhea 1,000G
Board Sport four Sylvain, Edelgard, Hubert Ashe, Manuela 1,000G
Ceremonial Sword four Dimitri, Felix, Gilbert, Ignatz Annette, Bernadetta, Edelgard 1,000G
Espresso Beans four Hubert Annette, Ferdinand, Lysithea 1,000G
Guide of Crest Designs four Hanneman, Linhardt Sylvain, Petra, Leonie, Seteth 1,000G (Darkish Service provider)
Blue Cheese four Manuela, Catherine Shamir, Flayn, Hanneman 1,000G (Darkish Service provider)
Panorama Portray four Sylvain, Ignatz 1,000G (Darkish Service provider)

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