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Deep-Sky Wonders: The Jewels of Spring – Sky & Telescope

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The colours of stars are sometimes in comparison with these of valuable gem stones, with the good stars as our rubies and the most well liked as sapphires. However how crimson or blue do they actually look?

The Seventh-magnitude blue sapphire HIP 52849 shines within the constellation Leo Minor.
POSS II / CalTech / STScI / Palomar Observatory

Within the Might 2019 problem, Sky & Telescope Contributing Editor Sue French gives a take a look at among the season’s most colourful stars, beginning with the resplendent crimson carbon star V Hydrae and ending with the good blue subdwarf HIP 81145.

Under you may discover a desk that features the colour indices (very crimson stars have optimistic numbers, blue stars have adverse) in addition to the positions (RA and Dec.) for the celebrities mentioned within the Might Deep-Sky Wonders column.

The crimson stars listed below are all variable stars. Although perceptibly crimson or orange, the depth of a variable star’s colour modifications because the star strikes via its cycle (the dimmer the star, the redder it seems to be). If you happen to get hooked on the romance of crimson, be sure you take a look at our carbon star observing guides here and here.


Jewels of Spring

Object B – V RA Dec.
V Hydrae 5.5 10h 51.6m –21° 15′
SS Virginis four.2 12h 25.2m +00° 46′
RY Draconis three.three 12h 56.fourm +66° 00′
T Lyrae 5.5 18h 32.threem +37° 00′
HIP 40047 –zero.30 eighth 10.eightm +74° 58′
HIP 52849 –zero.23 10h 48.fourm +37° 34′
HIP 55051 –zero.21 11h 16.2m –three° 28′
Spica –zero.24 13h 25.2m –11° 10′
HIP 81145 –zero.28 16h 34.fourm –four° 01′

B – V information are from current catalogs. Proper ascension and declination are for equinox 2000.zero.

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S. N. Johnson-Roehr is an Affiliate Editor at Sky & Telescope. She favors Vega and the Double Double.

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