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Ashe and Bob mosey on down to the Overwatch PTR today

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Overwatch‘s newest hero – Bandit boss Ashe – is now playable on the Public Test Region. Whereas related in look to present cowboy McCree, Ashe appears to play a really completely different form of mid-range sport, and has one of the attention-grabbing final skills in Overwatch; she will summon her right-hand robotic Bob onto the sphere. He supplies cowl, prices at targets Reinhardt-style, or simply acts as an additional teammate for capturing or contesting aims. Being a gang chief means that you would be able to let your underlings do the heavy lifting for you. Beneath, her official introduction video.

Ashe’s primary weapon is a lever-action rifle that may be fired semi-auto from the hip, or slower whereas aiming down the sights. One way or the other, aimed photographs additionally do extra injury, which isn’t fairly how weapons work however no matter – it’s additionally the cartoon space-future the place gorilla scientists are buddies with cockney time travellers. Her first skill is the Coach Gun – a giant dumb shotgun which knocks targets again with large recoil, letting you pseudo-rocket-jump with it. Principally the Scout’s Pressure-A-Nature from Workforce Fortress 2, which is the very best dumb shotgun this facet of Doom 2. I approve.

Her secondary skill is throwing dynamite. It’s a strong grenade kind assault which causes slightly injury over time as effectively (I suppose dynamite is extra fiery than explodey sooner or later), and will be detonated early by taking pictures it. Ideally when it’s in mid air for optimum type. Her final is summoning Bob. Or B.O.B, formally. Blizzard have hinted that it stands for ‘Huge Omnic Butler’, however one significantly thirsty commenter on the character profile web page says that it ought to imply “Battery Operated Boytoy”. Yikes.

Bob is a giant ol’ slab of beefy mustachioed steel. Whereas not the quickest or smartest, he has a much more tangible presence than most final skills. He can cost the place directed, knocking targets round and solely stopping when some map geometry forces him to. As soon as stopped, he’ll begin plugging away at targets along with his arm-cannons. In all probability Bob’s most attention-grabbing trait is that he counts as a teammate for all goal functions, so you possibly can have him stand on an goal level when you cowl him together with your rifle. Perhaps not as artistic as Wrecking Ball, however nonetheless a enjoyable twist.

For those who’re hankerin’ to affix Ashe’s Impasse gang, simply fireplace up Battle.web, flip over to your Overwatch web page and choose the Public Take a look at Area from the Area/Account drop-down menu. Joyful trails. And if you’d like slightly extra information on her earlier than saddling up, examine our her rap sheet on the official page here.

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